As the importance of Facebook as small business marketing tool continues to grow it’s important to adapt your marketing behavior in ways that allow you to gain practical benefits from the way people are choosing to use social media.

Some business owners still struggle trying to learn what some might call Facebook marketing, but the key is to change the way you approach it. To me there’s no such thing really as social media marketing or Facebook marketing, it’s simply a matter of marketing in a world gone social.

Below are five practices that make up my current thinking on getting the most from your marketing presence on Facebook.

Scale the Wall

Lots of companies out there want to provide apps for Facebook tabs and interactive welcome pages, but you must understand that the way people actually view your presence on Facebook is different than on, say, your Web site.

It’s a small minority of folks that actually come to your page and click around like they might on a traditional site, the bulk of people that Fan or Friend consume all of their interaction through their news feed. In other words, if you add an image, tag someone in an update or put a new video up on your wall, this content gets pushed out to the news feeds of those follow. In most cases, that’s all they ever see of your activity on Facebook. (Particularly true of mobile users.)

What this means is that you must commit to making your Wall and your status updates frequent, human and compelling. Apps and contests and campaigns to get more Likes are all fine, but the real payoff is at the wall. Commit to making that an active place where people comment and engage and you’ll get more from everything you do on Facebook.

Keep the Wall interesting by mixing content


It’s kind of ironic how little traditional networking goes on inside many social networks. Sure, people converse with their friends and fans, but the real power of understanding how to network lies in reaching out to people you don’t already know and finding common ground to expand your network.

One very powerful way to do this on Facebook is to Like other active pages and start to network with, converse, ask and answer relevant questions as your Page inside of these communities. It’s a bit like the tactic of making relevant comments on numerous blogs, it often leads to new groups of people finding and joining your page or blog.

Understand, I’m not talking about spamming a bunch of other pages just to get noticed, that kind of things won’t payoff and may even backfire. I’m talking about identifying Pages that might have communities you could target and taking a few minutes each day to get active there.


People are people and it doesn’t seem to matter if you are in a gas station needing directions or on Facebook wanting an answer – people respond when they are asked a question or asked to take an action.

One of the most powerful things you can do to create more engagement on your Page is to ask for it. Ask stimulating questions, ask for opinions, ask for suggestions, get things critiqued, ask for more comments, ask for more Likes, ask people to spread the word about something – all of these asks, when used wisely and sparingly, will produce immediate engagement and can lead to great conversation and content starters.

Mix it Up

If every one of your status updates is simply a notification that you have a new blog post, you’ll find some people that like to read your blog reacting, but little else. It’s okay to add your blog posts, but real engagement comes much faster when you mix your content up and give people lots of stuff they can react to without leaving their news stream.

A two-minute YouTube video can be embedded as a status update by pasting the link and now people can view, Like and comment without leaving their news stream. Same thing for a stimulating question or Poll. These are the kinds of things that make your Wall more vibrant and make people look for your updates.

Choosing the Sponsored Stories option in ad dashboard

Use Sponsored Stories

I like the Facebook ad platform, primarily because you can target so well. You can get to the point where perhaps 4000-5000 of the right people on Facebook are the only ones viewing your ad. This can really make Facebook ads cost effective.

However, ads are ads and even the most engaging ones are easy to ignore after a while.

Enter a new ad unit called Sponsored Stories. The Sponsored Stories option, found in your ads dashboard, allows you to show your latest status update in the right sidebar of pages of your Fans. This is significant because the update stays there all day long, while your actual update may fall off the page in a matter of minutes on a very active page.

You can also simply put out a call to Like your page through this option. I’ve seen indications of this unit outperforming ads by four times. In addition, I believe using targeted advertising to gain Likes of people that might actually be interested in what your brand has to say is probably much more effective long term than harassing your high school friends to Like your page.

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John Jantsch

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker and author of Duct Tape Marketing, Duct Tape Selling, The Commitment Engine and The Referral Engine and the founder of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network.
  • Awesome overview John of some important things to focus on with Facebook Pages. I’ve not yet leveraged Sponsored Stories but may try it. Basic ads have worked well for gaining traction in building community, but I think they have a limited shelf-life!

    • Would love to hear how you do with that if you give it a try.

  • Tani

     Great info! Something else I also found is that it is important for businesses to make sure that they are running on a “Fan” page rather than just the regular Facebook profile. This ensures you are networking well to people that aren’t just your friends, but also people that simply come across you. With a Fan page they can see your content while they must be your friend for full access to your regular account!

