EnthusemLead nurturing, the act of moving a lead logically along the path of know, like and trust, takes systems thinking. Not every prospect you meet at the Chamber function is going to jump at the change to spend their money with you just because you’ve got a nice business card. Or maybe you’ve finally connected with that big fish at company X on LinkedIn, now what? You’ve got to woo them a bit, get their attention with your follow-up and, in my opinion, your stylish use of technology tools.

Recently, I started using a technology, Enthusem, that I think fits the lead nurturing bill in a very nice way.

At the most basic level Enthusem is a card sending service. You design a greeting type card or cards, input an address and the system sends your card out first class the next day.

Nothing totally new about that approach, but here are few nice differences:

  • The card is very high quality stock and printing
  • Card is delivered in see through vellum envelope – stands out and gives the impact of your message before opened – first class stamp
  • Card carries whatever personal message you wish

But, this is where it becomes a powerful lead nurturing tool:

  • Card invites reader to visit a landing page on your site
  • This landing page can carry any kind of message – ebook download or audio or video greeting
  • Once recipient visits the page, you get an email alerting you to follow-up

enthusem cardsThis type of systematic follow-up and nurturing step makes it easy for you to get a prospect’s attention and focus your follow-up in a timely manner on those most interested in moving to the next step. I might not use this tool in a bulk way, but as a personalized, hi-tech, hi-touch tool, it looks like a winner to me.

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John Jantsch

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker and author of Duct Tape Marketing, Duct Tape Selling, The Commitment Engine and The Referral Engine and the founder of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network.
  • John, this app seems to have done a great job seamlessly integrating the strengths of direct marketing along with lead nurturing technology. You wouldn’t normally associate offline or direct marketing with a lead nurturing software but Enthusem proves they can work together.

  • I liked the delivered card and product. It was seamless and seemed to the trick but…

    It will be interesting to see response rates.
    Is it better than an e-zine?
    Does it work to get people on your e-zine?
    Can be used as a referral tool?

    Like any marketing tool, can it be used as part of your plan without it being just novel, 1 time. The cost of using a new tool for most people is higher than the return, if it cannot be used over and over again, effectively.

    Lots of possibilities! But what’s that one more thing, that makes them click? And next month/quarter, can you make them click again?

  • So what is the comparison to SendOutCards that most of us are familiar with? Is it really just a step up in quality (and price) that puts it out of reach as a bulk contact tool?

    I’m very curious, so if anyone has a response to that, please post.

    Thanks, John.

  • John Jantsch

    @GoEverywhere – quality and delivery vehicle, and the autofollow-up feature are the big differences – at around $2.00 each I would make sure I had a very targeted list to use this with in a bulk fashion – I could see using it with current customers to intro a new product or people that have enrolled for a free webinar to move them to the next level up.

  • This is a nice tool to use. I’ve never used a send out a card program but I’m interested in trying this one out to see how it works.

    Thanks for the great post John

  • I was very ‘enthused’ about this tool and tried to sign-up – then found out it’s only available in the US. Too bad – I’m in Canada. I like the high-touch, tangible aspect. I also like the see-through envelope/mailer – engages the receiver right away.

  • This idea seems very familiar but there are always thousands of similar ideas. Those who add that extra touch, can get further than the rest. A personalized card geared towards businesses is pretty new though.