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Great photo, blog, podcast, video resource list

onlinemediagodcontrast.PNGMashable, the social networking news site, has created an insane resource list calledONLINE MEDIA GOD: 400+ Tools for Photographers, Videobloggers, Podcasters & Musicians

The Conversational Marketing Summit

Conversational Marketing SummitFederated Media, this blog’s media agency, announced this week that they are holding a Conversational Marketing Summit September 11-12 in San Francisco.

From the FM Site:

The Program

The Conversational Marketing Summit brings together leaders in conversational media and marketing for a two-day dialog around the issues, lessons, and opportunities of this emerging medium. Speakers will present actual work from the field, including case studies from:

Brands: Absolut, Cisco, GM, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Nike, Symantec, Virgin
Agencies: Anomaly, Butler Shine, Carat, Ogilvy, OMD, McCann, Starcom
Media: AskANinja, BoingBoing,, Duct Tape Marketing, TechCrunch

The attention this event has already drawn from corporate heavyweights like Microsoft, Dell, HP, WebEx, and demonstrates how far Federated Media has come in the interactive advertising world. The line up of speakers is a virtual who’s who in new media including executives from, MySpace, Facebook, Yahoo, Six Apart, YouTube, Fox, AOL and, well, you get the picture.

I’ll be there and suggest that anyone who wants drink from the new media fire hose should join this conversation as well. This event will sell out!

Desktop Blog Tools a Hit

windows live writerMost of the blog platforms have some form of WYSIWYG editor that allows you to log in and create your blog posts using familiar editing tools.

A tool that you may not be as familiar with is the category of software known as desktop blog clients.

A desktop client is a software or service that lets you write your blog content on your computer locally. The advantage to this is that you don’t need to be online, can easily back up and save your posts on your hard drive, can create posts for multiple blogs if you like, and even enhance your post with customized features not available on your blogging platform.

Could You Use a Wiki for Marketing?

wikiI’m fascinated by some of the creative uses I’ve come across for a fairly new media tool called a wiki.

What’s a wiki? Let’s turn to the encyclopedia built on one Wikipedia – The definition of a wiki
Here’s an example of a wiki used to build a community enthusiastic about a single topic – the outdoors. WikiOutdoors

The WikiOutdoors site was built using a custom skinned version of the free software called MediaWiki – the same tool that Wikipedia is built on.

Main Street Make Over Starts Here

Main Street I reported on this blog a few weeks ago that the department store chain Ikea was holding a Main Street Make Over contest for small businesses. To enter, a small business must send in a video nominating their business for a make over. The nice twist in this case is that the entries are to include reasons why your business AND your community deserve to win – if you win, a team of designers will descend upon your town with great ideas and furnishings for up to 10 businesses in your community.

I asked Duct Tape Marketing readers to submit photos showing the nifty use of Duct Tape in a business setting. The winning photo entrant gets a flip video camera and the runner-up a copy of Duct Tape Marketing.

And the winner is!
duct tape sales strategyMike Leahy the Mad Marketeer working for small local businesses in Wales UK.

Entitled: I always carry my duct tape when carrying out my first marketing consultation meeting as it helps me get learn the most about my client! Motto: Shut up, listen up, speak up – in that order.

And the runner-up!
duct tape print shop Brad Potter of Print Source Port Orchard Washington.

The town that we will be doing the video on is Port Orchard, Washington.
And we most certainly appreciate Ikea for their contribution to the town.

It is the town that time forgot, the downtown is on a lovely inlet on
beautiful Puget Sound in the glorious state of Washington.

WordPress Plugin Favorites

WordPress LogoAs you may have noticed I’ve migrated this blog to WordPress.

I love the platform and have become an evangelist for it. I’ve always been a fan, but now I can be a fan from experience. My first order of business is to publicly thank Lloyd Budd, with the WordPress team, for graciously and flawlessly handling the import of years of blogging posts and comments and feed and permalink redirects that allowed my readers and the search engines to stay intact, seemingly without a hiccup.

Now on to one of the best aspects of the move – plugins, widgets and addons. WordPress has an army of developers out there making tools that allow WordPress users to enhance their blogs with useful (and sometimes goofy) additions to the base software.

There are lots of places to find these, including the WordPress site, but here’s a nice WordPress Plugin Database and make sure you also visit Weblog Tools Collection.

    Here are some that I currently employ:

  • Share This – allows readers to bookmark and send a post via email
  • Related Content - Finds posts on my blog that are related to the current one
  • Akismet – Flags comment spam for easy deletes
  • Sphere – Finds related content around the web
  • WP-Cache – Makes the blog load much faster

I will probably add more to showcase books and products and make comments more lively, but a word of caution, you can go overboard with too much bling, make sure your additions benefit your readers – don’t add spinning gizmos just because you can.

Now, WordPress users, tell me about your must have plugins.

The Changing Role of the Phone in Marketing

Lots of marketers and journalists are writing about the use of the phone as the hot new marketing machine. Apple’s iPhone release hasn’t done anything but flame this hot fire either.

The truth is that for most the phone as a marketing medium still only represents possibility, but there are some fun and interesting plays being built around this that may be worth a look for the right business.

The most common growing use is in the are of text messages (SMS). So far, this has been primarily an email replacement for opt-in parties. This should continue to expand.

Here are a couple idea starters for some new categories ripe for phone applications.

Advertised text messaging on demand – Mobile messaging T-shirtReactee – Create a T-shirt with a text message – Viewers see the shirt text a short message to 41411 and get a more detailed text message back in return. This could be a great play for events, non-profits and political causes. Try it – text ducttape to 41411.

GPS or category coupon delivery - Cellfire sends coupons for pizza, flowers, and movies to mobile users who redeem them at the store by using their phone. The coupons are stored on the phone.

Free information services – Free directory assistance from Goog411 – To try this service, just dial 1-800-GOOG-411 (1-800-466-4411) from any phone. You can search by name or even category and have the contact details sent to your phone while you are connected – all for free.

For the moment, one thing looks pretty clear, the standard interruption advertising methods (now almost becoming lumped with spam) won’t cut it here. Traditional CPM ads don’t seem to make sense either. What does look like it will gain traction is service replacement models that are ways for users to give permission to advertisers who are willing to give or takeaway something that was a cost and turn it into an ad supported freebie, much like the 411Info model.

It will be interesting to see how this space evolves over the next few years.

The Move to WordPress is Official

Regular visitors to this blog may note a slightly different look today.

I have migrated this entire blog to WordPress. I am very excited about the expanded possibilities this platform gives me. The folks at WordPress have been a great source of help in this process, which in my case was not an easy one.

You may notice some funky stuff as the redirects and database imports settle in but then it will be back to the fun stuff of running a blog. You shouldn’t need to change any of your subscription or link details although the new URL for this page is now

This is a great time for me to thank the many readers and subscribers out there that make this all worth doing.