    Here is a little info about it:

  • Nice stuff.
    Is the code available to add a button like you have on the left?

  • Wonderful Post! Social media is truly a competitive advantage for a young entrepreneur today. It has changed the way we interact online, both from the perspective an individual as well as an organization. For instance, for us having recently launched our website and shortly after our Facebook and Twitter pages, we were initially concentrating a great deal on driving relevant traffic to our website. In the interim of the further development and improvement of our website I shifted the initial order of  interaction somewhat realizing that I can communicate directly better through our Facebook page than doing initial testing and implementation directly on the site. It gave us an invaluable opportunity to interact and gain immediate feedback with our fans thus allowing us to improve the user experience on the site. Not to mention a cost effective way of doing so. Upon initial launch of a site, especially when you are breaking new ground in an area which is virtually untapped and certainly underutilized it is so important to release, gain feedback, analyze and be able to re-release quickly when you are ready, as to not simply be throwing darts at a board. Social media makes something that would previously require costly focus groups virtually a thing of the past. is the place to learn and grow from the lessons of “failed” business ventures. The idea is that by exploring these invaluable experiences we align ourselves to move forward with greater knowledge, understanding and awareness. We invite you to visit us on the site, after you visit us on Facebook of course!

    • BTW.. We are in the final phase of the re-release of the latest set of improvements to the site, so we are currently tweaking the new features. We encourage you to fan us on Facebook and we will let you know straight away when they are complete. 

  • Another great post with tips that I can action straight away.

  • This is so true!
    social media is an effective tool to get exposure and for creating brand
    awareness. the best part of social media is that you can have others opinion
    about your product.. i guess this is the only reason why we are seeing such a
    huge turnouts of companies in media’s like FB & Twitter

  •  Facebook option has provide you some good facilities like share your post link picture or comments so upload your album in Facebook account then share your post.

  • This is so true!
    social media is an effective tool to get exposure and for creating brand
    awareness. the best part of social media is that you can have others opinion
    about your product.. i guess this is the only reason why we are seeing such a
    huge turnouts of companies in media’s like FB & Twitter

    Facebook fan page –!/pages/Online-Business-Virtual-Assistant-Company/115829685103572?ref=search


  • Facebook is a great tool, but setting up an account is only half the work. You have to make sure how many of your fans and friends actually follow your FB activities. Many of them simple press the Like button and disappear.

    • Yep that pretty much what this post is about

  • rena

    Check out, you can get credits there much faster, you can also get more twitter followers, facebook fans, youtube subscribers and video views. Check it at

  • Reading Referral Engine now. About to launch a Referral Program for a tradeshow company.  Trying to do it right!  Thank you for this post as well.  Definitely will take advantage of sponsored stories.

    • Awesome Julia – let me know how it goes

  • Brian Tucker – SimplySell

    Another key point to is to make sure you’re not blatantly trying to oversell to your fans. I can’t tell you how many small business owners I see trying to shove their products or services down their fans throats. Being social and lending a helpful hand to your fans will speak volumes and build a social credibility you can leverage to sell without even trying to sell.

  • Mixing up your content is key! People respond to variety and grow tired of the same ole’ same ole’. Mix your post media and post content to keep it interesting for your readers.

  • I had been using facebook for more than two year but the
    result I got was not enough. So I stopped working on it. But not it seems that
    I should start using facebook to drive more traffic to my site. Thanks for

  • Yns_2000

    Thanks for the tips. I’m never sure how to action on Facebook. I just usually announce when opening a new shop on Etsy.

  • Chuck Johnson

    OK, so I found a special interest group on Facebook for my craft with 678 “likes”, (now 679) but there’s noting there except a Wikipedia link.  No posts or anything.  How do I go about advertising my wares?
    I joined Facebook to keep track of my family.  Beyond “like”, “comment” and posting on a wall, I’m lost.  Your article was not helpful with novice details.

    • Chuck, How about going guerrilla on this one and update the Wikipedia post instead? Is that possible?

  • latrishnunya

    Pretty much NOTHING will get me to use Facebook!

    • Brian Tucker –

      I had one of my clients say the same thing. Nine months later she has 200+ new clients as a result of a Facebook fan page which doubled her business.

      • Amen Brian – great story – want to share it as a case study with me?

  • Dawn

    I truly appreciate this article. I am learning so much every day about advertising and getting traffic. Thanks for the info.

  • Excellent information – Thank You very much!

  • Guest

    Nice information about Traffic Information. Please refer some more article like these.

