Is Social Media Changing Selling?

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Social media has certainly changed marketing, but few people are addressing just how dramatically it’s changed sales. In this interview we hit that subject pretty head on.

My guest for this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing podcast is Mike McLaughlin. He’s the author of Winning the Professional Services Sale, which offers professional service providers, business development managers, and firm leaders new strategies to identify, qualify, and close any services sale. McLaughlin is also the coauthor of Guerrilla Marketing for Consultants, the first book to apply the principles of Guerrilla Marketing to the business of consulting and professional services.

In this podcast:

  • About the book: Winning the Professional Services Sale
  • Changes in the Sales Market
  • Success in Sales
  • Defining the Shared Answer
  • The Process of Closing a Sale
  • The Perfect Sales Proposal
  • Getting the Next Sale and Referrals
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  • Ryan Waggoner

    I wonder how much of the change is on the sales interaction and how much is on the decision-making process by the buyer. I know that I'm much more likely to seek some “social proof” before I pull the trigger on a big purchase, and social media has been a big enabler of that.

    It's a little dated and deals more with the marketing side than sales, but the Cluetrain Manifesto still holds up incredibly well when discussing these issues, and there are some really relevant bits in there related to sales as well.

  • ducttape

    I agree Cluetrain Manifesto is still an awesome read.

    I think you're dead on as well – it's pretty easy for a buyer to know more about your product than you do.

  • Florist Edmonton

    Great book, I must say, I read it.

  • tconnor11

    Mike McLaughlin made a good point when he said customers have become more savvy because of the internet. Sellers have to change the way they present themselves because the customers already knows the specifics of the company.

  • trish bertuzzi

    Great book hand delivered to me by our Marketing guy Matt. Been selling our services for 11 years and thought I had it going on….wrong! Going to sit down and overhaul our process. So much we can do better and Michael's book will be the manual.

  • ducttape

    Hey Trish, kudos to you for taking a second look at something you've realized you can do better.

  • Mike Stenger

    A lot of companies are really underestimating the massive power of word of mouth. It's still the largest bringer of sales. Look at companies such as Zappos who have avid customers and are providing killer customer service to their customers with Social Media.

    I forget where I read it and the exact percentage but the mass majority of people will make a purchase based on what someone they personally knew said about it, versus I think 12% who will go with an ad.

    That's HUGE! Just something to think about…

  • Jennifer Rai

    Word of mouth is so powerful in the marketing world! We are so lucky to have FREE marketing sites such as Facebook and Twitter! Afterall, if it's on Facebook then it must be true, right? :)

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