David Allen on Getting It All Done

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David Allen Getting Things DoneGetting all the stuff you’ve got to manage done as a business owner, might be the greatest challenge of all. Then of course all the new social media stuff comes along and the job of managing it all just got tougher. It seems, to some at least, that monitoring, managing, engaging and following is a full time job.

I’ve always been a big fan of David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD), but I think we may need his simple system for collecting, doing, delegating and deferring more than ever.

I spent a few minutes chatting with David for this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing podcast and if you’re one of those feeling a little overwhelmed these days I suggest you start with by grabbing Getting Things Done and then work your way up to his latest – Making It All Work. You can get David’s products and books at his Davidco site

There are so many layers to David’s work that I have found people who have changed their lives by adhering to the “2 minutes or less” principle while others have developed a deep sense of vision for their business because they’ve cleared the clutter for the first time.

In this podcast we cover:

  • Components of the GTD system
  • Tools for GTD
  • Using the GTD system in an organization
  • De-cluttering to move forward
  • About Making It All Work: Winning at the Game of Work and the Business of Life
  • How to get involved with GTD
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  • http://Martin.Lindeskog.name lyceum1776


    As a “GTDer” in training, I am looking forward to listen to this podcast. I recently wrote a post on productivity tools, mentioning David Allen's work.

  • http://www.ducttapemarketing.com/blog ducttape

    There are so many layers to GTD that I get something new every time I read the book – and I've read it at least four times now

  • deborahrichmond

    The two pieces of advice that have been significant to me are the two-minute rule and having a system to capture every detail somewhere. I am amazed when others do not have a system. I know if I'm giving them details, they are going to drop some. Taking care of the details can really distinguish you from others.

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