The Search it is a Changin

coffeeCurrently, it seems like there is a lot going on in the world of search that is pretty exciting for the typical user. Today I would like to point out a few changes I’ve noticed and what they might mean for your SEM and SEO efforts.

Visual Search – images seem to be getting more and more important in the search world. I don’t know if it’s a function of the fact that no one likes to read of if images are being used digitally (say as phone wallpaper) much as they were in print fashion years ago. It’s always been a good idea to optimize your images online, say with a file name and alt attribute that describe the content, but with Google’s changes to their image search engine it’s probably more useful than ever. Also, check out how Bing is displaying images with it’s Visual Search feature – this is a Bing search for Pulitzer winning fiction

A Feisty Competitor – And speaking of Bing, depending upon the research you choose Bing and proposed combination of Bing results for Yahoo search could start to put a dent in the once thought impossible Google search share. Bing users are finding the comparison shopping and travel, including airfare prediction feature very attractive. It’s certainly time to plug in and make sure your sitemap and other functions are playing well with Bing

Would you like a biscotti with that? – Lastly, Google is poised to release an update to its search algorithm so substantial they are making the rounds promoting it and allowing developers to play with it to experiment with results. The update is dubbed caffeine. The big promise is better results, faster results and real time results. The search engine optimization community always get very nervous during these updates but many signs point to the fact that if you produce lots of high quality content you’ll be fine. Although, take note (and I’ve been suggesting this for some time), social media content seems to becoming even more important for ranking purposes. I do also think that page load will get more emphasis so I would run your pages through the YSlow tool to get suggestions on speeding up page loads. You can play with search results in caffeine right now and see how your site will fare in a split screen mode of Google vs Google Caffeine Rank Tool. Google’s search voice Matt Cutts also shares views on Caffeine

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  • Ed Tennant

    Thanks for the heads up on caffeine! Some of my keywords ranked identically while others fell.

  • Steve

    All these changes make me worried that they knock my sites down another peg on their rankings. keeping my fingers crossed and writing some good content.

  • mas1916

    I am with Steve… anxiously awaiting the roll out to see what happens

  • sheila hopes

    i guess it resounds the popular saying that a picture speaks a thousand words.cant say i found a huge variety with the business opportunities in general – its always cash or tall buildings or people in suits shaking hands .

  • Dennis Gibson

    Indeed. Picture paints a thusand words.

  • RedHotFranchises

    Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge on SEO. Pictures can hold more information than words at times, it is important to focus on how to provide rich content and choosing the best keywords for your images.

  • CarlPhelps

    If social media content really does gain more influence in search results, we will all benefit. The truth is that real, useful, and important content tends to come out in social media. This will help weed out all the fake, keyword laden content that isn't really helpful.

  • Screen Sleuth

    I doubt Bing is going to change the SE landscape all the much…it doesn't have the punch of anything all that separate from what Google offers, besides buzzwords that sound cool.

  • Kris Bovay

    Thanks John. Went over to Caffeine to check it out – some pages up/some down. I'll wait to see what happens when it eventually rolls out. In the meantime, I'll continue to try to write good content.

  • AdWords_Accelerator

    Great post, John. I've heard some say that forum posts appear in Caffeine within minutes. Pretty remarkable and necessary in order to keep up with Twitter.

  • AdWords_Accelerator

    Great post, John. I've heard some say that forum posts appear in Caffeine within minutes. Pretty remarkable and necessary in order to keep up with Twitter.