Marketing in the Age of Google

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Vanessa FoxMy guest for this week’s episode of the Duct Tape Marketing podcast is ex Googler Vanessa Fox. Fox is the author of Marketing in the Age of Google: Your Online Strategy Is Your Business Strategy.

While at Google Fox built Webmaster Central, which provides tools, information, and community for site owners about how their sites are performing in Google’s search engine. She also was instrumental in the alliance of Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft Live Search. (Both really good things!)

I’ve begun to state quite passionately in recent presentations that digital interactivity has moved to the center of marketing and perhaps to the center of all business activity in general and Fox’s assertion about online being the business certainly supports this growing notion.

Search permeates offline and online behavior and become woven into everything we do. It drives my wife crazy when we are chatting about something and she asks a question and I pull out my phone and dial up the answer. Offline advertising is driving web behavior and then influencing how people interact with organizations.

Search and social media are completely woven and no longer the next big thing. Social search has become the norm and really is just a part of marketing and a large part of the new era of customer engagement. If your customers are talking about you online then search greatly amplifies these conversations.

Organizations must make search and social media strategy connected to development, business and marketing strategy and tear down the silos between those creating content, social engagement, optimization and message.

Grab this complete list of keyword research tools from Vanessa’s blog.

Great book – great guest!

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  • Neal Gilbert

    Great podcast, will the book be available as an audio book?

  • lizinIllinois

    I would disagree, to an extent. I do think online marketing is becoming increasingly important. In fact, I think it's vital. But there are some age groups for whom, believe it or not, going online is not the first, second or even third way to locate something they need. I'm thinking primarily of older people. They're going to go to more traditional sources first: phone books, for example, or perhaps they'll see an ad on television. (On the other hand, as I've argued to a boss, they have kids for whom the Internet is always first!) It's a balancing act. And, say, lawyers — while they have to have web sites, they also have to network like crazy, by and large. I do work for an attorney, and watch other attorneys struggle with this, and I assure you networking is one of their main methods of getting business. Lucy Rosen is considered the Queen of Networking, and obviously considers it a key to business success. For anyone looking for more help (I surely am), she has a book coming out, “Fast Track Networking.” I am looking forward to her tips, hints, stories and do's and don'ts. I'm considering it my “must read” for June.

  • jonathan rodriguez

    I am buying this book ASAP

  • chingichongs

    It seems that that group has control anyway… Case in point: At least half of the people reading this had to google “w3 committee” to find out what it is.

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  • Donna Templeton

    I have been working to embrace Internet marketing for two years now and have found it to be a long road full of learning…but worth it. I'm amazed at how many fellow small business owners that I know who continue to shun this avenue of marketing…still relying soley on word of mouth, flyers and 'old school' techniques. In today's economy, I'm seeing that my fellow small business owners who embrace the web and keeping their heads above water and even thriving…while others who refuse to accept Google and all it's associated realities are slowly sinking.

  • Alessandra Cimatti

    I was talking with a small business owner yesterday. Their website is practically useless. She understands that, and she has asked her high school son to redo it, as an exercise! She said that one important thing she wanted to add to the site was a page on the company history. They have no idea whatsoever what they are missing by not going with professionals who not only build the site but can take into account SEO, content marketing, etc. Meanwhile, they are suffering from low orders and their only marketing activity is cold-calling.