Start, Run, and Grow Your Business

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with my friends at Palo Alto Software to play a part in creating a unique bit of software called Start, Run, and Grow Your Business. This low-cost tool is full of advice, tutorials and free stuff for every phase of getting your business going.srg

The software is available here and in Target Stores in the U.S and runs on the Adobe Air platform so it’s both PC and Mac compatible and can be seamlessly updated as more tools are added.

I’m giving five copies away to first five that leave comments to this post suggesting why they might need a tool like this – leave your mailing address and we’ll send it out, but I really want some feedback on how this tool helped you (if, of course it did.)

I created a series of marketing fundamental videos and a tool that walks you through creating and formatting a press release, but you also get things like:

  • Company logo – Business cards and letterhead
  • Website domain ($35 value!)
  • Legal forms and guides
  • Sample business plans
  • Subscription to Inc. magazine
  • Bookkeeping software
  • Business calculators
  • Time-tracking software
  • Email marketing solutions
  • Sales contact database
  • Project management software
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  • judybest

    Since I've been in business a while, I'll leave this for a new business owner. But, this sure would have been nice to have a few years ago!

  • JC10002

    What an amazing offer! My wife and I are entrepreneurs at heart, and are running a pet sitting business.

    As much as I think I know, having a piece of software developed to your standards would be a gift, to say the very least.

    I'm giddy with excitement to see what a software like this even looks like.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Name

    Bryan DeGrange
    11890 Prince's Cir
    Syracuse Utah 84075

    We are a relatively new business and could use the software to help our business to grow

  • Believe Unisex Day Spa

    —Thank you so much my business has increased from all your great tips

  • jeff

    I could use a tool like this because just starting out is hectic, and good advice is priceless, especially when it helps you to make your business a success

  • jeremyvictor

    I'll be launching a series of websites in a couple of weeks and word press development services. Tracking the billable hours and the bookkeeping software is an investment I am looking to make right now.

    Jeremy Victor
    1809 Allen Circle
    Jamison PA 18929

  • Nancy Sherman

    I think, as a business owner, we often get too busy working IN our business and not ON our business. How many of us who have been in business awhile still don't know how to write a press release or have a good sales contract, or business plan for that matter. We can all use the help. I own a small biz association that is here to help small business grow to the next level and I sure could use some help so that I can help appropriately. Thanks, John.

  • Ryan

    I could use a few of these tools to grow my business.

    Po Box 085551
    Racine, WI 53408-5551

  • ivettemuller

    Just getting started setting up my business and this would really help. Need all the help I can get with legal forms, guides and bookkeeping. Really, really want to win a copy, but am leery about leaving my mailing address. :(

    Thanks for the offer! Can't wait to read the reviews and feedback!

  • Carol Kobza

    I am looking for creative ways to stand out from a big crowd of people working in my field. I would like to know if this software boosts my ability to create unique marketing messages that break through the noise on Twitter, Facebook, etc, etc, etc.

  • ehdesign

    I run my own small web design and development firm and find that most business oriented software is way too complicated, cumbersome, etc. I would love the chance to look at this and see if it can help me –

    EH Design & Consulting
    9502 Marquis Lane
    Fort Wyane, IN 46805

  • believeunisexdayspa

    Thank you so much. Send me an email I'll give you my address

  • CHICAGOrilla

    My company is a small grassroots & lifestyle marketing firm based in Atlanta.

    It developed out of passion as I was tired of seeing good artists go undetected in the Atlanta market

    Since our inception we have steadily grown our business, but the challenge is now to organize and structure it properly

    So I could REALLY use the software to help us with that

    Thank you

    Derrick Woods
    127 Cumberland Crossing SE
    Smyrna, Ga 30080

  • Winnie Anderson

    My business is growing rapidly and I need tools that are easy to use that keep me on track and simplify my life. As I bring on team members I need to get them up to speed quickly so we can focus on delivering great service to our clients. This looks like it would be a HUGE help.

  • Mark Thomas

    There are so many options, programs and plans and parts of plans being thrown at people right now it would probably be smart to adopt and stick to a basic plan until your functioning level improves.

