Today I’m presenting at BlogWorld Expo in New York (#BWENY) on the topic of mobile marketing with Navin Ganeshan of Network Solutions. (I’ll share my notes on the talk tomorrow.)

Joshua Kaufman via Flickr

But here’s the thing – there’s really no such thing as mobile marketing. For that last few years I’ve been saying the same thing about social media marketing – really no such thing.

Marketing is marketing and job #1 for marketers the last few years has been adapting their marketing in a world that’s embraced social behavior.

I wrote my annual predictions for the year column for OPENForum and predicted that this year mobile would finally land – okay, not much of a stretch on predictions, but we are squarely in it and small business folks need to jump on board – but here’s the deal, here’s how to start thinking about it so that it makes sense.

There’s really no such thing as mobile marketing, it’s simply a matter of adapting your marketing to a world that’s gone mobile.

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John Jantsch

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker and author of Duct Tape Marketing, Duct Tape Selling, The Commitment Engine and The Referral Engine and the founder of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network.
  • mobile marketing will be prob the most importnat kind within the next ten years.

  • Totally agree!  “Mobile marketing” is a part of the overall marketing strategy of the company; however, I think there are different approaches to say this form of marketing versus traditional “print” marketing.  Perhaps that’s where the differentiation comes into play.  Thoughts?

    • Yep Michael no dispute there – just like you might use Twitter differently than FB or email, but it’s the mindshift that has to happen first – you can effectively use mobile to drive email sign-up or event participation – and a host of other activities you are already doing.

  • I’m not.


    The tools for measuring campaigns, for example, arent there yet or are out of my price range. Whereas with email or the web, I can use Aweber or GA and see what works.

    With mobile, it’s harder to get the right metrics in place.

    At least for now…


    • Ivan – I think you are taking a view that’s too limited – you can do mobile advertising in apps, for example, using AdWords and GA right now. But, mobile is a great service and operations tool as well – I use GroupText with my team and can use SMS to get double opt-in email sign-ups. Don’t limit your thinking to what you see others doing.

  • I think you have a good point about the social media aspect of marketing… it’s a good idea to compare it to “mobile marketing”.  Those that are worried about not being able to really measure either activity are focused on the wrong issue.  The metrics will come as they are developed, but those that saw the writing on the wall early on will be the clear winners.

    • I think that’s right – I’m not saying jump in blindly because you might get left behind, I’m just saying look at the behavior that’s being created by the widespread use of mobile devices and start to look for ways to meet your stated marketing objectives by adapting to the behavior.

  • Marketing through mobile; I never heard that before but if it’s
    already on the line how it would be possible, I mean how you will trust a
    marketer or the person you dealing with if it’s only in phone. I rather choose
    to talk to the person face to face than to have a deal through mobile. But if I
    already knew the person I’m dealing with, it’s easy to have a deal through
    mobile, I hope you got my point.

  • Interesting. A clear boundary for such “terms” of usage must clearly be defined, obviously as not to blur and confuse the market (people).

  • I’m excited to read your post about your presentation in BlogWorld Expo. I don’t quite understand it. Why is there no such thing as mobile marketing? I see a lot of other blog posts talking about mobile marketing and how it works and the statistical figures just amaze me. 

    • I’m just saying that we don’t need to look at it as some new form of marketing – it’s the same thing, just new tools

      • Ahhh. Now I get it. It really pays to read again to realize some things. 😀

  • George Mcgullough

    This was really good information. I also liked an article that evio marketing did about learning your target market. Everyone should check it out.

  • Lawrene Bottorf

    The more I am integrating my company marketing…the more your “Duct Tape Marketing” describes what I used to do… (and still do a little bit).  Thanks so much for all you do!