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Dual Monitor Expands Window On Work

I know I'm not the first person to stumble onto this set-up but after just a week with my dual monitor I wonder how I got along without it. A dual monitor set-up on your computer will allow you to get more done, simple as that. This is my 19" Continue Reading

PR Folks Can Take Back The Marketing Message

I wrote an article for PRWeek Magazine that outlines how public relations professionals can take advantage of new media technology to take control of a bigger share of the marketing mix. Blogs are about conversations with customers and nothing is Continue Reading

The Search Engine Rules Never Change

I got another one of those SEO spams offering to use secret algorithm busting tricks and the latest rule changes to move my web site to the top. Here's the deal about search engines. The rules never change. This is all you have to do: Find out Continue Reading

Simple Presentations Win

When creating presentations for a client meeting or a luncheon workshop leave the clip art and flying wingding transitions in the box. The best PowerPoint presentations are those that gently guide your content and visually stimulate the viewer - Continue Reading

Duct Tape Review: AWeber

For this review I have chosen a marketing meat and potatoes kind of tool - the autoresponder. I know there's nothing Web 2.0 flashy cool about a system that sends email, but effective email marketing is and always will be a key marketing Continue Reading

Yahoo Small Business on Duct Tape Marketing Podcast

I visited this week on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast with Rich Riliey, VP and General Manager of Yahoo Small Business on the various offerings that Yahoo has for small business owners. I think most people are very aware of the Yahoo products for Continue Reading

Directory Assistance As A Local Advertising Vehicle

I know I'm on a bit of a local Internet advertising thread here, but I find these new channels absolutely fascinating. An alert reader, Scott Aughtmon, pointed out another new local advertising ply call is taking Continue Reading

The Mobile Phone as a Local Marketing Tool

I think that 2006 will be the year that the mobile phone will make great strides as a local marketing tool. Early adopters have been using the mobile phone's Internet access and browsing features for some time, but as the web access is built into Continue Reading