  • John, Thanks for sharing this valuable list of tips. I’d like to share a few more tips if I may as a regular trainer of small business owners on Facebook. On the tip to Network, when you use Facebook as your Page, you can then hit the Home button and you’ll see a News Feed of only the other Pages you like. Then, you can be really efficient about commenting and liking other Pages’ material. Note that EdgeRank seems to work with this use of Facebook as it does with your personal use in that they filter out Pages you aren’t as active with until you click the Most Recent button.

    To build on the value of Networking show the love to other Page owners by locking their pages in your Like list on your Page. You can find how to do this under Edit Page, then Featured. Let the other Page owners know you’ve done this and hopefully they’ll do the same for you on their Page.

    Hope these help you get more out of Facebook, my favorite social network!

    • Michael – awesome tips on the networking point – there are so many little tidbits that you need to dig in to find, but just taking this active step will help a ton. The EdgeRank topic is one that needs more info for sure.

  • Yes Facebook can always prove to be successful source of gaining more for your site……….We should always make a intelligent use of it…..

  • Great information!  Thank you.

  • I try to post several questions per day, my facebook status also feeds to my twitter, which also feeds to my LinkedIn, therefore I get a wide range of comments and contributions from several social media sites.  Makes for some fun and interesting banter.

    • This is a great time saver for sure, but I also like to advise people to see if they can mix it up a bit and add unique content to each.

  • Diane McGregor

    I am confused.  Are you talking about a personal facebook page or a facebook fan page since they operated differently.

    • Diane, I am almost always talking about Fan or Pages rather than personal profile, although most people “Like” a page as a personal profile so much of what I talk about that’s related to the Wall and New Stream involves both.

  • I’m not sure if I’m slow or what, but I just don’t get it.

  • tjyoung

    I would love to see a car dealer doing something useful on facebook. Facebook seems to be the place where they go to die. Kind of a graveyard of failed attempts. Anyone aware of an auto group or at least a car dealer knocking it out of the park using Social Media? I don’t think they exist.

  • Great tips…I certainly need to practice asking more questions = more interaction! Thanks everyone!

  • PrettyAwesomeJewelry

    Great tip! Going to try it right now 🙂

  • John, great post.  Three other thoughts for you:
    1. Leverage your personal network!  Most Facebook Page owners/admins are active users of Personal Profiles.  Find ways to compel those folks in your personal network to Like your Page and interact there

    2. Find a way to Jumpstart – Based on our discussions with the Facebook Pages team, we know that one of the hardest things for Small Biz owners is the chicken and egg situation of new Page, very few Likers.  Put a three pronged approach to getting that first 200 Likes in place: a) Encourage people in your physical store to to Like your Page with signage b) Offer an incentive with an expiration date for those who Like your Page c) Leverage that Personal Profile!

    3. Look for tools that help you be efficient with your time and grow your network!  There are lots of great ones out there (we offer one).

    Alex Chang, CEO Roost

  • John,

    I really appreciated this article. I think most of us, whether we admit it or not, are struggling with social media marketing, especially the quantity vs. quality aspect of  it. Nice tips.


  • Guest

    I think Twitter has a lot more than FaceBook, because if you know how to play with Micro Blogging then you’re a King of marketing.

  • Fantastic resource for Facebook marketing, I’m actually printing this one off!

  • Facebook Advertising has been a big plus to everyones business in todays world we can update our customer inform them instantly about any maintainance we are doing ..I mean things are instant in today world.. thanks.

  • Jessica Mitchka

    Great information!  I just opened my Aphidesigns fan page yesterday, so I’m new to this and trying to figure out how it can help me and what I need to do to make the page something people will return to.  Thank you so much!

  • Still working through the list but wanted to say THANKS. Expect to be a Facebook marketing expert some time soon.

  • Deb Soromenho

    I was wondering… I’ve seen so many “Like parties” (for lack of a better term) that are basically a bunch of people “liking” each other back and forth just to get their “likes” number up.

    Do you think this is a good practice? I started to do this once and then stopped because I felt that 1) I was liking a bunch of people I didn’t care a whip about and 2) getting likes from people who didn’t give a whip about me!

    Wouldn’t it be better to have fewer but more targeted likes? From people who may actually like your product and eventually buy from you? Rather than a ton of likes just for the sake of them?


  • Thanks John, I guess I hadn’t factored in the ‘people I don’t know’ piece as much as I could have done! Great tips 😉


  • Hey John, thanks a lot for sharing such a useful post. The points you mentioned are really beneficial. The most important thing you must keep in mind is that you have to engage with your clients. So that you’ll easily understand them and their requirements.