The Crazy Busy Marketer’s Guide to Content Creation in the Real World Copy

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Content CreationToday, our prospects and clients have grown to expect that they can turn to a search engine at any moment and discover everything they need to know about products, services, people, companies and problems,  challenges and solutions they seek.

So, in that sense, content is how you get found, it’s how you educate, build trust, answer questions, stand out, and sell in the world we live in today. It’s online, offline, shared, curated, excerpted, repurposed and packaged in every way imaginable.

In this 34 page guide we’ve attempted to help make sense of the foundational need for more and more content in the most practical manner possible.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • Content Creation Strategy
  • The Essential Types of Content
  • Stages of the Content Hourglass
  • Getting an Education Through Content Creation
  • How to Use a Content Platform as Referral Tool
  • My Content Amplification System