5 Reasons Why You Need To Own a Marketing Routine

This guest post features Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Kelly Weppler

Marketing RoutineThe key to producing marketing results has a lot to do with consistency.  If you’re guilty of ‘one and done’ marketing, it’s unlikely that you’ll see any kind of success.  Routine and consistency help to build momentum for your business and that’s why I talk about the value of having a marketing routine.

Create a marketing routine that’s right for you and your business.

Many small businesses practice marketing when they ‘get around to it’, but ongoing consistent marketing is critical for actually growing a business beyond its current size.  There are five key reasons why it’s essential  that every small business have a marketing routine.

1. Momentum produces results.  The most prominent reason we pro-actively market a business is to produce some growth, and, again, without some level of routine, it’s unlikely that any business will actually produce decent results.  If your message only goes out once, you have to hope that message reaches your audience at their greatest time of need.  And, by the way, hope is a terrible strategy.

2. A marketing routine is beneficial for training.  If you as a business owner establish a marketing routine–a list of marketing activities that are executed on a regular basis and you record this system on paper for others in the organization to see, you can use it for training purposes and the opportunity to get your team to buy-in and execute on the routine as well.  When new people join the organization or when someone leaves, with the routine recorded, it’s very easy for the rest of the organization to pick up where someone else left off allowing for consistency in the system.

3. A marketing routine helps when life happens.  This is particularly true for smaller businesses with a single owner or just a few people inside the business.  Should you get sick for a week or two or have some other life event happen, with a regular routine in place, you won’t lose much momentum and it’s so much easier to pick up where you left off.  In fact, if you’ve been practicing your regular routine, you might not even notice the brief lapse in work.

 4. A regular routine helps to eliminate the peaks and valleys in cash flow.  Peaks and valleys in cash flow are typically a result of stop and start lead generation practices.  Getting your business into a regular and consistent marketing routine should help to produce a more consistent and predictable revenue stream and help to even out the cash flow.

5.  A marketing routine provides a level of metrics to monitor against.  Establishing a routine that includes activities that are executed daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly provide the first level of monitoring–whether it was completed or not.  The second level of monitoring then is to see how effective your activities are in generating leads and nurturing those leads to deliver revenue.  This then allows you to update and correct for continuous improvement.

Building a business with a marketing system created to deliver routine and consistency is what will produce long-term opportunities.  Without routine and regular execution, it’s almost impossible to build the level of momentum required to deliver growth.

Do you practice a marketing routine?

27.thumbnailKelly Weppler, WH & Associates is a Master Duct Tape Marketing Consultant located in Southern California. She works with small businesses to take the Mystery Out of Marketing. She focuses on building marketing routines–routine and consistency build momentum and business growth.

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