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Podcasting Press Releases from PRWeb

I've mentioned press release distribution services offered by PRWeb before. I think they have a great service that allows small business owners to get potential media exposure while also creating links back to a web site by way of syndicated press Continue Reading

Take an SEO refresher course

Small business owners don't necessarily need to be SEO experts, but you should have a firm grasp on the basics - even if only to direct a web designer. The search engine world changes pretty frequently, but not as much as SEO folks would like you to Continue Reading

What’s the Best Job In America?

MONEY Magazine published its annual "Best Jobs" issue and I can't believe "small business marketing coach" didn't crack the top 10. Here's my take - especially if you own a small business or are thinking of starting one. The best job in America is Continue Reading

What Do You Do For a Living?

A lot of folks answer that question with a job title or category or worse, something painful sounding like, I sell houses. If you really want to get your marketing message to a place that will get your prospect's attention you must be able to answer Continue Reading

Google Calendar Intergrates with GMail

I know this is being widely reported around the Internet and blogosphere today but it looks like Google has finally beta launched its calendar that integrates with GMail. It has a pleasant, basic look and function and should give them a nice tool Continue Reading

Growing Your Business 1,2,3 eBook from the experts at Entrepreneur

I've just been notified that editors of Entrepreneur have published a free e-book that offers some great advice for small business owners. The e-book is called Growing Your Business 1,2,3 - you can get a free copy here. The editors at Entrepreneur Continue Reading

Your Marketing Stinks and It’s Your Fault

A little tough love today I guess, but the reason so many small businesses struggle is because they are unwilling to change. The marketing strategy, if there is one, is to do what everyone else in the industry seems to be doing. If that's your Continue Reading

Talking to Digg CEO – Jay Adelson

I had a great chat with Digg CEO - Jay Adelson on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast. He gives some hints about what's coming up next at Digg. Digg is another one of those "came out of nowhere" services that now owns a substantial piece of web real Continue Reading