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Timing: When do you want the media to use this release? For most you will fill in "For Immediate Release" - This means they should consider it now. There are cases where you might want the media to hold a release for a certain event date or holiday. In that case, you could use something like - "Hold for Valentine's Day"


Your Contact Name: Be easy to get in contact with! Fill in the contact name that the media should call with questions. The real purpose of your release is to generate enough interest that a member of the media will call to interview you.

Contact :

Your Company Name:


 Your phone number

Phone :

 Your fax number - remember, be easy to contact - give the media lots of ways to get in touch

Fax :

 Your email address: More and more journalists use email

Email :

 Your Web Site Address: By placing your web site address here you give a reporter a way to find out more on their own

Web Site :

 Headline: Write a strong, attention getting headline. This is the most important component of the press release as this needs to "grab the attention" of the editor or reporter. Think of your press release as an ad for an interview. Stop the reader dead with a grabber headline - Think Man Bites Dog!

Headline :

 City of origin: Correct press release format calls for the city and state of the company in question as well as the date. The next few questions accomplish that formatting.

City :

 State of origin: Now fill in the State ie: NY

State :

 Month of the release: Now the date questions. First the month ie: July

Month :

 Date of release: Now the date (make sure this is the date you plan to distribute the release, if you hold it for a week it looks a little funny) ie" 22

Date :

 Year of release: Finally, the year ie: 2005

Year :

Introductory Paragraph: Write an introductory paragraph here. Your first paragraph of the release should be written in a clear and concise manner. It needs contain information that will "entice" the reader. Your story must be newsworthy and factual; don't make it a sales pitch or it will end up in the trash.

Intro :

Body of the release: Now you need to further explain the subject and details of your release. This can actually contain several paragraphs. Your text should include pertinent information about your product, service or event. If writing about a product, make sure to include details on when the product is available, where it can be purchased and the cost. If you're writing about an event, be sure to include the date, location of the event and any other pertinent information. Answer the questions "who", "what", "when", "where", "why" and "how".

Note: You should include a quote from someone that is a credible source, include their title or position with the company, and why they are considered a credible source. Always include information on any awards they have won, articles they've published or interviews they have given.

Body :

Final Paragraph: Now wrap-up your release by restating your main point

Final :

Company or product background: Include a brief description of your company along with the products and services it provides. Sometimes people refer to this as a boilerplate. It is the type of description that your frequently use to briefly describe your company.

Background :

That's It, You're Done!

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