Free Live Training Facebook for Small Business

Seems like Twitter did a great deal of the headline grabbing last year, while Facebook steadily pushed on to become one of the most visited sites in the world – surpassing Yahoo and even eclipsing Google on day in day out traffic some days.

Everyone knows Facebook has become a powerful business tool, right? Well, maybe, but what I find now is that most small businesses want to know how to tap the power of this new platform with practical methods that get results. I’ve rounded up three Facebook and social media experts and put together a free live Facebook training session just to help small businesses that are new to Facebook or those that want to find ways to make Facebook pay for business and take it to the next level

Join me January 21st at Noon CST as I host a panel discussion and training with Dave Kerpen, Mari Smith, and Nick O’Neill in a live webinar discussion.

Listen to the archive recording from the event here. (All participants will also receive a free Facebook for Business Greatest Hits, a pdf ebook featuring articles from each of the panel participants.)

Panelists include:

Dave Kerpen

Dave Kerpen is the CEO of theKbuzz, a social media and word of mouth marketing firm. Dave is one of the leading experts on social media and Facebook marketing. Dave and his work have been featured on CNBC’s “On the Money”, ABC World News Tonight, the CBS Early Show, and the New York Times, and countless blogs. In 2009, Dave spoke at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Conference, Print Services and Distribution Association (PSDA) Conference, Yale Club of New York, and Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) Summit, just to name a few. .

Mari Smith

Mari Smith is President of the International Social Media Association and has been dubbed the Pied Piper of the Online World by She is most known for her Facebook marketing expertise and her emphasis on relationships first, business second. Mari has been a passionate leader in the social media world since 2007 and is an in-demand Social Media Keynote Speaker; she travels the United States and internationally to provide keynotes and in-depth training for her clients and students.

Jesse Stay

Jesse Stay, the self-proclaimed “Social” Geek, is a speaker, author, blogger, and entrepreneur, who writes and consults on the topics of social media and new media, bridging the gap between “technical” and “social” for both marketers and developers. Jesse wrote two books, his first book, “I’m on Facebook–Now What???“, discusses the possibilities of improving your career, family, business, and life through Facebook

Register here for Jan 21 Facebook Event

GoToWebinar LogoThis webinar is presented by GoToWebinar as part one of a three part series

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  • primaryworkathome

    I am interested for this live training facebook for small business. This is a perfect guide for us. Thank you very much.

  • Keith German

    I registered for this but admittedly in HOPE. Although the speakers have unquestionably amazing credentials I “hope” they can speak to us small biz solopreneurs that plan soon to begin collaborating via Facebook. I look forward to the event and gaining meaningful insight that prepares my biz to move in this direction. All the best!

  • bizdharmaDotCom

    Great Idea! I am definitely in !!

  • RedHotFranchises

    The twitter frenzy is a great brand marketing opportunity for marketers, although I’d have to say Facebook is the Bomb with 175 million users in comparison to 6 Million Twitter users. Facebook users spend an average of 3 hours and 10 minutes on the site per-month the highest average time per-person amongst the 75 most popular brands online.

  • Link Wheels

    Fantastic Idea, I think I need a bit of Facebook training.

  • bkjrecruiter

    John- GREAT lineup… I will be on the call.. and ready with questions… Best, Brian-

  • ducttape

    good deal Brian – spread the word

  • The Franchise King


    I had the pleasure of getting introduced and hanging out with Mari for a short while at Blogworld last year. She just rocks.

    Good idea getting her on this one!


  • ducttape

    Thanks Joel – this should be a good group and good discussion

  • FreePrintingSamples

    RT @ducttape Free Live Training >> Facebook for Small Business

  • wendyalpine

    I have a public relations business and am interested in learning more about this topic for myself and my clients, specifically the benefits of using Facebook over Twitter for small business.

  • twilk

    Sounds great, put in simple terms for use that are new to Facebook/twitter. Tried the site once did not get much from it.

