All The Experts Under One Roof

I recently ran across a very nice example of a tactic that I have been professing for years now and even offer as a referral strategy in my Referral Flood program. A group of experts in several areas of real estate calling themselves the Property Continue Reading

Local Search Is A Growing Moving Target

Any casual reader of this blog will know that I am a big fan of local search strategies for small business. In other words, doing everything you can to be found online in your city, community and neighborhood. Problem is, while all of the search Continue Reading

Marketing Is The Voice of Your Passion

Too many small businesses go to the grave with their music still inside them. (Yes, I borrowed from Oliver Wendell Holmes here.) The most successful small business owners I have encountered have two things in common - they are passionate about what Continue Reading

Your Advertising Should Be More Like Dating

Not many people in this day and age would be drawn to the notion of marrying someone they've barely or never met. Yet, that's the approach that most advertisers take. "Here's my ad, here's my phone number, you don't know anything about me, but call Continue Reading

Who you are speaks so loudly, I cannot hear what you are saying.

I interviewed Bert Decker on this weeks' Duct Tape Marketing podcast show. I first ran across Bert when I initially determined I needed to learn how to get good at public speaking about 10 years ago. (Something I'm still working on.) Bert wrote a Continue Reading

Would You Like Some Insurance With That Power Tool?

In what I see as another sign of major corporate player trying out innovative ways to add value to the relationship they provide with small business clients, Home Depot recently launched The Home Depot Business ToolBox. The service is aimed squarely Continue Reading

Who Should I Target for Referrals?

Frankly, I don't get asked the question in the title to this post near enough! Most small business owners, if they think referrals at all, think of the world as their target. "Know anybody that needs what we do?" - That's the referral marketing Continue Reading

The Future of Podcasting

The Duct Tape Marketing Radio Station came out of beta today on the Podango podcast platform. The idea behind Podango is pretty simple. Get a station director, much like a radio station, to find and host lots of great podcasts on a focused topic. The Continue Reading