Free Sales Letters

Studying Free Sales Letters Can Be Your Ticket To A Sales Explosion

You may never call a sales letter junk mail again

You trudge to the mailbox, open it up and out fall a pile of bills (never that check you’ve been waiting on.) Of course you also get to flip through the so called “junk mail” as it slides off your desk for the trash can right?If you own a small business and you aren’t poring over every piece of mail you get (hey, even some well written email) then you are making a silly mistake.

Studying your sales letters is like getting a free sales course everyday. Now I’m not saying that every piece of mail you get will be a great sales tool. To the contrary…most of what you get will stink…but you can still learn from it.

Here are some tips of what to look for in a good sales letter. Start a file and when you discover letters or even postcards that follow these rules, stuff that baby in the file for later reference and you will on your way to creating a library of swipable free sales letters.

1) Must have a headline. If your sales letters don’t have a headline that reaches off the paper and grabs the reader by the throat…you are sunk. Start paying attention to headlines.

2) Must clearly demonstrate how the reader will benefit from reading this ad, letter or email. It’s amazing how often sales letters will go about the company or product and how great it is. Your reader doesn’t care…they always want to know what’s in it for me.

3) Must have a call to action or offer that makes sense. If a sales letter is well written you will come to the end hoping to reach an offer that you can’t resist. Most letters and ads don’t really offer anything. Without an offer, even an offer to give some more information, you are wasting your time.

You might even sign-up to receive some mail from some of the biggest direct mail folks just so you can learn from some of the best sales letter in the business!

Other Sales Letter Sources

Instant Sales Letters
Hundreds of letters for all kinds of uses. Pick the sales or customer service situation and plug in your specific information and instantly crank out a proven selling machine. This one is a real time saver.

Make Your Words Sell
This powerful course by Ken Evoy will show you have to sell more. Use the strategies to become more persuasive.

Headline Creator Pro
This is an awesome tool. Just answer four questions and the software spits out 100 ready made headlines based on some of the most successful headlines throughout history. By the way a successful headline is one that has been know to sell.