Status Tagging Your Facebook Updates

As Facebook continues to grow and provide more and more search functionality so does the need to think strategically about optimizing some of your status updates.

About six months ago Facebook introduced status tagging, a feature that allows you to tag and link to pages and people that you like from your updates. When writing an update you simply start with @ and the person you want to tag and Facebook will add a link in the update to that person and (depending on privacy settings) post your update to their wall and notify them they’ve been tagged. (The tagged person can always undo the tag)

Careful use of this practice can lead to increased exposure of your updates and pages. Somewhat recently Facebook also started building “community pages” – a way to build pages on topics and help bring people together around common interests. While most of these pages exist purely from people saying they like something on their profile, some have begun to get some real niche followers and traction.

It’s beginning to make sense for people on Facebook to start to take the time to research topics related to their business, interests and industry and start “liking” a number of popular community pages with an eye on status tagging these pages in your updates.

Here’s an example. Yesterday I wrote about public speaking and mentioned the popular TED Talks and Toastmasters groups in my post. I went to Facebook to share the link for the blog post and tagged the public speaking, TED talks, and Toastmasters International community pages. This action placed my update on all three of these community pages and exposed it to another 30,000 or so potential readers. (You must be a fan of these pages to use the tagging feature and there may be a lag in the time you like them and they show up in tagging.)

Because TED is so popular (over 500,000 fans) I also took the time to post to the TED page wall. Understand that this was content that was very relevant to this audience and not just a post to grab eyeballs. Strategic optimization of your status updates can take a little more time and thought, but the additional exposure through sharing quality content and updates is becoming well worth the time.

I wonder how this might become a play for local businesses routinely tagging community pages for their city?

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  • Tom Denegre

    Thanks for the tips in FaceBook marketing. It will be helpful. If you're also looking to create a richer layer of engagement with your community, you might consider customizing or branding the browser, such as

  • The Happypreneur!

    Wow John, thanks this is great info. I'm going to start using this strategy today! Your blog is now one of my new favs. Thanks, what you are doing is a fantastic service to us all.
    God Bless,
    Celene Harrelson

  • ducttape

    Thanks Celene – use wisely :)

  • katskloset

    Love the tagging feature! Learned from Janelle Elms @ Rock Stars!

  • Ryan Hanley

    I've seen this work on Facebook but wasn't really sure what it was all about. This definitely can have huge Local power for placing your information in front of relevant local Community Pages. This seems like a very Harness-able tool.

    Thanks John…

    Ryan H.,

  • Charles Musselwhite

    Great post John. I have been tagging for a little while now and really like this feature. I'm going to have to look into community pages.

  • Pamela Wilson

    Thanks for turning your readers on to this, John. What the best way to find community pages within Facebook? Is there a specific place to search for them?

  • Wynne

    Wow, I've never of this until today. Facebook is make leaps and bounds with the things they are doing lately.

  • James

    That looks like a great way to saturate information to a target market. Hopefully it isn't easy enough for spammers to do it under the radar or for Facebook to penalize you for doing it to much.

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  • ducttape

    Just do a search in general for topics of interest and you will see community pages listed in the search as a category along with whatever else turns up.

  • Facebook Developer

    It seems like Facebook is quite proactive with anything that might be better about Twitter. That’s what I see this tag system as.

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  • Deanna

    Not sure if you can help, but it's worth a shot.

    I am currently an authorized user of a Community page (able to make updates, add other favorite pages, etc). Our community page has other community pages as favorites that we are interested in tagging in our status updates. However, it appears as though the @… is not working with our community page unless my personal account also “likes” the same community page. Is there a way for one community page to tag another community page in a status update if the individual authorized user making the community page update doesn't personally “like” the other community page?