Twitter for Business

Update: If you’re finding this post via search know that I update this guide frequently – Last update Nov/17/2009

Twitter for BusinessOh, about twice a day now I get asked if this twitter thing is a tool for business. Sometimes the requests are muddled with puzzled tones of “I just don’t get it.” Other times folks are sort of pissed off. I mean, yet another thing to keep track of and do.

I happen to think that twitter has some fabulous business uses, and not just for the ultra connected techie, for the typical small business too.

I’ve put together my Guide to Using Twitter for Business and offer here to all as a gift. This is not the definitive guide to all things twitter, this is a nice, simple, practical road map to show you how to start using twitter to reach some of your business and marketing objectives.

Enjoy and feel free to pass along and share on some of social sites linked below.

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  • tinu

    Cool. Stumbling it.

  • Chad

    Thanks for the guide! The rest of my marketing team seems to be dumbfounded by Twitter so I just passed your guide around to them. There isn’t too much of a buzz about electronic payment processing (other than PayPal), but by creating the RSS feeds (that you mentioned in the guide), I feel like I am having the “big picture” fed to me. Thanks, again!

  • John Jantsch

    @chad – my pleasure, passing the guide around is what it’s for.

  • Jon Clayton

    Thank you for the e-book. I read your blog via Feedburner. I will certainly read through it this week.

  • Debbie Hemley

    Great resource, thanks for developing and sharing.

  • Donny – MarketingTwin #2

    John, thanks for putting this twitter guide together. By the way, did you happen to see the ABC NEWS reports on TV a few weeks ago about Comcast using twitter to improve a customer service event. Great video:

    In closing, a client of ours said to me the other day “I don’t know about all that Tweeter or Twitting stuff. Those people sound like they have too much time on their hands!” HA Guess we have some coaching to do to help her understand the value of twitter and other social media.

  • veronika

    I’m in a women business owners group that is mostly confused by all things bloglike and social networking… this will really help me explain to them what Twitter is – thanks!

  • Rich

    Thanks for putting this up, John. I confess to being one who draws the line at Twitter in terms of its effective use for businesses, but I look forward to being proven wrong. :-)

  • MarketingTwins-Randy

    I’ve been using Twitter for 2 months and now, because of this e-book, it actually makes sense! :) I’ve enjoyed the relationships I have found with like-minded people and as well, I have found great material for posts to my blog and Facebook profiles.

  • nudgeme

    Thanks John for this Guide. I use Twitter and find it’s great for hearing about things first as people send out ‘tweets’ about things I’m interested in. I hadn’t heard of Twellow, the Twitter directory, so thanks so much for sharing info on that. And of course Twitter’s a great tool for helping people to be more concise and to the point with the requirement for 140 character posts!

  • Jim Rudnick

    would like to have printed same – but it always prints using an Asian font, ie not english…no matter what I try to do.

    is that normal?


  • Scott Meade

    I like what companies like Cashboard have done at, using Twitter as a day-to-day or even hour-by-hour update of software enhancements and system status. Thanks for putting this together.

  • Marketing Deviant

    Thanks for the ebook. I’ll check it out and see how to use twitter for business use :)

  • Jan Marie Dore, The Professional Women’s Online Marketing Coach

    Thanks for creating this useful guide John. I have been using Twitter, but wasn’t convinced it could forward my business. You’ve convinced me! Thanks for the tip on Twellow too….I updated my profile there.

  • Graham Jones – Internet Psychologist

    Thanks for the guide. People might also like to keep up to date with how to use Twitter in business at:

  • Tynisha Thompson

    Hi John,

    Thanks for this. Love the guide. I read it online but when I print it out, the words are jumbled together…not sure if I’m the only one experiencing this but I wanted to let you know.
    Thanks again.
    Tynisha Thompson

  • Rob Williams

    I totally relate to your statement about people sounding pissed off when they talk to me about Twitter. They also are people who haven’t tried it but they know they hate it. Reminds me of people who say all blogs are stupid because they don’t know why anyone would journal online.

  • Dr.Mani

    Nice primer on Twitter, John. Have shared it with my Twitter network too. Thanks :)

    All success
    I tweet as ‘drmani’

  • Michelle

    John, I’m looking forward to reading this. It’s kinda overwhelming all these sites to deal with. Your work is always exceptional, so I’m sure this will be a great help!

  • Jeff Cobb

    Thanks, this is just what I need to share with some business colleagues who do not “get” Twitter. I think the tool can also have good internal uses for things like communication around Balanced Scorecard and other strategic initiatives, as mentioned briefly in my post at Hedgehog
    & Fox
    – Jeff

  • Jeff

    I absolutely HATE Twitter, but I use it as a neccessary evil. Just to make sure I wasn’t being too hard on it, I went to Twello and looked up a particular sector. The posting there…in this ‘professional’ environment…was just as inane as the what they ‘generic’ Twitter user writes.

