At times, everything about running a business can feel very, very hard.

But here’s something I’ve come to accept over time and space – everything in business and in life is reconciled by a natural inner force that takes its shape, almost like geometry, based on the repetitive rhythm of how we choose to view, accept and react to the daily patterns and actions going on all around us.

There is a definable hard and easy, rigid and loose, and flow and stuck that every business develops and harmony, in all of that, comes from a place where the sum of this repetition and diversity collide.

Which is another way of saying, we can either choose to look at this business we’ve created as an awesome adventure or a remarkable imposition, but make no mistake, it’s simply a choice in how we view our life.

You can make your business fully alive by stuffing it with adventure and life or you can let it suck the life out of you – because, frankly, it’s capable of either or both.

For years I’ve relied on a simple mantra to pull me along when I don’t feel like doing something I must, or when I wonder why I have to work harder than everyone else or why I’m not making as much money as some other much more successful person – and that mantra is this – my life is an amazing adventure, my business is an amazing adventure.

Whenever I find my passion for some aspect of my business waning I can simply prompt myself with my mantra that helps me realign with the idea that everything I’m experiencing is simply part of the ride.

Don’t let the simplicity of this idea escape you. Telling yourself you can’t make it has just as much power over your ability to succeed as telling yourself you can.

The feeling of adventure has a very strong natural pull and it helps to right the feelings that everything, regardless of how you might judge it at the moment, is part of the adventure, a necessary and relevant part of your choosing.

See, that’s the trickiest part. Not only is it an adventure, it’s the adventure you’ve chosen. In moments of perfect silence and solitude you can plainly see this, but when you are out amongst the world you’ll find it harder to live the adventure day to day. To truly live, however, is to embrace your own personal adventure in the midst of those that think they know your place better than you do.

So once you accept this notion that everything going on in your life and your business is as it should be, is part of the adventure you created, you are then free to choose a different adventure or a bigger adventure if you like.

A bigger adventure calls for bigger thinking, bigger acting and more importantly bigger acceptance that everything going on is simply part of the quest.
I’m not going to suggest that they’re aren’t truly rough patches in owning a business, but I do know that you can find some peace, even in the roughest patches, when you accept that you’re simply on the adventure you signed up for.

You can always recognize a person that is alive and on an adventure – not only for the calmness and freedom they display, but in the physical character of energy and confidence they occupy

So, here’s the question you must ask yourself repeatedly – Are you on an amazing adventure?

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John Jantsch

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker and author of Duct Tape Marketing, Duct Tape Selling, The Commitment Engine and The Referral Engine and the founder of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network.
  • John, I really appreciate your recent choice of post topics. Very refreshing. Part of my business adventure is getting to work with clients who are truly interesting people doing very interesting things. For a little while I get to share their path and hear their stories of what they are passionate about and why. Along the way we make a fair trade of tips and ideas to put in our backpacks and later share with others.

    There are a lot of ways and reasons to have an online presence. I feel fortunate to get to participate in that variety.

    • Thanks MaAnna – topics of late are a bit of a reflection of an expanded direction I’m taking with my content. I am going to do more about the whole business as so much of it relates to marketing and life. It’s also part of a new book project I’m working on right now.

      • Hi John, 

        Your recent podcasts have been ace, especially about rethinking what marketing’s all about. 

        Look forward to the new book,


        ps – your soft accent really helps. not sure where you’re from but it sounds great. 

        • Thanks Ivan – I’m right smack dab in the middle of the country so I’m a bit of a mutt of all influences I guess.

  • John, great post and it certainly resonates with me! The best thing I’ve ever done was to have the courage to leave corporate America after 15 years and create my own biz…or journey to personal satisfaction and fulfillment. I’d take these challenges anyday over feeling stifled and owned.

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for your continued inspiration!

    • I think so many people share your thoughts on this one Stephanie – courage indeed, but the payoff of personal satisfaction and fulfillment.

  • awesome post. exactly what I feel sometimes. sometimes it’s hell but other times it’s bliss. but I keep going because running a home based internet business is what I love doing. so many perks, and the pay is good!

    • I think the trick is to get to the place where you no longer think of hell or bliss, it simply is part of the ride. Silly as it sounds it allows me to chuckle at things that used to really stress me out.

  • Brian

    Great optimistic point of view, John. I will definitely use this. I wish some of the business owners I worked with would use it too.

    • I blame my unflinching optimism on my mom, but it’s such a great lens for the world.

  • Bridget Ellis

    Great post!  It’s easy to get down and frustruated when I’m in the trenches.  This post is a great reminder to enjoy the ride!  Thanks for the reminder!

    • You bet Bridget – print it out and keep reminding yourself?

  • Love this. 

  • I find boundless optimism distasteful, but I suppose self-deception might have some effect on one’s success.

