34 Online Reputation Management Tools

Radically TransparentAndy Beal, co-author of Radically Transparent, stopped by the Duct Tape Marketing podcast to talk about monitoring and managing your online reputation.

People, products and companies today all have two brands – online and off. The problem with this is that the online brand may or may not sync with their offline marketing messages.

User generated media, blogs and discussion forums have changed the flow of information about your company forever.

A new emphasis on reputation management, even for the tiniest of companies, is essential.

Manage Your Identity

claimID.com – Works along with openID to verify your identity on multiple websites.

FindMeOn.com – Link all of your networks together and verify your identity so people know it’s your profile.

FreeYourID.com – Uses .name address to sign you up for sites.

Garlik.com – Searches the web looking for mentions of you that might involve identity theft.

MyOpenID.com – Use one username to verify your log in on sites that use OpenID – great for sites where you might otherwise have multiple log ins.

Spyshakers.com – Identity Management System that allows users to access their websites and passwords remotley.

TypeKey.com – Another provider of the OpenID standard.

WordPress.com – Sign up for a free account and use as OpenID

Manage Your Reputation

Naymz.com – Sign-up and invite your invite people to write reviews about you and your work.

Rapleaf.com – Look up your reputation, rate others, and they will be invited to rate you in return.

RepVine – Reference and reputation management combined.

ReputationDefender.com – A service that attempts to help you get things being said online about you removed

TrustPl.us – An online reputation service that ranks based on trust scores.

List of message board tracking services: BoardReader.com, ForumFind.com, Big-Boards.com, BoardTracker.com, iVillage, Yahoo Message Boards, MSN Money

Places to find groups to track: Yahoo Groups, AOL Groups, MSN Groups, Google Groups.

Monitor This allows you to monitor and track keywords over multiple search engines.

Keotag.com A service that allow you to search for tagged blog posts across multiple blog search engines.

Manage Your Online Profiles

Comwat.com – Put your online identities in one place to make it easier to show and find profiles

onXiam.com – This site lets you link all your online identities into one account making it easier for people to find you across the Internet.

OtherEgo.com – Another way to display you online profiles.

ProfileBuilder.com – Very function heavy profile builder that shows off the parts of your profiles you select.

ProfileMat.com – Pull all you profiles together and allow commenting on your profile mat page.

SimplifID.com – One ID for all your online profiles

SocialURL.com – Simple URL to show all your profiles

Venyo.org – Lets you add all of your online activities, including blogs and comments to one page.

Zoolit.com – A landing page to show all your social networks

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  • http://www.small-business-marketing-tools.com/bizwhizblog Kirsten Wright

    Thhanks for all of the sites…these are going to take forever to go through 😉 I’ll be interested to see what the difference is after integrating a few of them.

  • Lisa

    Zuula is also a great tool for keeping tabs on what’s being said about your company in the blogosphere. It’s got single-stop access to nine major blog search engines.

    Zuula’s web search functionality also is useful for checking where your company ends up in the search results of different major (and not-so-major) search engines.

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  • http://www.ezidocs.com/the-sizzle Tony Eyles

    This list is a great resource thanks. I have to say, though, I think it is overstating the situation to say we all have two brands – online and offline. Online is simply another way people experience us – either directly or through word of mouse. Our brand is the sum total of all these experiences – any inconsistencies (online/offline, promise/delivery, marketing/sales) will undermine the brand reputation we strive to achieve.

  • http://www.socomsales.com Koka

    Wow. That’s a great list. Thanks for posting this!

  • http://www.jmorganmarketing.com Jacob Morgan

    Hi John,

    Great list. Out of all of the ones you listed, which one of the tools do you use or prefer?

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  • http://www.realmee.com Ronald Carpentier

    Great list. One addition that might be of your interest is our online identity service http://www.realmee.com . In short: it enables you to create an personal website in 1 minute. When people look for you online in search engines we’ll make sure a link to your page is listed in the search results. This way, you’ll control how people will perceive you online.

  • John Jantsch

    Tony – I agree with your thoughts on the two brands, what I’ve experienced though is that people don’t look at it that way and consequently create, albeit unintentionally, two different experiences and are sometimes blind to what’s going on around them, reputation wise.

    Offline it’s much easier to control what’s being said, online, users are free to shape your brand with our without your participation. That’s my main point on that.

  • John Jantsch


    I’m a big fan of OpenID, Namyz, and SocialURL.

  • http://www.StrategicMarketSegmentation.com/blog Linda P. Morton

    Wow, what a great list of resources. I haven’t seen another resource list with sites to monitor your image or personal brand. I know it must have required lots of time to complete.

    I just did three resource lists for my blog on market segmentation – one for websites, another for blogs and a third for books. Each took me a day to research and produce.

    I’ve bookmarked this page so I can come back to it again and again. I agree with Kristen that it will take time to use all of these resources, but it’s surely worth the effort.

    Thanks for providing this service.

  • http://www.marketingyoursmallbiz.com Judy Dunn

    Thanks, John, for this comprehensive list. I will have to check out Andy’s book. looks like useful stuff for managing online identity, reputation and profiles.