    Don’t get me wrong. I am grateful that you took that time to share your guide with us…but I strongly feel that Twitter will soon become MySpace…a place that is clearly for teens and slackers. Trying to contact all of your ‘friends’ and telling them about your business or product can much more easily (And professionally!) be done via e-mail.

  • Coach Reggie

    Thanks for the guide. Twitter has developed a following with a little niche of the small business community in Wilmington, NC. Here are a few benifits I have seen..1)It has been a tool to create more community within a segment of my client base. 2) I stay top of mind as a referral source 3) Clients provide testimonials of events that they attend that their followers can read 4) A former client of mine re-engaged my services by staying connected to me on Twitter. 5) Twitter allows people to see our personal side which gets people to know, like, and trust us which makes it safer to buy from us.

    So Twitter is working in Wilmington, NC

  • Nikki

    Twitter Club link not working Graham :(

    Great free download – we plugged it on Business on Twitter and

  • Deb Kolaras

    A very useful and generous booklet. I am already a Twitter evangelist, but will share this booklet with new clients and friends whenever I can. Thank you!

  • scott

    I look forward to reading this tonight. I have started to use Twitter to update clients and even find new ones…while it hasn’t been earth shattering…it certainly seems to be full of promise.

  • Andrew

    Amazing ebook on how business (any business) can use twitter to grow and build that so important relationship. At Spheric we’ve took it further by linking our delicious account with our twitter account, read about it here.

  • Juan Luis Sarchione Terminiello

    I really enjoy you e-book.
    I took the liberty to use it in some of my post, and i had to translate it to spanish (my language).
    I even add a link for people to download it too, cause i think is something to share.
    If you can read spanish and wanna check my post it´sTwitter en los negocios (una introducción).
    Keep the good work

    I almost forget it. If you want to, i offer myself to translate your e-book to spanish. Just let me know if you´re interesting.

  • Grant

    As far as I can see, Twitter is still a large waste of time. No one has yet been able to show me how it could possibly enhance my business. Everyone I listen to who raves about it still hasn’t been able to explain what on earth it can do to help, and how it is not just another “greatest thing ever” that takes up precious time. Good luck to you all trying to do this with clients, etc.

  • Chuck Jeffery

    Checking into Twitter as a business tool is on my list of things to do this week. Well, the week is over and the “Check into Twitter” item is still on my list. I’ll go get your beginners guide book. Thanks for the timely reminder.

  • John Jantsch

    @Grant – it certainly can be a huge waste of time, but I run into people everyday that are not just raving about, they are meeting serious objectives by way of it. It all comes down to fully understanding what you are trying to achieve and then staying focused on that and not the nonsense.

  • Billigflug

    thank u for sharing the guide with us.
    Twitter might be used for business:
    For example by following industry leaders who post links to important resources and influence conversations.

  • Marianna Hayes

    John, Thanks as always for the excellent content. We’re having a lot of fun – and building some great relationships all in 140 characters or less. I passed along the book to my contacts… Keep up the great work!

  • Denis François Gravel

    Excellent guide. Thanks. I suggest you add the new desktop tool for Twitter. It already have a lot of users. Seesmic Desktop.

  • Flug

    I never find out … Twitter is good for … guess its really useless

  • Karina

    Thank you so much for the guide! I created a Twitter account for our business today right after reading through your guide. Makes it a lot simpler to get into something unexplored when there are people like you around. Thank you again!

  • Lani & Allen Voivod

    Hi John,

    Just wanted to say thank you for sharing this great free report on Twitter. We liked it so much that we added you as a resource in the Twitter Special Report we just released this week, “37 Easy Ways to Boost Visibility, Revenue, & Results With Twitter” (

    As we've added public speaking and live workshops into our business mix, we've looked to see how other pros are doing it, and you've been one of our chief inspirations. We like your style and aspire to your level of influence. Thank you.

    Best regards,
    Lani & Allen Voivod
    Co-owners and Content Lovers of Epiphanies, Inc.

  • Thomas Zauberer

    Hi there,
    I found great ideas on your Web site.
    Well done !
    Thanks for that and keep on doing
    Greetings from germany

  • benjamin huebner

    Great blog! Nice to read and you get the information you´re looking for! Go on with the good work!

  • Phil Lauterjung

    Thanks for the business guide for Twitter. I have a number of people that I have been trying to explain this to, but it's not easy to do in a brief conversation. The general perception is that it's just another place for mindless babbling about irrelevant happenings in some loser's life. Now I can just forward your guide on to them, and hopefully they will see the benefit. Plus, I picked up a few more good tips to help me as I develop my own use of twitter.

  • twitter for business

    This guide is very helpful. Now if only everyone does really read it and implement it.

  • twitter for business

    This guide is very helpful. Now if only everyone does really read it and implement it.