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Should Small Businesses Care About Web 2.0 Marketing Tools?

I spend a great deal of time on this blog uncovering and reporting on new small business marketing tools. One of the hottest trends going is something called Web 2.0. I’m not really sure there is a good definition of what that term means, nor Continue Reading

How To Write A Great Testimonial

Testimonials are great marketing tools, but so often they are created in a way that is less than effective. First some overall tips Get a testimonial from every one of your clients Consider audio and video testimonials Write them for them - or Continue Reading

Who Else Wants To Advertise On This Site?

Advertising on blogs and in RSS has gone mainstream but remains a bit of a patchy proposition. Early this year I was approached by John Battelle and asked to be one his new firm's authors in a group of blogs related to small business. I accepted Continue Reading

Yahoo Adds Local Featured Listings

Yahoo quitely added another type of listing for its local search engine offering. They call this one Local Featured Listings. Essentially, they are giving business owners the ability to buy a featured spot on the search results when someone does a Continue Reading

Can Professional Services Providers Use Coupons?

Coupons have long been a staple for marketing products. Internet coupons came along in recent years as well and have been well received. So here's my question: With the advantages of geo targeting and automation that come with the Internet, why Continue Reading

Small Business Marketing Coach Teleseminar

I recently conducted a couple teleseminars where I addressed the Duct Tape Marketing Authorized Coach opportunity and answered questions from participants interested in becoming Duct Tape Marketing Coaches. I posted the recording of the call on my Continue Reading

Marketing is a System Not an Event

The title to this post is one of my small business marketing mantras and the topic of an interview I did recently with Stacy Perman at BusinessWeek. Create the system, work the system, go to the bank. Okay, I skipped few steps, but you've got to Continue Reading

What Part of NO Don’t You Get?

When a prospect shuts you down with a no, some think that's the end of the game. In some cases, it's just the beginning - the beginning of the puzzle that is. When a qualified prospect (you caught the word qualified, right?) says no, it can actually Continue Reading