Keyword Research for Targeted Web Site Traffic

good keywordsI love the keyword research tools that are out there for you to use. Keyword research is probably one of the most underutilized tools of the small business web site owner. If you want to draw targeted traffic to your site you need to know what terms and phrases your target market is using to find businesses, products and services like yours when they surf and search.

The following online tools are very useful to help you create and refine your keywords for your website

TopRank Blog by Lee Odden has a nice list of keyword research tools here.

WordTracker Academy is a great place to learn about keyword research.

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  • Vijay Teach Me

    I am getting a lot a free tools which I did not new about.

    So here is cyber hug for you. Thx


  • Mark

    I always use the Google search engine and the Adwords Keyword tool for my initial research which are free. Once I have a few ideas I then use paid tools like SEO Elite.

    • WestCoastVinyl1

      I like SEO Elite, has the backlinks checker, very nice!

  • WestCoastVinyl

    I like SEO Elite, has the backlinks checker, very nice!