6 PPC Misconceptions You Need to Know for Success

6 PPC Misconceptions You Need to Know for Success - Duct Tape Marketing

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PPC won’t make you wealthy overnight, spawn record-setting sales or turn your company into the ‘next big thing.’ Like any tool available to marketers, there are some quick wins, but the long-term gains are where you’ll excel. Here are six PPC misconceptions keeping your campaigns from success and what you can do about it.

1. A PPC Campaign Will Increase Your Sales Overnight

Effective bids and keywords may raise your campaigns to the top and give you some quick wins, but for others, these efforts are futile. Niche products and segments often have a harder time reaping the benefits of PPC, simply because there are fewer people searching for that product or service.

Regardless if you have several quick wins or minimal success with PPC, stick with it. PPC is not a set-and-forget function, and it takes time and effort to optimize campaigns for success. However, be realistic in your expectations, too: you may temporarily increase sales, but it’s up to you to maintain that growth.

2. A PPC Campaign’s First Two Weeks Are Indicative of Long-term Success

It takes time for your campaigns to settle, and very rarely are your efforts perfect right out of the gate (and if they are, they won’t be for long). Testing and optimizing a campaign can take up to three months before it truly settles. During this time, patterns and opportunities present themselves that can be used to adjust your ongoing campaign efforts. These adjustments can lead to a fruitful campaign performance.

In the long-run, variations in your PPC campaign are signs of a good, strong, and healthy performance. Don’t cut your testing short in haste. Stick it out, monitor performance, and make adjustments to maximize your ROI.

3. PPC Campaigns Are Only Profitable on Google

It’s estimated that 65% of all searches are performed on Google so naturally it makes sense to concentrate advertising efforts there, right? Wrong. Google AdSense is likely an important part of your marketing mix, but you’ll presumably have a better ROI by taking a portion of your budget elsewhere. Tier 2 search engines have searches performed, but advertising here is a fraction of the cost, making them not only profitable but an excellent complement to an AdSense campaign.

4. All Keywords Generate Good Traffic

Developing campaigns around all keywords that could seemingly be of interest to your customers is tempting, but this blanket catch-all approach can be costly and leave you with no results.

For instance, as a real estate developer offering elite condos in an urban setting, the marketing team may choose the keyword ‘Urban.’ However, if this keyword is not properly optimized using negative keywords, a teenager’s search for ‘Urban Outfitters’ might result in a click with no chance of converting. On paper, ‘Urban’ might be a strong keyword, but it’s unlikely customers of Urban Outfitters are also looking for a high-end condo.

5. PPC Is a Miracle Worker

If there are preexisting sales issues, PPC won’t necessarily solve all your troubles. It might draw attention toward your product, but it won’t convince people to buy it.

Take the adage “it’s like selling ice to an Eskimo.” Sometimes things are out of your control: why would an Eskimo buy more ice when they have an unlimited supply? The same is true for a luxury yacht maker in a recession or a snow blower manufacturer in an unseasonably warm winter. PPC is great when there’s a need for the product or service, but it can’t make people purchase something they don’t need. Instead, focus your efforts where there’s a need.

6. PPC Raises Organic Search Results

Good SEO practices increase your visibility in organic search results, not PPC. The combination of success with both PPC and SEO can increase your visibility, which increases your likelihood of converting. But simply having a PPC campaign won’t affect your organic search results.

For better long-term results, effective PPC campaigns are important, but so is strong SEO. PPC will provide a few quick wins—but ranking organically is sustainable, scalable, credible, and an all-around healthy business practice.

PPC is not designed to make you a millionaire overnight. But, it can help you increase brand exposure, gradually raise sales, and successfully grow your business while making you feel like a million bucks.

michelle-brammer_250x250Michelle Brammer writes about pay per click and pay per call marketing, as well as digital ad fraud and small businesses. Michelle is the Director of Marketing for eZanga, a digital advertising firm focused on pay per click, pay per call, and ad fraud management. Previously, she held senior marketing and sales management positions with Genji Sushi, Dominion Enterprises, and Frito-Lay North America. She regularly blogs at http://www.ezanga.com/articles/author/michelle-brammer and can be found on Twitter @eZangaMichelle.

A Guide to Facebook Video Ads: Can a Small Business Benefit from Them?


