How to Create a Killer Local Partner Team Program

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eeEverybody needs a little help from their friends. Businesses large and small can benefit greatly from the partnering mindset, particularly hyper local businesses.

The partnering mindset is simply a business point of view that suggests a great deal of the organization’s marketing mix will involve seeking out and activating business partners with the same ideal client target.

Understand that this thinking in full form takes in a bigger view than simply referring business to each other.

A total local partner mindset is an approach that starts with your product and service offerings and carries through to both making and give referrals as a total team effort.

There are a number of components involved in the creation of an effective program.

Recruit and introduce – the first step is to recruit your team and introduce them to your program and business. One of the best ways to identify good teammates is to ask your current customers to name other businesses they like to buy from. You don’t want just anyone as a partner, these need to be people you can also confidently refer business to.

Next, send them a letter outlining your plans and inviting them to tell you the best way to introduce their business to your customers – that usually gets their attention.

Create content opportunities – Invite your partners to contribute to your newsletter, act as a guest on your podcast or blog. Giving your partners exposure by way of content gets them exposure and you content. Consider taking this up a notch and create a group blog optimized for all of the partners.

Conduct video interviews – Set a meeting with your partners and use the opportunity to record an introduction video so you can have content to run on your website letting the world know about your partners. This will show you mean business.

Acquire special offers – Get your partners to contribute a product or service that you can use as a way to enhance your offering. Free business cards for every logo purchased or free flowers when you make a reservation for dinner, free tickets to give away in y our marketing, or free HVAC check-up when you get some plumbing work. This is a great way to promote your partners while adding real appeal to what your marketing. Make sure you create real perceived value here.

Make referrals – Make it a habit to consciously go out of your way to refer business to your partners. Don’t wait for people to ask, do it as part of your Monday routine. This is how you become someone that lots of great providers want to partner with, but you also increase your value to your customers by consistently helping get what they need in every aspect of their life.

Rate and review – If at all possible become of a customer of every one of your partners. This will make you a much more authentic referral sources (as a user) and allow you to test and filter the truly great experiences. Follow-up on this by actively writing reviews and ratings on Yelp and other online sites.

Create events – Figure out how to bring your partners together to network and create deeper engagement. Let each partner have a day where they educate everyone in the network. Create workshops and offer to conduct them for your partner’s customers. Develop a day devoted to topics that your partners can present useful information on and have everyone promote the event.

With just a little bit of creativity any organization can tap the awesome power of a partner network as a substantial lead and customer generator.

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Using Posterous to Dispatch Content

posterousBy now you’ve likely heard of the online content publishing tool posterous. If not, it’s billed as the dead simple place to post anything – just email us.

Anyone can set up a posterous site and add just about any form of content by simply sending an email to your account. If you want to create a blog, you can get started in about 2 minutes. Families and groups can create a site and start adding all manner of information and pictures without any technical know how at all. You can make your posterous site private if you like, get fancy with professional looking themes and create custom domains. The tool can easily act, as it does for growing numbers, (Here’s Steve Rubel’s Stream built entirely on posterous) as an online business hub.

The feature that I don’t think gets enough attention though is the tool’s ability to easily auto post content of all sorts to many of the social networking platforms you may use as part of your online presence. Note: I’m not suggesting you spray every bit of content automatically to every piece of online real estate. I am suggesting you look at posterous as your dispatch center for placing content from one source.

Here’s how you can do this.

Posterous allows you to tell it where you want your content posted when you send your email. If you’ve enabled your social media sites such as Flickr, Facebook and Twitter (there are more than 30), you can publish to posterous and tell it to send the video to Facebook as well. Or you can add a picture and have it automatically added to Flickr and Facebook.


To publish content to posterous you send an email to [email protected] To add services you just add to the email as such – [email protected] Or you can simply send it to one service by sending the content to [email protected]

Of course there’s a posterous iPhone app that posts picture and videos directly from the camera as well – PicPosterous

For many people, particularly those that rely on email as their primary communication and storage tool, this is a great way to create and curate content.

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