dropbox addonsIn the past I’ve written about how I use the online file storage, backup and syncing tool called Dropbox.

Because I depend on this tool so much I use the Team Version and pay an annual fee that is pretty steep, but the no hassle factor is worth it.

Recently, I’ve started adding even more to my Dropbox use with the following addons that help extend its usefulness.

AirDropper – This tool allows you to create a custom file sharing page with your own branding. Then if you need to send a file to someone or they need to send a file to you, you can give them a unique URL to use and all files are transferred to and from your Dropbox account.

DropPages – This tool allows you to use Dropbox as a lightweight Content Management System. Using little more than text files saved to DropPages you can create, edit and manage an entire website and even use your own domain to do it.

HelloFax – I don’t actually use the fax part of this, but I use it almost daily to edit, sign and email documents like contracts without the need to print, sign and scan. By connecting it to Dropbox the documents I email all get a backed up in a HelloFax folder.

SideCloudLoad – This tool allows you to send any file on the web directly to a Dropbox folder without downloading it to your computer first. The thing I like about this is you can find an ebook you want to read while surfing on your phone and just have it sent to Dropbox rather than you phone.

MailDrop – MailDrop allows you to create a special folder in your email program (label in GMail) and then automatically save email attachments to Dropbox. This can be a great storage, backup and collaboration tool for documents that come to you from other people.

As our dependence on apps continues to grow you can expect app makers to look for ways to further enhance the productivity tools that we come to rely on in increasingly personal and mobile ways.

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John Jantsch

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker and author of Duct Tape Marketing, Duct Tape Selling, The Commitment Engine and The Referral Engine and the founder of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network.
  • AJ

    This is a great tool!
    I love using it.

  • I had no idea all this functionality could be added to Drop Box. I rely on it daily as a tool to receive project files from my clients (such as unedited videos, graphics, etc) Thanks for sharing some useful stuff, John!

    • Thanks Rod, there are even more of these being built every day due to Dropbox popularity

  • Thanks for sharing these John. I use AirDropper quite a bit to share files with clients (without them having to sign up to anything) but I had no idea about the others. I love the idea of SideCloudLoad.

    • I know – I really love it when I find something on my phone and don’t really want to download it there

  • I’m using free version of Dropbox as I don’t need enough storage memory but still I’m really satisfied with their services.

  • For me, the very best thing about Dropbox is being able to set my Quickbooks Manufacturing to automatically backup to my Dropbox folder, so I can easily restore it on my laptop. My USB connector is broken on my laptop, and I had to figure something out. I discovered Dropbox is much better than a jump drive!

    • That is a good one Robin – thanks for sharing

  • Jamie McKean

    Thanks John, I’ll have a look at those, the HelloFax looks like a good one. I use dropbox a lot too and have all my clients on it – three tools I use a lot are: dropvox (dictation which then appears on my assistants desk), dropphox (same deal, but for photos) and plaintext, so i can write on my ipad/iphone when i get inspiration away from my desk – hope that adds value too, cheers, Jamie

    • awesome additions Jamie – thanks – checking out dropvox for sure

  • I’m another one that’s been using Dropbox but had not noticed all these “add ins”. Gonna have to make some time to explore these. Glad I opened this email. Keep the suggestions coming.

    • Amazing how attached you can get to these apps once they enter your routine

  • Hi John! It is nice informative post. It is more helpful to me.

  • I find dropbox incredibly useful  – it was recommended by our marketing agency –  and we’ve never looked back.

  • Love this. I started using Dropbox last month. The DropPages app sounds interesting but I’m not sure I totally understand what you mean. Will check it out, though. Thanks. 

  • Douglas Hutchings

    I am playing around with AirDropper and HelloFax now.  Thanks for sharing this information.  I have been using dropbox for quite a while but mainly for the most basic of features.  I access content from all over the place, but this could take my use to the next level.  Anything to make collaboration easier gets a thumbs up in my books!

    • I think you’ll love them both

  • Indyo

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