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Automated Postcard Mailings

Sometimes a postcard is just the right tool to let a prospect know about a new service, free report or special sale. I like to sprinkle the occasional postcard into any ongoing drip communication with existing clients too. Below are three services Continue Reading

The Original Social Networks

Much is made of late of the fabulous growth of online social networks such as MySpace and LinkedIn. For the typical small business I'd like to remind you of the opportunities available in the original social networks - schools and churches. In every Continue Reading

Is It Time to Declare Your Idependence?

Pamela Sims writes a blog called Escape from Cubicle Nation. In part, the blog encourages people who dream about starting their own business to go ahead and "Declare their Independence." Here site features a wonderful little flash video that she Continue Reading

The Toughest Job of an Entrepreneur

A participant at a recent workshop asked me a seemingly innocent question and my answer surprised me. The question came from a discussion about coaching and consulting with clients. The question was simply, "what's the biggest challenge you face Continue Reading

Danny Sullivan Gets Prime Time Treatment

The name Danny Sullivan and Search Engine Watch is already well thought of in the search marketing world, but today Sullivan hit it big with a nice feature article in the Tech section of USA TODAY. We're talking print and online!. Search Engine Continue Reading

Firefox Gains a Real Partner

Another positive move by Firefox, the world's fastest growing browser, was announced yesterday. Real Networks, the maker of Real Player announced that it would be distributing the Firefox browser along with Real Player and the Google Toolbar. Real Continue Reading

Partnering with Non-Profits

As a rule, non-profit agencies can make great marketing partners. Now, before I get too far into this, let me state, for the record that what I really talking about is lending help to one of the many worthy charitable organizations in the world that Continue Reading

Duct Tape Marketing Authorized Coach Ranks Grow Again

Another group of Duct Tape Marketing Authorized Coaches hit the streets this week. After attending the required two day training intensive held in sunny Kansas City, this group of newly minted coaches returned to their homes in Dallas, Vancouver, Continue Reading