Google Plus Rolls Out Brand Pages

The must talked about and awaited Google+ Brand Pages have finally gone live. Google+ Personal Pages have been with us now since July and many business owners have been waiting for this business only addition.

Google+ Brand Page

You can find and circle the Duct Tape Marketing page here

There isn’t anything spectacularly different about the brand pages, but many businesses are jumping in and building a profile.

I really thought these pages would be linked to directly to Google Places pages for local businesses, but for now there is no direct connection.

The brand pages have many of same features as personal pages:

  • You can build a rich profile or about page
  • You can build circles, although unlike personal pages you can only add people to brand circles that have added you.
  • You can use Hangouts – group video chats

Below are a couple considerations:

Claim it – right now there is no valid verification system, so get your Website linked to a brand page right now before someone else does. I know that sounds silly, but anyone can claim to be a brand at the moment. I’m sure that well known brands will suffer a few parody slings before Google figures out how to police this.

One Admin – Once you connect an email address with a page you can’t change it and you’re the only one that can edit that page. Google claims that multiple admins is a feature that’s coming, but for now this will be a little clumsy for companies that want multiple folks to contribute to pages.

Be Followed First – As stated above the circling function is a bit different. To add someone to a circle in a brand page they must have added you to a circle. This will stop brands from going out there and circling thousands with the hope of getting some circle backs.

Multiple Pages – You can create multiple pages, so my guess is you will start to see some product specific or book pages pretty quickly.

Get Your Badge – Google is going to push pretty hard on integrating these pages into search so you’ll want to get a Google+ badge on your main Website that points to your brand page and of course make sure that your Brand Page profile includes a direct link back to your homepage. (See example in right sidebar)

Direct Connect – Google also unveiled a pretty interesting new search feature with Brand Pages. Now you can search for things using + sign to begin your search and directly connect with a brand’s Google+ page and even add them a circle.

Go to Google and type +Pepsi into the search box to see this live.

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John Jantsch

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker and author of Duct Tape Marketing, Duct Tape Selling, The Commitment Engine and The Referral Engine and the founder of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network.
  • GLComputing

    There really nothing to “claim” and real benefit to grabbing
    the page at this time … you can create multiple pages with the same name (like you
    can on Facebook). It will only become important when they start allowing
    vanity URLs.

    • ducttape

      Actually only one URL can be associated with a page, so anyone could claim your page with your Website – that’s the part that bothers me most and even though Google will sort it out someone could claim your real page for a bit.

      • GLComputing

        Pretty sure I can create three GL Computing Brand pages, all linked to the same page

        Not sure what you mean by claiming the page?

        • ducttape

          While many people could create the page, what you are claiming is the right to start the verification process with the rel=”publisher” attribute to and from the page to your site.

          While I could create a GLComputing G+ Page I couldn’t create a link on home page back to that page.

          • GLComputing

            But that’s nothing to do with Google … that’s because I own – so just a matter of owning the domain for your brand

    • Jkohn600

      Why would google want to create vanity url? They’ve bypassed that with + pepsi, not to mention it encourages you to go to google search.

      • ducttape

        I agree, but they claim this is something they are working on.

      • GLComputing

        So, for a two word brand, which one is right:
        +duct tape

        I most interesting question is: how do you register the +ducttape ?

  • GLComputing

    One additional issue … the +1 button on web sites doesn’t allow you to post to a Brand page yet. So posting is a manual process.

    • ducttape

      Heck, there are many issues, but that is one they claim that are working on

  • Sarah Santacroce

    just claimed my page. I’m not planning to actively use it in the near future, but it’s good to reserve it now

  • Mike Ashworth

    i ended up creating 2 business pages with the same name doh! do you know to delete one of them?

    • GLComputing

      From your Home tab, there is a pull-down under your name allowing you to select your pages … one of the options is “Manage Pages”

  • Luis@wealth-steps

    Where o where do I find the time to keep up with my social media presence???

  • AJ

    Thanks for sharing John!