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Directory Assistance As A Local Advertising Vehicle

I know I'm on a bit of a local Internet advertising thread here, but I find these new channels absolutely fascinating. An alert reader, Scott Aughtmon, pointed out another new local advertising ply call is taking Continue Reading

The Mobile Phone as a Local Marketing Tool

I think that 2006 will be the year that the mobile phone will make great strides as a local marketing tool. Early adopters have been using the mobile phone's Internet access and browsing features for some time, but as the web access is built into Continue Reading

Pay per call advertising is a powerful local marketing tool

Pay per call advertising is picking up some serious steam. So much so that I am currently writing a full report on the subject for release soon. Pay per call, like its better known cousin pay per click, is advertising that generates a billable Continue Reading

Niche Blogs Are Finding A Business Home

Blogs are so last year. Nothing new with that statement. So how do business owners, just waking up to blogs, use them to make a difference? Niche the content. Here are three good examples of pretty tight niche industries or niches within Continue Reading

Fifty Writing Tools

On more than one occasion I have promoted writing as a master marketing skill. Like any skill it is improved through practice and the proper application of tools. So, what are the right tools? A great place to start is this list of 50 tools for Continue Reading

Google reveals the future

Google officially entered the software business last week with Google Pack- a suite of software offerings from Google AND others such as the Firefox Browser, Adobe Reader and Norton Anti-Virus. The entire pack of offerings can be downloaded and Continue Reading

Harness the Internet at Half Price

I'm teaching a course starting next Wednesday (10th) and running the following two Wednesdays where I will walk through ways for small business owners to harness the Internet to build their business, even a local business. We will spend sessions Continue Reading

Start Offline, Move Online

No matter how far this whole Internet thing comes, there will always be some great prospecting to be done offline. I don't know maybe there will come a day when everybody shops and buys online, but right now, direct mail is enjoying a resurgence in Continue Reading