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  • http://notsorelevant.com Carsten Pötter

    Well, looks suspiciously like this list:


  • http://www.ezidocs.com/the-sizzle Tony Eyles

    Thanks for the clarification John. I see online brand shaping as an amplification of what happens offline. I expect too that businesses typically overestimate how much control they really have over what is said about them – a misconception perhaps sustained by the comfort of believing your own hype. I know the greater visibility of onlne (social media) conversations causes great angst amongst brand managers who try and police their reputations by controlling what is said more than how their business actually behaves to customers.

  • http://www.1429creative.com Donny


    Enjoyed the list. This is a great list of resources that I’ll consider using for my business as well. The Naymz site that you like sounds extremely interesting. Thanks for the great marketing resources!!

    -Donny Vaughn-

  • http://www.sezwho.com/blog/ Jitendra

    John, Don’t forget SezWho…It should certainly be on the list. -Jitendra

  • http://generousmarketing.typepad.com/junctiongen Jennifer

    Thank you for the post. The Galik site appears to be Europe only. I am curious to see how these tools work.

  • http://www.dotcomsecrets.com Internet Marketing Joy

    THese are great resources…^^ how about LinkedIn.com?

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  • http://www.hexcorp.com HexCorp

    Thank you for sharing this information. I’ve been looking for ways on what tools and strategy to use for online reputation management that I am planning for my project. This is a great one. Thanks again

  • http://salesby5.typepad.com Nan Palmero

    I agree, LinkedIn.com is a great place to connect. Another one I’m checking out is ww.jigsaw.com

  • http://www.newsunseo.com NewSunSEO

    Thanks a lot for all of the links you shared. I’ve checked out a couple of them already and they are great. These will definitely come in handy some day.

  • http://www.myonid.de Frederic

    great ressource and great list, but I miss myON-ID. myON-ID (www.myonid.de) is a German website for Online Reputation Management, launched mid of 2007. Pretty nice concept with a mixture of people search engine and reputation management. the concept looks pretty close to claimID and naymz.com

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  • http://www.linkvanareview.com Linkvana

    My favorite of the one’s listed above would have to be LinkedIn. The networking capabilities are endless with them.

  • http://www.lookuppage.com Ehud

    I would like to add http://www.lookuppage.com to the above list. Lookuppage is an online tool that help you manage and control your online reputation, and track who is looking for you. Joining is free, and users who opt in to the paid service guarantee their page top position across all leading search engines via SEO and PPC methods.

    Best, Ehud.

  • http://www.whooru.com Aaron Francesconi

    Great list of resources. Add WhooRu.com to the list of services which help you manage your online reputation.

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  • http://www.uniworldpro.com antonio

    Check out the online reputation of brands, people, institutions, service providers, etc at http://www.trust-index.com


    You can add any item you want to be rated by people from all over the world. Express your trust, and check out what others think about.

  • http://www.sbson.com Zennie Abraham

    Managing your identity is just one part of reputation management. The other part is simply the real estate of content that’s out there about you. That’s where we come in. It takes time for you to not only learn how to do it, but what to write and how to get it placed. See my video:


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  • http://www.salesonlineworld.com/ Keith Bolt

    This information has helped me a lot to crate my online identity……

    Keith Bolt

  • http://www.kagayandeoro.blogspot.com mr nice guy

    Nice tips. This is very helpful to internet marketers. Keep it up and More Power.

  • http://www.bvrelief.com/femanol.htm femanol

    Wow. Wonderful list. Thanks for posting this!

  • http://www.BuzzDing.com BuzzDing!

    New kid on the block is http://www.BuzzDing.com. Deserves attention. Focuses on reputation management and not just monitoring. Nice white label option.

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  • http://www.removeyourname.com/ Reputation Managment

    Our clients have made good use of Naymz and WordPress. We feel like Twitter is going to be an emerging tool.

  • imran123

    Really nice tips!! Good work!
    Very useful information specially the sites mentioned in Manage your reputation and Manage your Profile. There is a tool for ORM worth checking. U can download its beta version for free trial from http://www.aircheese.com.

  • http://sipmarketinggroup.com/ sipmarketing

    This was an excellent list of resources for any reputation management campaign

  • Carol

    You should add WhooRu, http://www.whooru.com. Its a great tool to find out who you are online.

  • http://www.brandprotect.com/ Ben Bradley

    What about a new category? This list should include higher end tools such as BrandProtect.com that help organizations gain control over how they are represented online by uncovering and mitigating the threats that put their rights, revenue streams and reputation at risk?

  • http://www.designsoftstudios.com/ affordable website design

    Nice post.These are helpful at different stages.Thanks

  • madssingers

    That's a great list Andy, thanks!

  • http://www.ripanti.com ripanti

    I missed one ..


  • miketoday

    I tried Zallas Technologies and they were able to remove a negative customer complaint, even though it took almost 4 months… http://www.zallas.com – you'll have to call to get a quote, as I don't think the prices are anywhere on the website.

  • http://www.4net-technologies.co.uk/ Managed Services

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  • http://www.belle-lingerie.co.uk/g39/Wonderbra/page/2/showall/true/ Wonderbra

    Wow, what a great list of resources. Great article here! Very clear and informative; well written and I can see you put a lot of time and effort into it. God job!

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