Where to Find Great Photos for Presentations and More

If you make presentations, have a website or need to tell a story in your marketing materials, a good photo can help you connect with the readers and viewers. I’ve recently partnered with iStockphoto because I can always find the image I need at a very reasonable cost. They even have a $1 bargain bin.

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  • http://www.greatbigpodcast.com Tony Valle

    I agree John. Istockphoto.com is a great bargain. We just used it today to pick up three stock images for a web design client with a very tight budget. I would also suggest http://www.photocase.com for absolutely beautiful free images.


  • http://www.pictureinfinity.com Matt

    Another great RF place is http://www.shutterstock.com Shutterstock actually has monthly subscription plans that really rock!

    (I won’t put in a referral link – but you can find your way there! It’s a great place!)


  • http://www.emarketingpartner.com Bob

    My preference is http://www.dreamstime.com. Much the same premise as sutterstock or istockphoto.

  • http://www.neilsagebiel.com Neil Sagebiel

    John, thanks for the tip. Always good to know of another great stock photo source.