Every Business Needs Both

Most people go into business because they know how to do something. The problem is that's not enough. For a business to thrive you must also know how to dream much bigger about that something, identify and seize opportunities where others don't, and Continue Reading

A Couple of Random Referral Ideas

Today was a good day. I received a bunch of Starbucks gift cards as a thank you for referring some clients to one of my strategic partners, Conference Calls Unlimited. This type of acknowledgement, nothing extravagant really, is the kind of thing Continue Reading

Make Mine A Million

I hope you can join me for the Make Mine a Million small business event October 24th at the Manhattan Center in New York City. The program is part of an initiative to support women's economic independence as was founded by the Count Me In non-profit Continue Reading

Is a Business Plan a Marketing Tool?

When used correctly, meaning not as a doorstop, a business plan can be a great marketing tool. Remeber, every business is a marketing business. Use a business plan to help clarify what your marketing must do in order to be considered successful. Just Continue Reading

Does Your Marketing Connect with Earballs and Eyeballs?

We, the prospects for your business that is, are made up mostly of senses. And, they drive how we react to the people, places and products we come into contact with. Most marketing is naturally designed to appeal the sense of site - read the words, Continue Reading

What’s the Best Way to Fire a Client

I know the title of this post may sound a bit harsh, but even the sunniest business owner has faced the cold harsh reality - sometimes the best thing you can do is let a client go. There are many reasons why this may be. A client can become too Continue Reading

Give Your Clients Success Tools

Mark Collier owner of dmc Design and one of my readers contacted me a few days ago to ask if he could use a tool I created as resource for one of his design clients. The tool is something I created a few years ago and don't promote enough myself. Continue Reading

I Love Small Businesses

I've spent a great deal of my life (almost half) working with small business owners and I have to tell you there's nothing like it. There is something equal parts terrifying and energizing about doing work for someone when you know that the check Continue Reading