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Duct Tape Review: StockLayouts

Need well designed, high impact marketing materials that are quick and affordable to produce? Look no further than StockLayouts. The company produces agency quality marketing templates for stationary, brochures, flyers and ads and makes them Continue Reading

Aggregated and Filtered Content Is King

Let's face it, no matter what your business card says, you are probably in the information business. Want verification of this from a Pulitzer Prize winning author? Go pick up a copy of Thomas Friedman's The World Is Flat. It's a big book, but by Continue Reading

Partner for marketing success

One of my favorite, most potent marketing strategies is partnering with other like minded businesses. Here's an example of this strategy from two very high profile businesses - Yahoo and Starbucks - Espresso Dating. Dating and personals sites are Continue Reading

If you’ve got some extra time on your hands

If you find yourself with some extra reading time and want to discover a host of new "possibly" useful Internet services, visit the Company Index at TechCrunch. The author of this site finds and highlights all that is new on the web. Some of the Continue Reading

One person at a time – great teachers are great salespeople

Small business marketing is personal. You don't market to the masses, you don't really market to segments, you market, when you're effective, to one person at a time. Like every great teacher I ever had, I wondered how anyone else in the class Continue Reading

Dual Monitor Expands Window On Work

I know I'm not the first person to stumble onto this set-up but after just a week with my dual monitor I wonder how I got along without it. A dual monitor set-up on your computer will allow you to get more done, simple as that. This is my 19" Continue Reading

PR Folks Can Take Back The Marketing Message

I wrote an article for PRWeek Magazine that outlines how public relations professionals can take advantage of new media technology to take control of a bigger share of the marketing mix. Blogs are about conversations with customers and nothing is Continue Reading

The Search Engine Rules Never Change

I got another one of those SEO spams offering to use secret algorithm busting tricks and the latest rule changes to move my web site to the top. Here's the deal about search engines. The rules never change. This is all you have to do: Find out Continue Reading