How To Increase Landing Page Conversion

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Landing pages, those web pages you create and use to entice visitors to take a single action, have come a long way in terms of functionality and use. Internet Marketers have used them for years and with the introduction of services and practices dedicated to the use of these tools every small business can benefit from using highly optimized landing pages. I’ve been on a bit of rant about this topic so see the related posts below for more.

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For this week’s episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast I spoke with the CEO and Director of Inbound Marketing for a landing page optimization firm Unbounce.

In this episode we talk about how and when to use landing pages and the most important elements to consider when creating and testing your landing pages. I can’t say enough about the need to use a tool like unbounce or Google Website Optimizer to do routine testing of your pages.

It’s amazing how often I find that some little seemingly insignificant tweak can make all the difference in the world in terms of conversion.

If you’re not testing video and audio on your landing pages and thank you pages you may be missing the boat as well. But, video and audio messages can have a negative impact if not done authentically, so again, test and test!

Unbounce provides some great information about landing page design courtesey of a blog written by Gardner – Here are a couple of my favorite posts – 7 Elements of a Winning Landing Page and The 12-Step Landing Page Rehab Program – the topic that covers the infographic in this post.

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  • Renee Malove

    Landing pages can be such a sticky topic, and it's one that I'm sorry to say I struggle with on occasion. With that in mind, I have a quick question for you. (I tried to play the podcast this morning and couldn't get it to run, will try again this afternoon-if the answer's hidden in there, my apologies!) When, do you feel, a landing page is NECESSITATED as opposed to ADVISABLE?

  • oligardner

    Hi Renee,
    The simple answer is that you should try to use a landing page as the entry point for any inbound marketing efforts.

    To break it down a bit for you, there are some circumstances where it's more appropriate than others.

    If you have a very simple single-product/service website, with a very focused message then your homepage can be an OK destination if you are just driving brand awareness traffic.

    However, for anything promotion specific (a special offer, time sensitive promo etc.) you would really want to make sure to use a landing page to focus in on the promo message without muddying your homepage with multiple messages.

    If you're doing lead gen (signing people up for a webinar, or newsletter) then having a page solely dedicated to this is much more effective than a homepage where it might be a small form in the sidebar with many other distracting elements. Even if you have a dedicated page on your site for this purpose, the presence of navigation, banners etc. will cause a percentage of your visitors to flow away from your intended goal – which is why a targeted landing page is so critical to high conversion.

    Regarding NECESSITATED vs. ADVISABLE – it's only ever going to be “necessitated” if you are interested in getting the best conversion rate possible – in which case as often as you can possibly use one.

    Another scenario where you should use landing pages is when you are driving multiple streams of inbound traffic (PPC, email, social media etc.). You will be able to get a much clearer measure of your funnel successes (and failures) with a segmented approach to communication.

    You can read more on that subject here:

    I hope that provides a little clarity.

  • Web Design Services

    I like how you clarify that audio and video will only work if done correctly. There are too many sites that are trying to put video in the content strictly for the sake of having video and it always backfires miserably.

  • we are cloud

    Thanks for this informative post. You might be interested in reading something similar here : (3 Ways to Design a Landing Page to be Conversion Focused)

  • PandaForm

    I agree with your points on when landing pages are advisable. With we've created landing pages for our target segments, as they all need different things and features, and providing real examples for their specific business helps them understand how they can use our services.