What is Make A Referral Monday?

Last week’s Make a Referral Week, an event designed to generate over 1000 referrals for 1000 small businesses, was a big success in terms of bringing a focus on the act of making referrals, but why stop at a week. Making referrals is a great practice all year long.

make a referral monday on TwitterPlease join me in kicking off something I call Make a Referral Monday. The idea is to bring the practice of making referrals into focus every week, all year long.

One of the ways to keep this idea alive and top of mind is to use the awesome reach of Twitter as a weekly reminder and accountability tool. If you participate on Twitter you are probably aware of something called Follow Friday. Follow Friday asks folks to share the names of people on Twitter that they like to follow, with the idea that other might as well. Follow Friday participants use what’s called a hashtag to designate their Follow Friday listing – #FF (More on Twitter hashtag use here)

To participate in Make a Referral Monday (#marm) I would like ask you to a) make a referral and b) tell the Twitter world about it using #marm as a hashtag each and every Monday. Something like: I just referred @AcmePrinting to my BFFs at @ZetaGraphics both do awesome work #marm

I think we have the ability to create a bit of a movement out of the act of making referrals. Spread the word, retweet this post and make those referrals!

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    I like the idea, but I've never been a fan of Follow Friday. What inevitably happens is your Twitter timeline is cluttered up with endless lists of other Twitter usernames – and no explanation as to why you should follow them. I've honestly never followed anyone as a result of Follow Friday.

    So if Make a Referral Monday has a chance to catch on, I think a rule needs to be made that an explanation is necessary as to why you are endorsing a person or businesses. Otherwise it'll just become another Follow Friday… but on Monday. 😉

  • hanalie

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  • Nate Mishaan

    That's a great idea!!!!!