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When Facebook officially promoted auto-play video ads in 2015, most users were confused by the videos playing out of nowhere. Although there was a certain dose of resistance during the beginnings, we all got used to the auto-play feature; and business owners agreed that Video Ads were a great opportunity for them to market their brand to the right audience.

Facebook did its best to explain how the users can create video ads, so it’s not that hard to understand the straightforward concept. The main benefit you’ll get through such marketing campaign is greater reach. Your ad will be presented to the right target audience, so you can expect more likes and conversions.

Here is the main problem: if you’re still new to this (and we all are), it won’t be enough for you to read Facebook’s instructions for posting videos. You need a strategy that will help you gain the greatest advantages from this opportunity.

Before we get into details, let’s answer the question from our headline: can a small business benefit from Facebook Video Ads? Definitely! This is the simplest way to explain how the ads function: you upload your video, you set the budget, and you allow Facebook to promote it to your specific audience. You’ll get relevant views that can easily convert.

The Auto-Play Feature

If you’ve used the traditional paid Facebook Ads before, you already know how great they are. They reach your target customer and you’re constantly getting likes on your page when the ads are active. The Video Ads are much better, mainly due to the auto-play feature. As the Facebook user scrolls down the feed, your ad suddenly starts playing and you get a chance to capture their attention and show exactly what benefits they will get from your business.

The user will either watch the actual video with sound, or he will keep scrolling down without paying attention to your offer. What makes the difference? It’s all about the uniqueness and quality of your ad. Let’s see how you can achieve the best effect.

Practical Tips for Creating Effective Facebook Video Ads

1. The first few seconds are crucial!

Remember: the viewer can easily neglect your ad if it isn’t impressive right from the start. You need to grab their attention from the very first second. You can use a funny or inspiring quote or scene, or anything else that would work well for your target audience. The viewer should experience some kind of emotion: fear, excitement, pleasure, curiosity, or anything else that will keep them watching the video.

2. There is no sound, so focus on the visual effect

The viewer sees a muted version of the video unless he clicks on it. Thus, you need to focus its visual effect. Find a beautiful actor, design colorful graphics, start with an intriguing quote written over an attractive background, or think of another way to grasp the viewer’s attention.

3. Make the sound perfect!

When the viewers like what they see, they will click on the video. At this point, you mustn’t shock them with loud, nerve-wracking soundtrack, unless you think your target audience would fall for that effect. If there is a voice presenting your products and services, it has to be pleasant, authoritative, and clear.

4. Make it short and spectacular

It would be best to keep your ad shorter than one minute. You can make it a bit longer if it’s really spectacular, but make sure it keeps the viewer’s attention to the very end. If you have many things to say, it would be best to shoot few videos and promote them as separate ads.

You can easily check if the ad is as long as it should be: ask few of your friends to take a look at the video before you publish it. Consider their feedback and make adjustments if necessary.

5. Create value!

Online marketers are aware of the fact that they need to present unique value to the users, but they often forget about this element when creating Facebook Video Ads. Why should your target consumer watch your video? Will they learn something new? Will you help them solve a problem? These ads are not meant to be just fun; they need to show how your company is better than the competitive brands.

6. Don’t forget the call to action

Okay, a Facebook user just watched your Video Ad. Now what? What action should follow? You need to guide them towards a specific direction, such as finding more information about your product/service at your website, liking your Facebook page, joining a contest, or anything else you have in mind.

You Must Be Wondering: How Much Will the Video Ads Cost?

Don’t worry; you won’t pay more than you’re ready to spend. Facebook lets you control your budget – you set your limit and the ad will be promoted to your target audience until that limit is reached. If you don’t think this campaign is producing the expected results, you can put it on pause and change something to make the video more captivating. If you notice it’s extremely successful, you can update your budget once it’s spent.

As far as the video filming is concerned, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on it. There is no need to hire prestigious actors or rent a fancy studio. A small business can achieve great effects with cool graphic content, which costs much less.

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to create your brief and attention-grabbing Facebook Video Ad? If you make this campaign really effective, it will help you build brand awareness and boost the popularity of your business.


Maria CastleMaria Castle is a freelance writer and social media expert. She writes articles and creative essay samples for Essays Scholar Advisor, education portal for students. Maria is passionate about writing, travelling and tech.