Chat Live with Sen. John Kerry

OPEN from American Express and are hosting a live chat with Sen. John Kerry, Chair for the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Thursday Aug 2 at 2pm Eastern on Slate Biz Box.

Surf on over now and pose your questions for the Senator. The live chat should offer an interesting view of the mix of politics and entrepreneurship using a form of new and social media.

BizBox is growing resource for small business and while you are there stop on in to the “Ask an Expert” page and pose a marketing question too.

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  • Rich Edwards

    Wow! Those were some pretty thin responses. Other than taking a shot at the Bush administration and promising future legislation, he really didn’t add anything, or even respond to questions asks, with anything but platitudes. Inc. magazine really talked him up in 2004, but I don’t see him coming through on all the hype.

  • Jarod – Area 51 Marketing

    Hey John,

    It really sucks that I missed that one. But I bookmarked your blog and will check in regurarly.

    How was the chat?


    51 Marketing Review