The 50 Best Business Blogs of 2008

Lists are always popular this time of year so I thought I would pass a couple along (and yes I made both, so of course I think they are brilliant.)

The 50 Best Business Blogs comes from Business Pundit a well-read general business blog. The list was compiled by Drea Knufken, senior writer at DTM made the list for marketing along with Copyblogger Brian Clark and Seth Godin. (Join me Jan 12th for live chat with Seth.)

Second list is from Invesp Consulting and called the 100 Most Influential Online Marketers of 2008 Here’s a list of the twitter IDs for the top 100.

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  • Fabio Platero

    Great list, especially the marketing: John Jantsch and Seth Godin.

  • Blog Expert

    Thanks for the great list.

  • JudyAnn Lorenz

    Congratulations. I get so much from CopyBlogger..Brian’s guests are so rich as well.

  • Todd Schnick

    Thanks for providing the lists – and congrats on making both. I have made your post available on my blog:

  • Jeff Bishop

    John, Great list! Thanks for making this available to all of us! Happy Holidays!!! :-)

  • Kelly Wissink

    Thanks for the super list John!

    We follow your blog and it’s given value and insight to our growing home business.

    Happy Holidays!

    Curt and Kelly Wissink

  • Dicki

    I think highly of your blog and hope find interesting stuff in it next year.

  • Web design for business Guy

    I checked out a few of the blogs. All quite interesting.. I do wonder if these really are the 50 best business blogs, but i’ll take Drea Knufken’s word for it.