  • Ashley Beckman

    Our company is a holistic herbal handmade skin care company that is dedicated to providing pure, non-harmful skin care. We are both graduate students in Traditional Chinese medicine and are running this company while in school full time. We could definitely use some extra help getting some of the basics down (that we don't already have in place). We have been growing slowly, but it has taken off faster than we expected and we would love to be able to expand more effectively. We already have a website & logo and we sell online to our customers, but all other aspects of the software look amazing and we would love to utilize them in our business! We are woman run and owned and incorporate as many green practices as possible into our business – we use only recycled materials for packaging, shipping and office supplies, we bottle in glass so no chemicals leach into our products… just to name a few.

  • Keith German

    It appears 5 post have already been submitted, and that's great. For me, as a new startup, I want to say Thank You for contininuing your commitment (focus) on helping us small businesses or entrepreneurs have the tools to succeed. I just completed a DTM session through Marketing Twins in DFW, TX and it was of great value. Thanks John…and Palo Alto.

  • DustinPyeatt

    I'm really struggling with my business plan.
    I'm good with numbers, but I'm no accountant. This
    would be a huge help to us!

  • StevenSoendker
  • StevenSoendker

    Good News! We will be sending you a copy of Start, Run and Grow your business. Just wanted to let you know it will be in the mail soon. Thanks and look forward to your feedback

  • Adolfo Salazar

    Just started and would benefit greatly from your product.

    We will post on our blog how we use the product from ground level of a startup.

    promise to keep you updated on how we use it , would be great show for potential customers.

  • susettesolorzano

    Hello John! Just last week a friend and I had the first meeting to start our own company. It's exciting and SCARY it's so many things to keep track of, so many ideas, so many processes to go through. I saw the features on your software and it looks so great! Question… can I use it even if my company is not located in USA? (USA is a consumer segment we want to target thought). Thanks!

  • jessgreen

    When I hear that John Jantsch is giving away software he's worked on, I want to know all about it. I've already purchased Duct Tape Marketing and I LOVE how the advice is so common sense, and most of all written in plain English. It's been unbelievably useful to my husband and I as we start our retail computer store, and this software would help reinforce that in many different ways.

    I specifically like the idea of working with bookkeeping software and legal guides, as we have had several questions in both of these areas and affordable answers are sometimes hard to come by. We want to continue to grow and expand our business together, and we'd like to do it in the best way possible with John's expert advice.

    Thanks for your time reading this, and best of luck to all commentators!

    Jess Green,
    OnTech Computers,
    84 Queen St South,
    Kitchener, ON
    N2G 1V9

  • Gerardo Amaya

    As I started in to the entrepreneurship and innovation business, one of the craziest things to deal with is having so many simultaneous ideas for new businesses each day. I will look forward to test your application as my personal repository for innovative ideas, entrepreneurship projects, among others while keeping a close eye on each idea's phases in time. Thanks in advance

  • craigspr

    having your own business is a continuous learning experience and having a software like this is definitely a big help!

  • DefunktOne

    All of the information is already free on the web. If potential business owners are not willing to do the due diligence to find and learn about what they need or the free resources available to them, then the probably of a successful venture is even lower.

    Sorry, just my opinion on this topic…

  • Patrick (pvesey on twitter)

    Sounds like great software– I appreciate all your work and I really like the marketing process in pictures

  • eyebjaminnn

    At first glance, I was excited to learn so many tools would be available in one package. After further review, I am increasingly disappointed with the offering. This is certainly no panacea.

    It seems the companies that offer product have more to gain than those in need. Allow me to elaborate. The tools appear to be basic or require users to trade-up to obtain truly usable solutions.

    Overall, I'd say I've John Janstch lost credibility in my eyes. I expected more.

  • subbu

    is it a great sotware for setting business, and can useful for setting business in india bcoz i am from india.

  • SharonBlumenthalThePresentPro

    I applaud you & your staff. It is so refreshing to have such a helpful blog available for small business people. We are and have been the backbone of US growth. Unfortunately, we are too often discarded & trampled by the big boys & their lobbyists. We are most often the busiest & under-staffed, yet we strive to succeed. Sources like yours are sooooo valuable. Thank you for your support. I. personally wish you & your group continued success. Hope your sales on this terrific product go through the roof :)
    Sharon Blumenthal
    The Present Pro for over 30 yrs.

  • ducttape

    Thanks Sharon – love small biz!

