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12 Podcasts for the Creative Class included the Duct Tape Marketing podcast in its recent list of must-listen-to podcasts for creative workers, those entrepreneurial spirits who start and staff the most innovative, fast-growing companies.

Ah yes, duct tape for the nebulous, but much bally-hooed, knowledge workers, intellectuals, and artists – who’d a thunk?

The Marketing Blogs Kitchen Sink

I always tell my clients that one of the ways to get better at blogging is to read blogs, which I do.

Blogger Todd And has made finding some good marketing blogs pretty easy with the creation of what he calls the Power 150 Marketing Blogs.

Through an algorithm of his own creation he has ranked 150 marketing blogs.

Somehow I’ve slipped to #6 but I’m hoping this post will give me some juice with the list maker. Seriously, this is a great way to find some good blogs. Now go read!

More On The LinkedIn Conversation

A week or so ago I asked readers to tell me how and why they used LinkedIn. The response was awesome. Here’s the original post and comments

The conversation fell out somewhat as I anticipated. Many people just didn’t seem to get much out of it. Successful users explained that it took a fair amount of consistent effort to benefit.

I wrote to an executive at LinkedIn and asked them to participate in the conversation. They responded by telling me they were pretty busy but my chances of getting to participate would improve if I used their system to get referred to one of their executives.

I can’t decide if I admire that approach or I’m irritated by it, but I’m going to play along – I need a recommendation and introduction link to the CEO of LinkedIn – Reid Hoffman – anybody in network that would like to help me get them to participate in this conversation?

Let’s Talk About LinkedIn

Okay, like many of my readers I get an invitation to join someone’s network on LinkedIn often.

On the surface it looks like a great place for the business person to hang out, but like so many networks, chambers, associations, it’s also easy to get nothing from it.

I want to start a discussion on this post about what the pros and cons of LinkedIn. I really would love to hear from people who are using LinkedIn for good or bad.

    Please tell me:

  • How you use it for business.
  • Success stories about connections made
  • Horror stories about wasting time

Whatever you want to share – I want to help figure this thing out.

Update: A reader, Des Walsh, reminded me of Scott Allen’s LinkedIn blog – another great piece of the puzzle.

Podcast On Small Business Radio

I recorded a podcast on Small Business Radio this week and had a great chance to visit with Tony Valle and the folks at Promethius Consulting. They’ve got a nice set-up and are doing podcasting right.

What’s a Zane Anyway?

My friend Zane Safrit, CEO of Conference Calls Unlimited had his blog as the featured blog from the TypePad universe yesterday. I hope the added exposure will turn lots of folks on to one of the more insightful blogs I read. Zane is a great person, runs a great company, and writes a great blog. If you’re ever in Fairfield Iowa you should look him up. He’s the only listing under Z.

Visual Previews of Links in Your Blog, a fairly new and interesting looking search engine, is offering web site and blog owners a handy little device. (Thanks to John Battelle at Searchblog for pointing this out.)

The tool is called Snap Preview Anywhere and allows a surfer to hover over any link that has been enabled by this service and see a very nice visual window of what the page they might choose to surf to looks like.

Here’s a page I am building to promote my book that is due out in about 6 weeks. Duct Tape Marketing – The World’s Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide. (Hover over the link and you can get a quick view of the page.)

Adding this feature to your web site is simple and free – just add a line of javascript code provided by snap when you complete the sign-up process. Tools like this won’t make or break your blog, but I think they add to the overall experience.

Does Your Marketing Connect with Earballs and Eyeballs?

We, the prospects for your business that is, are made up mostly of senses. And, they drive how we react to the people, places and products we come into contact with.

Most marketing is naturally designed to appeal the sense of site – read the words, see the picture, react to the video ad.

I am a firm believer that to build trust, the small business owner must consider multiple ways to appeal to the senses and I happen to think that the sense of sound is often overlooked as a low-cost, high touch way to build trust. Hearing the sound of your voice, along with supporting visuals adds another important layer of differentiation and connection. The two hardest marketing challenges for the small business.

    Here are some ways to integrate audio:

  • Your voicemail – Mix it up, don’t be boring, give information options
  • Your phone manner – People can hear a smile
  • Audio on the web – introductions, FAQs, how to all work in audio form
  • Audio marketing materials – Tell your story, make a case for your business, interview a client – burn it to a CD and pass it out
  • Hold teleseminars – pick out a topic a month and hold a teleseminar
  • Open office hours – give prospects a set time to call and ask questions
  • Interview industry experts – Great subtle networking technique, archive the content and burn it to CD
  • Create and facilitate user groups – Get groups of clients, mixed with prospects to discuss industry trends and challenges
  • Buy a block of radio time – most AM stations will sell you 30 minutes to do your own show (you can sell commercials to pay for it)
  • Develop a podcast – you, live on your own Internet radio show