What if you could spend 3 entire days working on your business with only seven other business owners under my guidance. Oh, and what if it was free.

I am conducting and filming a live 3 day workshop in San Francisco June 26-28 and eight lucky business owners get to join me for free as my in-studio business case studies. (Well, you do have to pay your travel, but the workshop is free)

Seven other business owners, you and me working for 3 days on your business while the world looks on. The event will be streamed live to thousands of viewers and recorded in a professional studio. So, in addition to getting to build a complete marketing system with me you just might get famous too!

If this sounds a bit like the chance of a lifetime then I have a task for you.

Visit this form and tell me why your business should be considered for this exclusive group. There’s a place on the form where you can upload a link to a :60 YouTube video and I highly recommend you share your story via video as we will have lots of submissions. (Think – How do I stand out?)

If you want to check out the course promo page you can do so here.

This is not a gimmick, I need a very small group of eager business owners to act as my case subjects in the studio for the live event and for that you get 3 days of consulting – simple as that.

So, go shoot your video and I hope to see you in San Fran. (Deadline to submit your application is May 30th)

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John Jantsch

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker and author of Duct Tape Marketing, Duct Tape Selling, The Commitment Engine and The Referral Engine and the founder of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network.
  • Well John, “chance of a lifetime”? Would you consider it your chance of a lifetime if I’d offer you a free translation into German from my specialized legal translation service?

  • What an awesome idea and amazing opportunity. John, I hope to see you in San Francisco!

  • This sounds like an excellent opportunity all right. I’ll go to work on my video. But, one key piece of info is missing in the post and the info page. What’s the deadline to submit your app?

  • Yeah, that’s really a ridiculously awesome ideas. And absolutely great opportunities, well done.

  • Jeannine Scarff

    Great idea. As a SEO expert, I like this.

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  • I just submitted my application, John! I hope you’ll pick me to be one of the 8 to join you in San Francisco next month. I feel that meeting you last month in San Diego at SMMW13, knowing Ann G in my local area, your books I’ve read, all are steps on the road to working with you in a major way. Hope you feel the same.

  • gary feldspar

    John, you need to put some proofreaders on these posts. there are two rapidly spotted mistakes- :60 is not 1 minute- :59 would work, but 1 minute would be 1:00 or 01:00 Also, last sentence- application if may 30th should be application IS may 30th. I might sound picky, but it seems that someone as polished as yourself should ensure that customer facing communications are always perfect- and 2 errors (that I, as a non proofreading professional can spot) seems like just too many. So, can I get in, just for being astute and observant?

    • THanks Gary actually :60 is common designation for a 1 min commercial in the ad world. Hope you decide to apply.

  • Melanie Jameson

    Has all the spots for San Francisco been filled?

  • Pik

    When will I know whether I get selected or not?