Completely low tech and I love it

Card CuesEvery now and again in this web 2.0 world it’s refreshing to come across something that gets your attention and is decidedly not web 2.0.

One of the staples of some Duct Tape Marketers is the business card strategically placed on community boards in coffee shops and grocery stores. It’s not the right play for every business perhaps, but it’s dirt cheap and can gain some nice exposure for those in the home services business.

A reader of mine passed an ingenious little tool on to me to aid this tactic. The product is called Card Cues. The simple little device allows you to place up to 40 cards in a pre-configured little card holder and pin the entire little package to the bulletin board without taking but a little more room than a traditional business card.

A package of 10 costs you about a buck apiece with shipping. Just go get some. (If you are in the printing business they will sell you some templates that you can personalize for customers.)

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John Jantsch

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker and author of Duct Tape Marketing, Duct Tape Selling, The Commitment Engine and The Referral Engine and the founder of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network.
  • Jennifer Norene

    Nice idea. Thanks for sharing it.

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  • Dorothy Stahlnecker

    First day back to some normality. I hope I am able to use my recovery time to understand and do so many of the things I see on your site.

    Your so kool, even for this sick, 61 year old this ocean of technology, however continuing to somehow tread water..

    My best,
    Dorothy from grammology
    remember to call your gram

  • john harper

    me too – ordered it right away

  • Scott Brooks

    Card Cues: Where has that been hiding!
    What a great improvement on a “old school”

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  • Jay Hamilton-Roth

    One of the mistakes I see many people make is using their business cards as a small advertisement. If your card is designed to communicate your key benefit easily, then this technique makes good sense. However, if your card is basically a logo with contact information, consider creating a different card specifically for bulletin board (or other small ad) posting.

  • John Jantsch


    Nice tip. I agree

  • Shawn Frey


    Thanks for sharing this low-tech tip. As a supplier of low-tech products (brooms & brushes) I appreciate any low-tech marketing idea. Once my new cards are done I will be purchasing some of these card holders. They look pretty cool. I’m debating about how some of me dealers can use them too. Again great tip.

    Shawn Frey
    the brush guy

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