Weekend Favs February Twenty

I have a weekend routine where I share a handful of favorite things I tripped upon online this week. I usually about three and don’t go into much detail but suggest you check them out. The image featured in the post is a favorite creative commons image on Flickr.

let it snow
Image credit: Akajos

Good stuff I found this week:

Xobni – an Outlook plugin that makes searching your inbox and finding information about your contacts online and in social media fast and easy.

Kampyle – real time customer/user feedback about what works and what doesn’t work on your web site.

Mobile Marketing Watch – great site dedicated to covering all things related to mobile marketing (all marketer need to stay on top of this topic)

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  • paulroekle

    I love that picture, it reminds me of good times in college when we would think up classic pranks.

    -Paul Roekle

  • http://redhotfranchises.com/ RedHotFranchises

    Excellent post!

  • http://www.twiddy.com/ Ross Twiddy

    John, our vacation rental property business has experienced great results and ROI using Kampyle. I’d love to talk with you about it in more details if you are interested.

  • http://www.ducttapemarketing.com/blog ducttape

    Ross, I would like to hear more – can you send me some thoughts through the contact page and we can discuss

  • http://www.feedbackify.com/ Adrian Halley

    Hi John,

    The main problem with Kampyle is that it just way too expensive for a lot of small businesses, and if you receive more feedback than you expected, costs can quickly run out of control (they currently charge $499/month for up to 1000 feedback items). Our solution, Feedbackify, which includes much of the same core functionality, is absolutely free-of-charge for up to 100 feedback items/month and we are launching our Pro account on 4th March which allows unlimited feedback for only $19/month. I'd be great to talk to you about our solution in more detail, as it definitely lives up to your tagline – Simple, effective and affordable!

  • vean

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