Meet and Grow Rich on Duct Tape Podcast

Prolific Internet Marketer, Joe Vitale and co-author Bill Hibbler dialed into the Duct Tape Marketing podcast to share some insight contained in their new book, Meet and Grow Rich – How to Easily Create and Operate Your Own “Mastermind” Group for Health, Wealth, and More.

The essence of the book is a systematic approach to forming and utilizing “Mastermind Groups” to help you excel in business or any other aspect of your life.

I have always advocated setting up marketing board of directors to help guide your marketing efforts. This book is a great addition to this kind of network.

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  • David Rachford CPA Marketer

    For a year, I formed a Junto, named after Benjamin Franklin’s Junto – 4 to-5 business owners met regularly for breakfast and to brainstorm our ideas, or submit ideas for feedback.

    It was a great experience; but we disbanded due to some personality conflicts. As we got to know our members more throughout the year (by way of their ideas for profit seeking) we realized it wasn’t a fit.

    However, it was great for idea exchange: Business owners need to have what some call “The true breakfast of champions” – FEEDBACK!

  • LLC formation CPA

    I’ve tried this twice — and with good result. For a time, I published computer books. (Example: MBA’s Guide to Excel). So I’d get together with a couple of other small publishers to share tips. Marketing. Production stuff. Industry-specific gambits like foreign translation rights. We didn’t complete so there was no cost to sharing info… and plenty of benefit.

    I also do this now with another CPA. I’m in Seattle. He’s in Santa Barbara. If I tell him a secret and he tells me a secret, we’re both ahead with no downside.

    Plus, it’s fun to commiserate.