  • Erin Doherty

    Love the idea – I'll be there. As a virtual assistant to many solopreneurs, I'm constantly asked how to make Facebook pay. Looking forward to some new ideas…

  • Dr. Marc Kossmann

    Facebook is truly and interesting territory to market as a small business. I find that I have to tow a fine line. Most of your audience is there to be social and stay in touch with friends and family. So when you posts are too commercial in nature, at best you are tuned out, at worst you are turned off. The messages that have the most impact are those that feel like social commentary with your message carefully and quietly embedded within. Say you just went out with your spouse to a really cool restaurant over the weekend. Naturally you're excited and have the unselfish social motivation to share this great find with your friends and family. So you hop onto FB and shout out the news of your great find to your network. And if it feels sincere, then it is received with appreciation – even if it is not immediately relevant. But never underestimate people's ability to smell and ad. Write out exactly how you would share the news about that great restaurant. And now very carefully see if you can craft the same tone around a product or service that you are looking to share. Keep your own emotion FOCUSED on the genuine desire to share for the benefit of your network. Ask for nothing in return. Send out to give with no intention of receiving. When you can pull that off, you will love what Facebook has to offer as a marketing medium.

    Dr. Marc Kossmann

  • ducttape

    Good Erin and tell your friends :)

  • ducttape

    Marc – I often say that all the social media platforms are best used to create awareness about great content you have back at your hub or main web site. If you use it this way, you can promote all you like, because all you are promoting is something of value that usually free and drives home the point that you are an expert. That's when the sales process kicks in after the know, like and trust process is complete.

  • Dr. Marc Kossmann

    I absolutely could not agree more. Trust is a precious commodity in life and on the web. Unfortunately, it is one that many people don't take the time to cultivate. Just because you have amassed a few thousand “friends” on FB does not mean they are listening to you. If you have not invested in building the relationships with the kind of value and “awareness sharing” that you are talking about, then you have probably been turned off in most of those “friend's” feeds. People flock to social media sites because they want to be “in” on the good stuff and connected to people they care about. Most people (myself included) are quickly annoyed by people pushing product on FB. If that is your approach, make sure your ad is in the right hand column as an ad. People don't really mind a valid ad. It's expected. Putting your blatant ad in the news feed is an obvious and clumsy Trojan horse. It's why I love my DVR and the ability to fast forward through the commercials. I'm there to watch my movie and you are intruding into my mind. Even if your message sticks, I am going to resent you. Is that what you want the basis of our relationship to be? Share with me something really good, really cool, or of real value – well now I am very glad that our paths have crossed on this virtual highway. Now I am not bothered by the fact that there is a price. But I have to say there is something almost creepy about the way intention can be communicated subtly in your words. Write your message with the intention to GET and it just plain comes across. Write your message with the intent to GIVE and that comes across just as clearly. How you feel while you write is much more important that most people realize.

    Dr. Marc Kossmann

  • Shawn

    Looking forward to it.

  • Michelle Steiner

    I just registered for this training. I started using Facebook last year as a way to promote my business, and I'm looking forward to learning more tricks and tips!

  • SuppliesGuys

    What a great concept. Thank you Duct Tape Marketing for putting this on and showing SB owners the benefits that marketing their business on Facebook can provide! It's also nice to see the reactions from the participants who are looking to use social technology to develop brand awareness & further connect with customers. If there was an inspired button, we'd be pressing it!

  • randyciafre

    I am looking forward to getting below the surface of Facebook, putting it to work for my small business and watch if flourish.

  • MariSmith

    Thanks again for the opportunity to contribute to today's Facebook webinar, John! You're a true pro – really well organized, paced and you managed to glean a ton of valuable info from all three of us panelists. We might just have to come back for an encore. lol!

  • MariSmith

    Just a quick correction – Facebook user count is over 350 million and Twitter is closer to 50 million! :) Definitely exciting times for marketers! :)