Free Template: How to Discover Your Core Difference

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Discovering your core difference A key element to any business strategy is Differentiation. The discovery and communication of a core point of differentiation should inform and drive every tactical aspect of marketing.

Ways to differentiate lurk in every corner of a business and your hunt for differentiating strategy starts by answering the following questions:

• What could we do that no one in our industry is doing?
• What is the greatest frustration of our ideal customers?
• Are there innovations in other industries we could adopt?
• Are there unique ways to package, price, or deliver our products and services?
• How could we create a totally unique customer experience?

Here’s the funny thing though. There’s a good chance you’re already doing something that is unique, but you just don’t know it. In working with small businesses over the years, we’ve uncovered stunning marketing strategies by simply going out and interviewing a handful of an organization’s loyal customers.

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