Inbound Marketing with Brian Halligan

hubspotFor a recent episode of the Duct Tape Marketing podcast I got to talk about Inbound Marketing with Brian Halligan. Brian is co-founder and CEO of HubSpot, an Internet marketing company dedicated to helping small businesses leverage the Internet to get found by qualified prospects and convert more of them into leads and customers.

Inbound marketing is such a powerful way to look at lead generation because changes the dynamic to be more about being found than going out and hunting. I write often about the power of content, search and social media coming together to dramatically impact the way successful small businesses are building know, like and trust.

Brian and Hubspot have long been proponents of this marketing strategy.

Check out some of the cool free tools from Hubspot as well.

You can catch Brian and a virtual who’s who in the new media marketing world at the Inbound Marketing Summit 2009 in San Francisco April 28-29.

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Great Content Gets You Past the Gatekeepers

gateCertainly the current trend of creating valuable, education based content has captured your imagination.

If not, let me give you a little more leverage to get you working on your content strategy.

Content that addresses the concerns of the CEO will get your message past the purchasing agent’s filtering system.

Let me explain. You’re selling your solutions to XYZ corp and Bob, the Director of Purchasing, isn’t returning your phone calls. Then one day, Susan, the CEO bursts into Bob’s office and says she want the entire sales team to attend a presentation called “How to Get Sales and Marketing on the Same Team.”

Just so happens that you’re presenting this killer workshop that addresses the very thing that keeps Susan up at night, oh, and Bob’s on line 2.

By creating marketing materials focused on every level of a prospect’s buying chain you can take much more control over the sales process.

CEO’s are searching for answers, VP’s are searching for answers, and interns are searching for answers. By writing blog posts, creating white papers, and offering web conferences that address the needs and concerns of all three, you can move past the gatekeepers make the sale.

For many organizations, getting invited to the table is the most difficult task. Educational content minimizes the need for selling. Content draws leads to you and allow them to find your products and services and sell themselves.

Lead Generation Is About Being Found

Traditional lead generation tactics, directory advertising, trade show participation, half page print ads are quickly loosing appeal with small business marketers. There are two very good reasons for this decline 1) traditional methods are some of the most expensive and…

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