It Is Make a Referral Week!

I’ve declared this week, March 8-12, Make a Referral Week with the intent of drawing attention to the act of making referrals rather than simply receiving them. In fact, I have set a goal to challenge 1000 businesses, large and small, to make 1000 referrals this week and publicly tell the world about it on the Make a Referral Week Counter and on Twitter using the #marm hashtag.

I have been joined in support of this effort by GoToWebinar, PRWeb, Contsant Contact, Marketing Profs, The Referral Engine Book, Perkett PR, Palo Alto Software, Verizon, Alphagraphics, Vertical Response, BNI, Duct Tape Marketing Coach Network, Intuit, Infusionsoft, Gold Star Referral Clubs and countless personal ambassadors.

This blog will feature guest posts and interviews each day this week from thought leaders on the subject of referrals and word of mouth marketing and a live online panel discussion – How to Create a Referral Engine – featuring Ivan Misner, founder of BNI and author of the 29% Solution, Bob Burg, author of Go-Givers Sell More, and Ben McConnell, co-author of Creating Customer Evangelists. The live session is Wednesday, March 10th at Noon CSTRegister Here

Want to know how you can get involved?

  1. Make a referral and post it on the Referral Counter
  2. Tweet your referral made using #marm
  3. Tell others about the challenge to 1000
  4. Make more referrals

If you like this idea of making referrals you can also join the Make a Referral Monday effort on Twitter. Starting today, and every Monday hereafter, make referrals and tell people about in on Twitter using the Make a Referral Monday hashtag (#marm) My hope is that we can turn this idea into a movement of sorts and keep the notion of giving referrals front and center all year long.

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  • SCMSJanine

    Looking forward to seeing lots of positive energy through referral Mondays. If we spent more time sharing positives and less time complaining the world would be a much better place. All the best in this initiative!

  • bigdavesmith

    I dig it. Time for all of us who are often on the receiving end of referrals to return the favor. Good Call.

  • turcott

    What a great idea. Spread the good Karma. Share what you love best about your favorite small business. Your local business community relies on word-of-mouth referrals to survive and thrive, more today than ever before.

    Are you a small business owner? Don't be afraid to ASK for feedback and referrals from your customers! You'll be delighted with what you get. Don't be shy.

    Richard Turcott, CMO
    RatePoint, Inc.