What Does Cash Flow Have To Do With Marketing?

Cash flow and marketing are attached at the proverbial hip – Marketing is all about growing your business, but quite often, even when things are rocking along, you can’t grow your business without effective cash flow planning.

When the economy make a move towards uncertainty, fully understanding the relationship between strong cash flow and strong marketing becomes even more crucial.

OPEN American ExpressJoin me Tuesday, June 24 at 4pm CDT as I host Cash Flow – the Lifeblood of America’s Small Businesses. How to Manage Through Times of Economic Uncertainty with the help of Raymond Joabar, Senior Vice President of Lending and Network Development for OPEN – Sign up here

We will discuss cash flow planning, cash flow pitfalls, smart growth, maximizing cash flow, and how to effectively measure cash flow. I promise to make this seemingly boring topic engaging!

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Award winning brand marketer talks about small business

Marcy Shinder

In this week’s episode of the Duct Tape Marketing podcast I went to a really big business that is doing a great job marketing to small business. Marcy Shinder, VP of Brand Marketing and Strategy for OPEN from American Express, spent some time talking about the ways AMEX is connecting with small business.

B2B Magazine named Shinder one of its top marketers of the year. In her roll Shinder spends a great deal of time networking and building trust with small business owners. It’s a pretty refreshing approach for a big company and comes through in OPEN’s entrepreneurial approach to business.

You can find out more at OPENForum.com as well.

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