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Over the weekend I wrote about the need to set-up various listening devices to keep track of what’s being said out there. One of my readers, Michael Leis, commented that he has set-up a one page dashboard type of set-up using Netvibes to avoid the inevitable tabalanche that occurs when you try to jump back and for to all kinds of sites. (Of course the paid services offer this kind of set-up, but if you’re doing on the cheap this is a nice touch.)

I quickly set something up on Netvibes (you could do this in iGoogle, MyYahoo, Pageflakes too) that would allow me to track various Google Alerts, twitter searches, boardtracker searches and backtype searches along with my own Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn activity. There are lots of pre-build widget for things like twitter, but pretty much anything with an RSS feed can be added to the page. Netvibes is easy to work with and this might be a nice way to keep it all front and center.

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John Jantsch

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker and author of Duct Tape Marketing, Duct Tape Selling, The Commitment Engine and The Referral Engine and the founder of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network.
  • Sean Supplee

    John, I have been looking for software that allows me to better manage how to check RSS feeds and whats going on in the market. While I have found small programs such as tweetdeck to better manage twitter. It has been a big challenge to find a all in one source to track and make sense of everything going on from one platform.

    I wanted to express my thanks to you for letting me know about netvibes I know for sure it is going to help me better manage what to blog about next and where the industry is heading.

  • Jack Zufelt

    Great post. I’ll have to give netvibes a try.

  • DakotaSioux

    Good post, thanks for the info.

  • DesertDiamondCasinoTucson

    Good article, thanks alot for the info.

  • Bob

    I have set up iGoogle to track multiple sources and broken down into topic tabs. This allows me to focus on specific topics one at a time.

    I’m going to check out netvibes anyway, thanks for the information.

  • Kris Bovay

    Thanks. I’ve set this up on MyYahoo but I’ll check out NetVibes to see if there’s more to work with. Thanks.

  • Justin

    WOW….great post. This brings all social networking to one screen. Much easier to track. I will be looking into this. Thanks!

  • Rebecca

    As a VA I’ve set up and used iGoogle, MyYahoo, Bloglines and probably several others, but I LOVE Netvibes. It’s what I use for my own RSS reader, and I recommend it to any client that needs something like that.

    It’s so much more intuitive and easier on the eyes, in my opinion. That’s for giving props to an awesome service!

  • Debbie

    Flock is another great option. It’s web browser and Social Media/RSS/Email tracker all in one. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and I love it.

  • Bill Bennett

    Why would you use Netvibes rather than iGoogle to do this? Are there advantages I'm not seeing?

    • ducttape

      @Bill – I think it's personal preference as they do about the same things. I like the Netvibes look and feel better, but that's about it.

      • Bill Bennett

        @ducttape I can't argue with that John. Long may we enjoy the freedom to do these things the way WE choose

  • Nate Holland

    This sounds real good! I’ve been wanting to get an app as such. Good thing I stumbled on your site. I am sure to give netvibes a try.

  • Nate Holland

    This sounds real good! I've been wanting to get an app as such. Good thing I stumbled on your site. I am sure to give netvibes a try.

  • Robbin Block

    You can do something similar on your mobile with

  • robbinblock

    You can do something similar on your mobile with

  • robbinblock

    You can do something similar on your mobile with