Referral Engine Preview and Book Giveaway

Video podcaster Steve Cunningham produced a very cool video preview of my new book, The Referral Engine, set for a May 13th launch. Steve is putting together a service called that summarizes popular books. As part of the review, Steve is giving away five copies for readers that comment on the post or connect via Facebook – so get over there and do it!

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  • celia_m

    My company relies a lot on referrals, but we don't have a system for ensuring a consistent influx. I'm very interested to read about it

  • ducttape

    Celia, – I'll give you hint, it's not simply some tactical thing that you do – it's in everything – yes, you need to create systems and process to make sure you get referrals, but you also have to go to work on being more referable.

  • af

    Video preview was entertaining, but I wasn't clear why produced a a promotional video for the book. Obviously Mr Cunningham wants to drive traffic to his site, but the preview seems more oriented to selling the book than his informing about his service.

    Just my $0.02.

  • Ryan Hanley

    I am reading Referral Engine right now and l'm loving it. Extremely honest and relevent. John's style of writing is perfect for business people who want to succeed in business.

    Full report will come on my blog next week.

    Ryan H.,

  • Tracie Howe

    I'm sure clients don't always think about the importance of referrals, so sharing this video with them is also a good way to encourage them to give one! Other than that, great video and I'm interested to check out the book.

  • danenright

    People buy from trusted resources. Even more so when it comes to buying a resource that just happens to be the expertise of another person. Ask for a referral whenever possible.

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  • Andy @ FirstFound

    Great video! I might pick up a copy of the book too.

  • Tom_T

    Excellently done video – I am purchasing referral flood today and look forward to reading the book.

    Question: what are all the book preview / free giveaway earlier posts / ads about? (I am not about to click an unknown link) – just wondering.

  • stevecunningham

    Mr. Cunningham? Geez, I must be getting old. We summarize books we hope people read. Also, a video every week about our service would be pretty damn boring, wouldn't it? :)

  • af

    True, but as someone encountering your service for the first time, I was unclear about the relationship between your service and the book. That's all.

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