Peer to Peer Marketing – Changing the Message Source

Sometimes the message of value needs to come from a source other than you. That's why PR is such an effective marketing tool. If a third party source claims your product or service is great, then it must be true - the very same message in a Continue Reading

What Does Sales Really Need from Marketing?

I conducted a teleseminar recently for the marketing alliance partners for Sage Software, makers of ACT!, Peachtree and SageCRM software. The title was "What does sales really need from marketing" and my guests for the session were Jill Konrath, Continue Reading

What Do You Call a Single Mom Entrepreneur?

I received this email from a reader today and, I've got to tell you, it took my breath away. Here is a bit of the content. "I am interested in buying your book but being a single mom of two young kids (attempting to start a business while working Continue Reading

Filling the Gap Between Generation and Conversion

I had a journalist ask me the other day to define the difference between sales and marketing for the typical entrepreneur. So, here's what I said: It's way more than this, but let's use this definition - Marketing is lead generation and sales is Continue Reading

The Fully Armed Citizen Marketers

Ben McConnell, co-author of Citizen Marketers and Creating Customer Evangelists, stopped by the Duct Tape Marketing podcast recently to talk about new kind of marketer - the Citizen Marketer. The book sheds light on some very interesting case Continue Reading

A Marketing Book Club

I've always loved the idea of a book club, but I've never gotten around to joining one. Don't get me wrong, I read 2-3 books a week. As you might guess, the books I read are mostly business, marketing and personal growth types, not just every book Continue Reading

It’s A Little Like Childbirth, I Suspect

Weighing in at just over 1 pound - 3 ounces, 8 inches in height, sporting a hardcover and 304 pages - yes, my book is finally ready to show and go. Duct Tape Marketing - The World's Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide is the product of Continue Reading

Lower the Barrier to Becoming a Client

Sampling has long served certain types of businesses as a way to get a prospect to try a new product. Just the other day my daughters enjoyed a snow day off of school at the local neighborhood sled hill (apply named Suicide Hill.) The manager of a Continue Reading