The Anatomy of Buzz Revisited

Anatomy of BuzzBuzz is all around us and as hot a marketing topic as there is going, but for a recent episode of the Duct Tape Marketing podcast I caught up with Emanuel Rosen author of the national bestseller The Anatomy of Buzz (Doubleday, 2000) and “The Anatomy of Buzz Revisited (Doubleday, 2009).

Rosen’s first book was a favorite of mine before it was cool to acknowledge the power of word of mouth buzz and most everything that’s been written since can cite him as an influence.

Prior to writing these books, he was VP Marketing at Niles Software where he was responsible for launching and marketing the company’s flagship product EndNote which spread to a large extent by word of mouth.

Rosen uses a great deal of research to support his positions and one of my favorite little factoids taken from his research is the finding that 30% of negative buzz comes from people who have never owned or used a product or service. Well, that certainly helps make the case for why you better focus on making some good noise.

    In this podcast we discuss:

  • Just what the heck “Buzz” marketing is
  • How to find the “Buzz” to your business
  • How to balance and integrate “Buzz”
  • How to measure word-of-mouth marketing
  • And the ethics of word-of-mouth marketing

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  • Language Classes

    Buzz can be a good thing and can be one of the most effective ways to generate interest in a product or service. I am looking forward to listening to the Podcast.

  • Plum pretty sugar

    Buzz… so brand important.

  • marion145

    Buzz Out Loud, for those unfamiliar with the show, is a daily tech news podcast that mixes news and commentary together. Listeners of the show send in tips every day for stories they think the co-hosts should discuss. Listeners also send in e-mails and voicemails, the best of which are read or played on the show.

    Marion Barrett
    career hunting uk

  • Gadget_Blog

    This is cool, thanks for the share, I appreciate it big time, thanks once again.

  • Gadget_Blog

    This is cool, thanks for the share, I appreciate it big time, thanks once again.