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The Secret O Marketing is Enjoying the Ride

Okay, the title to this post could very easily apply in a broader sense to the secret of life in general, but let's stick to marketing for a minute. It's funny how many small business owners I run across that claim that they just don't get this Continue Reading

Sending and Receiving Very Large Files

In a recent newsletter I listed 10 productivity tools I couldn't live without. Today I'd like to talk specifically about one of those tools called DropSend. DropSend, as the name may imply, allows user to upload large files to either store or send Continue Reading

Merchant Circle Offers Some Interesting Local Options

A new service called Merchant Circle launched this week and has some potentially powerful tools for local small business owners, particularly those lacking a strong web presence already. Merchant Circle has done something very unique in my opinion, Continue Reading

Content, Contact, Community – A Simple, Universal Business Startegy

Every business is a marketing business and, to some degree, every business is an information business. With those two concepts in play I'd like to break down a strategy that any business could adopt and apply with potentially profound results. The Continue Reading

Video Ads All the Rage

Google launched a video ad option for AdWords this week and it is meeting with mixed reviews. Some Internet marketing types have been hailing video as the next coming of riches (they missed the blog thing so now they are trying to grab for the next Continue Reading

10 Essential Small Business Productivity Tools

In my weekly newsletter I profiled what I think are essential small business tools. These tools don't all directly relate to marketing, but most perform a marketing function. You can view my 10 essential tools here. I cover things like project Continue Reading

800 CEO Read founder visits the Duct Tape Marketing podcast

I had a great interview with Jack Covert, founder and President of 800-CEO-READ over on the Duct Tape Marketing podcast. CEO READ is a great champion of business books and authors and one of my favorite places to shop. Listen to this interview and Continue Reading

Co-Branding to grow awareness and gain referrals

Partnering with other businesses, both on and offline, is a tremendous way to increase your brand's awareness while gaining valuable referrals and exposure. You can use this strategy in many ways, but one of my favorites is to seek out a potential Continue Reading