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Read Any Good Research Papers Lately?

For some this post will come off a bit snobby but what the heck, it's what I believe. If you expect to grow your business, reach your goals, expand your abilities, you must push yourself to gain more knowledge and more skill. One of the primary ways Continue Reading

Does Spot Runner help TV ads for small business make sense?

Spot Runner, a start-up TV ad agency created by the founders of Firefly and PeoplePC, is a service that allows small local advertisers to customize one of a growing library of TV commercials to use in their local market. The user pays only $500 to Continue Reading

Could Your Business Be More Comfortable

I read a great piece in USA Today this weekend by Gene Sloan that outlined the 10 amenities that every airport should have. The list in a minute - but first I have to say that I found myself thinking as I read this article, everyone just wants a Continue Reading

Never Blog Alone

WIth an admitted nod to Keith Ferrazzi's fantastic book - Never Eat Alone and other secrets to success one relationship at a time, I want to reveal a networking/referral strategy that I have employed with great results for a number of Continue Reading

Microsoft Office Live on Duct Tape Marketing

I had an interesting conversation with Dean Nicolls - Senior Project Manager for Microsoft's Office Live Find out what this new software as service offering from Microsoft is and isn't on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast Continue Reading

The Ultimate Small Business Marketing System is Alive!

In this post I will introduce a product that I am quite proud of and have worked very hard to produce. Please forgive the overly commercial nature of this post - I promise to get back to marketing tips! This is a little like showing off newborn Continue Reading

Your Real Competition Is Perception

When it comes to true competitors most small businesses don't really have any. I suspect you don't spend much time hanging around waiting for your prospects to compare bids. (If you do, that's another issue.) Here's my belief. I don't think that any Continue Reading

What’s The Opposite of Love?

Your first answer to the question posed in this title may be hate. But, Elie Wiesel's famous quote is really more to point in business and in life. The opposite of love is indifference. If people don't love your business, it's unlikely that they Continue Reading