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Marketing Means You Need To Say You’re Sorry

Want a quick way to ramp up business this month? Take a good hard look at your client list and target two groups of clients.

Ones that you no longer do business with and ones that you know you could do more with than you currently are.

Then contact every member of both of these groups and apologize. Say, We Goofed and We Want To Make It Right.

To inactive clients the message is we want you back and we know we took you for granted And to the group you know you could do more with tell them that you goofed by not educating them on everything you could do for them.

I’m not trying to suggest you be manipulative but there’s just something about apologies that make people give you another chance. And, another chance may be all you need to create a quick infusion of new business.

Killer Online Marketing Strategy Goes Offline

One of the greatest ways to generate new marketing strategies
is to look for new ways to apply proven techniques.

Heck, some of the greatest business innovations came about
when someone took something that worked in one industry
and found a way to apply it to a new industry.

One of the coolest things about online marketing is that it is
so inexpensive to try new things, that, well, lots of new things
get tried. Some flop, some stick, but many are tried and refined.

The point is that some of the most successful online marketing
strategies offer clues to some great offline marketing twists.

Here’s one of my favorites. The Autoresponder Series. You
know, you sign-up for a newsletter or free mini-course and
the next thing you know, you get an automated response of
some sort 20 or 30 times over the next year in your inbox.Continue Reading

Something About The Smell Of The Ink

Look, I’ve bought into this whole digital thing. Blogging, emarketing,
web sites, vapor.

But every now and then, I just like the feel of a real magazine, printed
on real paper. You remeber those don’t you.

Every industry has one or three and marketing is no different. A couple
of my favorites, Target Marketing and CRM, even let me offer free
. Go get your hands on a copy now and think about the
old days for a while.

My Uncle Works For Google

Okay, first off, I stole that headline from Markus Allen, the
brains and keystrokes behind

I get his daily newsletter and it is one that I (almost) always read
and get something from. I’m not sure how he does it, but you
should check out his site just to marvel at how much is there.

So, on to the uncle thing.

The United States Government produces tons of small business
information on every topic imaginable – from marketing to
importing and all of it is free (most public domain too!)

Google has a little hidden tool that will allow you to search on
any term, just like you would on Google, but all of the results
you get from this site are from government sources.

Check it out GoogleUS

Know, Like, and Trust – You need them all to make the sale

Too many small business owners focus most of their attention on single event lead generation promotions.

The most effective lead generation comes from the careful combination of many tactics, but I have found that no lead generation strategy is complete until it weaves the use of advertising (know), public relations (like), and referrals (trust) around a unified message or brand.

It is the momentum and cumulative impact of presenting your message in each of these arenas that eventually allows you to cut through the clutter and become the provider of choice to a market.

Each area is equally important to your overall success and each area must receive the attention needed to let your market know you are serious about earning their business.

So, how does your current lead generation system measure up?

As a Selling Skill Listening Is Overrated

I know the overwhelming majority of sales books out there
extol the virtues of listening. And, I guess there is a time and
place for that, but here’s my theory.

You know who makes a great client for you. You have a
core message that presents your value. You can explain the
benefits of doing business with your firm…and, you don’t
need to business with everyone.

Why not go out there and tell the world, or your very narrow
target market, what you have to offer, how you plan to deliver
it, the results they can expect, their responsibility in the
relationship and, oh woo doggie, how much it costs.Continue Reading

This Week On Duct Tape Radio

You can tune into my weekly small business marketing radio
broadcast each every Thursday at 9:00 am central (GMT -6)
on the web at

This week I will be interviewing:
Laura Ries – co-author of The 22 Imutable Laws of Branding – We will
discuss what it takes for a small business to build a brand.

Harry Beckwith – author of Selling the Invisible – My interview
with Harrywill center around positioing your business in the mind of
your target audience.

Should be a great show…later this month I will have Michael Gerber,
Brian Tracy, and Mark Victor Hansen on with me.

Got a question you’de like me to ask one of these bright thinkers? Put
it in the comments section and you too can participate!

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John Jantsch