  • Anthony

    There’s so much misinformation out there that people don’t really know what is and is not. It’s refreshing to see people that know what they’re talking about. You have an Informed commentary seems to be a rare commodity these days. Keep it coming. Internet Marketing Company

  • mmangen

    Would love to see the feedback on how this software helped people! I am always on the lookout for inexpensive software solutions for both myself and my clients. Looking forward to a future post from you on how this has helped people.

  • jeremyvictor

    just curious, did all the winners get selected?

  • @SteveSoendker

    Hi Susettte,

    Good News! The good folks over at Palo Alto Software saw John’s blog post about their product Star, Run and Grow your business… And they’d like to extend the offer of free software to every person that commented on the post.

    Since you commented, you’re in!

    Please send your mailing address to: [email protected]



  • Jeremy Campbell

    It's nice to see you broaden your business offerings with this software package John. I especially like the section for writing press releases as most people think they know how to write good ones but most of the time they suck.

    I need to look into getting this software suite, I'm sure that any type of entrepreneur could benefit from the templates and content that's included.

  • Paul Smalley

    Whilst cost is a key factor for anyone setting up a business, there comes a point pretty quickly when dealing with the day to marketing, bookkeeping, business administration becomes a distraction.

    After all, you start a business to sell your products/services, so if you are dealing with the day to day stuff, you are not able to focus on income generation.

    My suggestion is to bring in an outsourced team around you to help – you can then focus on income generation, while the outsourced team focus on what they do best.

  • ducttape

    Thanks Jeremy – I've also got Marketing Plan Pro Software and next month we are going to launch online courses – got to give the people what they want :)

  • Jim McGreer

    I think this is a great service to have. I am starting a new online business for voip reviews and this seems great to help me get started.

  • magalij

    I just visited the software website link shown in your article and I am sorry to say I would not WANT this product — even for free. Not if the quality of the product is reflected by your webpage.

    Why? Because there is something wrong with the text and graphics on the link page.

    The ends of paragraphs are overwritten by bold face type for the next section.

    The copyright is also covered over by text.

    The blue box with the 'add to cart' feature is over other text and the blue box 'bring in more customers' ends too abruptly.

    When I see a webpage like yours, I certainly don't want to pay for your services.

    I URGE you to take a look at how the page reads, and how the problems continue on the clickable links within your ad. It's a mess.

    If you go to the bottom of the ad page and click Learn More, you are taken to a clean website.

    Great idea, offering a freebie to the first five posters. But where is the attention to detail? Who is minding your online store??????? Please fix this. I'll be watching. I hope someone else is!

  • ducttape

    The page renders beautifully – as you can see from the many comments on this post, you are the only one who had any issues with Palo Alto's website – I'm guessing it was a one time browser thing, but who knows. Sorry it didn't work out for you.

  • magalij

    It is NOT a one time thing. I just checked the page again. 'run your business' … and text is overlapping. It is on firefox. On internet explorer, it works fine. Anyone who creates websites knows that there can be issues with different browsers. This is why I have low confidence. I don't see any comments about the Advertisement page itself.
    No problem with Palo Alto's website. I am talking about the link to the advert …
    Oh well. You choose to refer me to positive comments about Palo Alto instead of suggesting to the advertiser that he/she/they check the ad page link I gave you in firefox. Your choice. But if this was one of my sponsors, I'd look into it.

  • pradeepk

    I am starting to start a software business and I think this software will help me start, run, and grow my business. The tools and resources in this software are really useful to my (no any business). The legal forms and guides, business calculators, and e-Mail marketing solutions are probably the most valuable components of this software. I would love to have this software to help me start, run, and grow my business.


  • charlesbrooks

    5. Dear Friend,
    It’s a fact: if you want your website to make you money, generate leads or get subscribers you have to advertise in order to drive traffic to it. Of course this is true for any business, but it is absolutely essential for online business.

  • charlesbrooks

    According to the study, the most important tool for small businesses to succeed in 2010 is search engine marketing, while email marketing, public relations and social media cited as crucial for success.
    23.8% of all small businesses reported that search engine marketing was the tool most needed for their business to succeed in 2010.

  • Jules27

    Just starting a art business and am unsure about everything I need to know to get started and this would be a great tool.

  • Jules27

    Just starting a art business and am unsure about everything I need to know to get started and this would be a great tool.