Why I Think Lead Capture Is About to Change Dramatically

lead capture
Lead capture on websites has been the same for about a decade.

Oh sure the rise of inbound marketing has people talking about it differently, but essentially it’s gone like this – you visit a website, they offer you something of value, you give them your email address and hope something good comes to your inbox.

The “bribe” or exchange of value has increased as people are suffering from all kinds of inbox fatigue. The subscriber boxes have gotten much smarter- they can know who you are, where you’ve come from and if you’ve already requested a certain piece of premium content.

But, for the most part, marketers are still trying to coerce visitors to give up their email to get something in exchange.

I think that’s about to change in some circles.

I’ve written about the rise of what I’m calling the Content Community, and I’ve finally been able to implement this concept here at Duct Tape Marketing – join for free today!

The idea behind the Content Community is that people don’t exchange their email to get one piece of content, you invite them to join a community where the payoff is a library of content coupled with the promise of easy access to future content.

To some extent one goal remains the same – the marketer is offering something in exchange for an email lead, but everything else about it changes.

  • The relationship starts with the idea of joining a community.
  • The library approach broadens the appeal
  • The consumer gets a portal of content to return to time and again
  • The content and contact is ongoing and perhaps deeper
  • The member comes to see the community as a place to hang out
  • The next logical step is collaboration

Ultimately, this approach offers members a much more convenient, useful and authentic way to develop a relationship with a brand.

I offer you the Duct Tape Marketing Content Community and suggest that there are elements of this approach that will become the preferred manner in which we choose to discover and consume content.

Please come on in and don’t hesitate to share the content, suggest different content and be as active as you like in our ongoing content creation.

13 Lead Generating Things You Should Be Doing (But Probably Aren’t)

The face of Marketing in 2015 has rapidly changed and continues to do so at an extremely fast pace. One of the more recent developments in the world of small business marketing is ‘growth hacking.’

Now, this term evolved from the hundreds of start-up companies that have exploded over the last 5-10 years like ‘Uber,’ ‘Air BnB,’ ‘Airtasker,’ and many, many more. According to Wikipedia growth hacking is:

Sean Ellis coined the term “growth hacker” in 2010.[7][8] In the blog post, he defined a growth hacker as “a person whose true north is growth.”

Read on if you want to get your quick growth hacking wins for your business…

Now, in the US growth hacking has become a science; there are countless courses on how to become a growth hacker, and accelerate the rate of growth for your business.

Leading growth hack education provider, One Month’s CEO, Mattan Griffel is constantly giving away his expertise for free. One of these such instances was a presentation he gave at the end of 2014 where he gave away 29 Growth Hacking Quick Wins.

Now this presentation is 198 slides….so I thought I would give you legendary small businesses the quicker, condensed version of just top 13, so you can get to implementation even faster!

These hacks are listed in order of ease. The easiest to implement in your business come first at number 13, then they get progressively more complex leading to number 1 and 2 being highly technical tips! Good luck!

13. Measure Happiness

Using a net promoter score, consistently ask your customers how likely they are to recommend you to your friends.

Some tools are: Qualaroo and Promoter.io to integrate into your website. Ask your promoters to share!

12. Create More Landing Pages 

According to Griffel, companies with 10+ landing pages get 55% more signups.

Some tips: Each page should be 90% unique, you should use different offers, target different segments, and highlight different unique selling points. Send advertising to landing pages NOT the homepage.

11. Use Paid Ads to Test Headlines & Images

Most paid ads have the same elements as a landing page including headline, body copy and image. So use your ads to test what people respond best do and then tailor landing pages accordingly. It will save you time and money.

10. Set Up Redirects For Link-Tracking 

Use bit.ly to create trackable links for a range of different campaigns, discount codes or landing pages so you can track in real time the results of your many different campaigns.

9. Remove Landing Page Links

Remove links that distract people from your call to action. This includes the menu links at the top of your pages. You will get between 90%-100% better conversion. Also, test minimal landing pages, where all you ask for is customer details.

8. Use Qualaroo To Get Customer Feedback 

Discover sign up hesitations and learn what information is missing on your site including customer intentions. This information will help you decide what to TEST.

7. Buy Demographic Data About Your Users 

Companies like TowerData (US based) provide intelligent data about your users.

6. Split The Ask 

If your ask is too high up front, you’re alienating potential users. Now this is another way to talk about ‘lead grabbers’. Visit site –> Give them incentive e.g. ebook, whitepaper, video–>Provide email–>build relationship & educate by sending valuable content –> they sign up. This works because you lower your activation risk at each point. It also makes things more simple and you can test more. Get creative!

5. Test Weird Call To Action Copy

Some case studies show that non-standard CTAs convert better than overused ‘learn more’ and ‘sign up’ buttons. Just be weirder!

4. Use a Contrasting Colour For Your CTA 

This one is pretty straightforward but ofter overlooked. If your CTA stands out against other information people will more likely click it!

3. Put your CTA on the right 

People read from left to right in an F Pattern.

2. Repeat Your CTA Above And Below The Fold

 People should be able to click whenever they feel ready and not have to scroll to find it as they are innately lazy and just won’t click.

1. Add Reassurance Copy 

‘Why you’ll love it’, ‘Last week 5,000 companies sign up for ‘x”.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 10.38.52 AMMeg Rose Russell is Director of Rosy Marketing, a marketing consultancy established to change the face of marketing in Australia. She aims to enable entrepreneurs and small businesses owners to realise their truths through strategic and systematic marketing. With over 10 years of marketing blood sweat and tears invested in growing a range of businesses including companies like IBM and SalesForce across a range of industries from Events and Charity to IT and Finance, she now uses her strategic insights to provide marketing tools, consulting and coaching to small businesses. She is also a proud member of the Duct Tape Marketing Consulting Network. Interested in setting up an exploratory call? Check her out at www.rosymarketing.com