Why a Duct Tape Marketing Plan May Be Perfect For Your Business

Business Owners, Marketers and Independent Professionals. . .

Would you like to…

  • Attract all the clients your business can handle?
  • Significantly increase what you charge for your products and services?
  • Have complete control over creating a steady and predictable flow of new business

John JantschJohn Jantsch has been working with business owners, building marketing plans and creating growth for over 25 years – put that experience to work for you.

When you marry the Power of the Duct Tape Marketing System with the Accountability of a an experienced marketing consultant you have the key to unlock unlimited growth and profit in your business.

Working with Duct Tape Marketing using a proven methodology can be the fresh approach your business needs.

In some cases, simply adding a level of accountability, organization and someone to help kick your marketing plans into focus can be enough to help fuel the attainment of your objectives.

Work from a proven marketing system

Our consulting draws heavily from a proven process formed in working with thousands of business owners. This allows us to immediately dive in and work on the most effective areas of marketing, regardless of industry.

Collaborative consulting approach

After working for years to install a systematic approach to marketing we developed a methodology that we call collaborative consulting. While coaching may have one meaning and consulting another we’ve discovered that the most effective way to deliver results for the small business owner is through collaboration.

We can work with you to develop and implement your marketing action plan and we can bring you the resources to teach you and your entire staff how to be better marketers.

Find out if Duct Tape Marketing is right for your business

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