Is SEO Copywriting Just Good Copywriting?

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SEO CopywritingMy guest for this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing podcast is Brian Clark, publisher of the best blog around on copywriting (my opinion) – copyblogger. Brian’s practical approach is really all you need to read on the subject.

We spent most of our time talking about the subtle differences between good, conversion heavy, copywriting with balanced SEO copywriting that also serves the needs and wants of search engine spiders. So many marketers make basic mistakes when it comes to online copywriting by trying to make web pages be all things to all people. The goal of effective SEO copywriting is that it start the sales cycle. Get a highly targeted prospect in the door, maybe a content landing page, and then start the engagement and attention from there. Conversion is just part of the process and probably not the first part of the process.

From an SEO standpoint the search engines are miles ahead of where they were 5 years ago but still must be spoon fed and that’s what SEO copywriting addresses. Clark recently created a tool called Scribe that does an amazing job analyzing web pages from a search engine point of view and points out best practices to help improve your incredibly valuable, engaging content from the search engine point of view.

Clark has also created a nice free report that covers much of what we talked about – Click here to grab How to Create Compelling Content That Ranks Well in Search Engines

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  • SEOP

    Actually, I think it depends. There are people who write for SEO and use their keywords as much as they can. As well as put so many links on their writeups. These for me are not considered as good copywriting, but they can be effective for SEO.

  • Bob Cohen

    I knew blogs were good content engines for SEO but always wondered how to optimize the content.

  • Adrian Swinscoe

    Hi John,
    I am reading Brian's report and have installed Scribe into the back end of my blog and I must say that both tools make the whole process of writing copy that is SEO optimised is made so much easier.

    Please pass on my thanks,


  • dallonchristensen

    It's such a fine line between being authentic in your writing and trying to drive traffic to your site. When I see a site that is so obviously written to fool the search engines, I turn away from it. In a lot of ways, SEO-heavy writing is the new used-car salesman techniques. I would rather take my chances writing authentically and realize I need to place my keywords into my writing on a limited basis.

  • Neerja

    Firewall – The First Epic SEO Novel

    Written specially for short attention spans

  • erinreadruddick

    John, great podcast – very actionable. Can you share with us links to some of the resources Clark mentioned? For example, he was talking about an Aaron Wall (but spelling eludes me) …

  • learning quran

    great article got some resourcefull tricks from it thakyou for it

  • John


    You have a nice blog. Multiple ip hosting is the latest successful method in SEM. Multiple domain hosting helps your website to get quality backlinks from different ip addresses. This definitely helps with website ranking.

  • 20_Will_Gibbs_46

    The effectiveness of SEO work relies largely on its ability to convert the target market from reading content blogs, articles etc to clicking on the link(s) provided. And this brings one great challenge for SEO service providers and even web owners: to come up with a quality web content which will be competitive to indexing by Google. Brian Clark was right on the dot when he advised that SEO copywriting should be about writing an “engaging” content in a language that target customers use. It establishes the relevance of the business to its market, thus, delivering value. This approach has already been practiced by most marketing gurus and my Orange County SEO service provider, and it was indeed effective. I saw our business site being referred as one of the priorities in related keyword searches.

    Thanks for posting this article and providing us the podcast John.

  • clavoie

    I find it's best to write naturally first, then go back and edit with the SEO hat on. Writing for SEO from scratch always seems to show that spiders, not humans, are your primary audience, which turns the humans off.

  • Steve Rosenbaum

    Great episode of Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, John and Brian. Just got off the treadmill and need to listen to it again to scope out all the excellent references! Loved Brian's story about success in Real Estate using virtual system. So true! Can't wait to read the article and try out ScribeSEO. Thanks, Guys.

  • Small Business SEO

    Copyblogger is one of the first places I turn to when I need a copy writing resource. It's amazing!

    I recently purchased Scribe and I've already noticed a dramatic difference in my rankings.

  • Phil

    They are done from SEO point of view, but actual copy writer will not do that and he will write his normal style of copy writting

  • Wheat Jonson

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  • sesli sohbet

    I knew blogs were good content engines for SEO but always wondered how to optimize the content.

  • Aureliadoyle

    I think if you are doing SEO copywriting, you need to do it also good and effective. So, SEO copywriting is good copywriting.