    • Why not – it’s just as easy to deceive yourself that you’re not good enough too – this post isn’t really about boundless optimism as it is about acceptance of what is – you don’t have to be pissed of about your circumstances, nor do you have to like them, but you can decide to detach from them.

      • Minette Riordan

        Great response, John. If we cannot accept where we are at any given moment, we cannot move forward. I love the analogy of life and business as an adventure! Great post!

  • John,

    I’m on an amazing adventure…  I always have been.  I look at business as a lifestyle.  You make choices that effect the direction everyday.  Damn, it’s exciting.

    It’s never been about the money.  I just like the thought of creating something new, implementing it and see ing where it ends up a few years down the road…  For better or worse.

    Time to take action…

    • Love it Josh – this is the same feeling I have about business and it’s the thing that allows me to see miracles all around me.

  • Melanie DewBerry

    as someone who is reinventing themselves and re-emerging what I’ve come to realize is that I my life and business reflect my belief in beauty, truth and love. What that means for me is right action, right speech, right thought (right brain that is) – i.e. congruency  in each instant is amazing freeing, exhilarating and peaceful . I’m always in business as I am in life. Life is my business.

    • Tremendous Melanie – I think this is the key to accepting what ever comes for what it is rather than what every one says it is or reacting to it in ways that are dictated by others. Keep re-emerging.

  • Go for your dreams and don’t let anyone stand in your way..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  • YES! Thank you for asking the question, and the reminder to acknowledge, own and embrace your unique journey as opposed to alternate paths others would prefer you walk. David

  • Sometimes the problem lies with a person watching someone else in their adventure and coveting their success or what they presume to be success without effort and it bogs them down.  It’s just like running a race, you stay in your lane and don’t look back or around you, your only focus should be the finish line, in this case your own adventure.

    • Cindi, I think that is perhaps one of the central problems, we define ourselves or what success looks like based on what we see in others, for good or bad.

  • John, how did you get in my head?  This post in uncanny in it’s spot-on applicability to what I experience with my business and my life.  Wow.  Once again, a thought-provoking post and discussion that helps me to become better at what I do.  Thanks!

    • I know you didn’t get enough sleep last night and didn’t eat enough for breakfast too 🙂

      Actually, it’s not tough, people either think this way or they don’t, but the key is tapping it when you need it most.

  • Even the best adventures have dark moments. In fact, some of the BEST adventures have the darkest moments. Yes, my business is an adventure with ups and downs, but I’m not quite to the point of chuckling about those dark times. Maybe someday, but not quite yet…

    • okay, will you give me at least you begin to recognize them for what they are as opposed to cursing them and wondering why you’re the only one experiencing them.

  • John-
    Very profound for a Monday.  I like your philosophy — and I do believe we can all choose our attitude about life (a daily grind or a grand adventure? your choice).  But, some days it’s harder than others to see my business as an amazing adventure.  So, thanks for the boost!

    • I’m most profound on Mondays 🙂

  • Everyday is an adventure in the affiliate marketing world

  • That is what I love about business and entrepreneurship, you never know what is going to happen.

    • Certainly isn’t boring is it?

  • In my opinion, if you take your business as a walk in the park, it WILL be a walk in the park!

  • First let me bring update you that Title is showing entire article importance and I would like to thanks for sharing nice information.

    If we consider entire business as adventure then we can beat any level of business and we can achieve any top level as adventures always been fun and it’s been more entertaining with so many risks like business. Thanks

  • A Dorsey

    Wow!  Timely information for me.  Yes…I am on an amazing adventure.  I must remind myself of that every single day.  Thanks for the post.

    Allen Dorsey, Jr.

  • Joy Johnson

    How fun!  That’s exactly how I live my life and run my businesses. The exhilaration, the ups and downs and hairpin curves – that feeling like I’m in a ’53 Studebaker Commander, petal to the metal on a mountain road – is a huge part of the attraction for me.  Business or no business, nobody hands you excitement or fulfillment or love.  You have to find them for yourself if you want a life that’s any color but beige. 

  • Marie

    Great post. Thank you for your insight and sharing the topic in this way. Too often in the day-to-day challenges of running the business, we forget that to have the talent and vision to build a business is an incredible gift.

  • CaitlinRoberson

    John—I resonate with this. I just started my business this year, and it’s been surprising to me how often I’ve needed to remind myself “I chose this; I want this risk; I want this adventure; in fact, I consider this joy.” Great to hear someone else say it, too.

    Reminds me of what Maxwell says in 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership—leaders are lifelong learners.

    Curiosity (in addition to content, of course) is king.

  • Antonian

    I Love it!!! Yes, just saying, “My life is an amazing adventure!!” I am smiling and feeling it and it’s where I will focus, vs, anything else that wants to tell me otherwise.
    How could this whole life be anything other than this??

  • Wow this was awesome! many thanks!