Thursday is guest post day here at Duct Tape Marketing and today’s guest is from Erik Luhrs – Enjoy!

3 Steps to Double Inbound Leads in 60 Days

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I love talking to new prospects! They are ALWAYS convinced that they’ve already tried “everything.” They are convinced that the only way to get more leads is to increase the amount of people who see their messages. They are convinced that rapidly multiplying leads and sales is just a fantasy.

And they are always wrong.

Now you’re probably thinking “Oh BS, Erik! What could you possibly know that is so much better than all the other experts we’ve asked for help?

The short answer is that it’s not about what I know. It’s about what your prospects know…that you ignore! We’ll get to that in a moment.

First, let’s sum up the problem of “not enough leads.”

The cause of this situation is 3 factors:

  1. You blend in with your competition because you are a “me too” business (“Oh they sell widgets? Me too!”) .
  2. You define yourself / your business the same as your competition (“We are the #1 Widget producer in North America”…same thing everybody else says).
  3. You think quality/service/price/experience/caring about our clients/etc means something to the prospect (“With our 50 years of experience we have created a quality team that can deliver the service you need at a price you can afford. And remember we really care about our customers”…SNORE!!!)

What happens with all of this type of communication is that you are trying to be logical and trying to communicate with the conscious mind of your prospect.

The problem is that humans live their lives 99% SUBCONSCIOUSLY, so the subconscious is in control. The 1% of conscious awareness humans have is not in control, but that is the part of the mind EVERYBODY tries to talk to. It makes no sense!!!

So the simple secret to rapidly increasing leads is to start talking to the 99% of the mind that is in control!

How? Well, there is a lot to it, but here are 3 steps to get you moving in the right direction (and if you actually use them you will be ahead of 95% of your market).

  1. RE-POSITION: Instead of trying to solve every problem your audience has ask your target what their real, immediate problems are. Go deeper than “we need more sales,” “we need more staff,” “we need faster processors.” Find a single problem BEHIND their general problem, and solve that. Hint: When you can hear someone’s voice change or you see them start to look uncomfortable you will know you have touched one of their subconscious issues.
  2. RE-PRESENT: Once you have chosen that one deep, real problem that you will solve become the go to experts for that aspect of that problem. Basically, focus and stay focused.
  3. RE-PACKAGE: Connect your offerings to that one aspect of that one problem you now solve and describe what you do in that context in all of your messages.
  4. (bonus step) RE-DISTRIBUTE: Use every channel (online and offline) that you can access and spread the word of your new “Position” to the world. Own this new space!

Once you are talking to the subconscious mind of your target audience they will have no choice but to pay attention. More attention means more people looking at your messages, which means more responses, which means more leads.

Or you can just go back to doing and saying what everybody else does and says. The choice is yours.

Choose wisely!


Erik LuhrsErik Luhrs is known as The Bruce Lee of Sales and Lead Generation. He is the creator of The GURUS Selling System and Front-Loaded Lead Generation. He is the author of the book BE DO SALE and the ONLY expert in the world on Subconscious Lead Generation!

On April 30th Erik will be hosting the FREE webinar ‘3 Steps to get Prospects to Contact You Ready to Say YES!’ In the webinar Erik shows how to apply Subconscious Lead Generation tactics to your Lead Generation and Marketing messages to immediately double or triple open, read and conversion rates. To register go here now:



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  • Is 60 days a general rule of thumb you use to measure strategy success with your campaigns? Timing is one particular area I’m struggling with. I’m starting a new blog asset from scratch, so zero subscribers. How much time should I wait before evaluating what’s working or not? I am getting “some” traffic, but it’s not at a level that’s statistically relevant to be honest. Then again, I have no idea how long my seo efforts etc… “should” be taking to kick in. Any advice or thoughts on timing?

    • Hi Jason,

      To be honest, you should measure “success” from day one and never stop. By that I mean you can start measuring elements from day one. For example, you can A/B test email subject lines and measure “success” fast. Then A/B test email content, then call to action etc. Same with a blog. I presume you have several paths leading to your blog. Each of those paths is made up of small components. You start by testing/perfecting the first part of one component of one path. And you do that over and over for each component/part/path/etc. You should be getting fast feedback on whatever you do. If not, set things up so you can. But waiting/hoping for 60 days before you have any idea what is happening is going to make your road to “success” longer and harder for no reason. I hope that helps.

      • Hi Eric.

        Tanks so much for the quick reply. Don’t get me wrong, I’m watching an tracking all my metrics from all my channels day to day. The only concern I have though is watching my numbers go from 1 visitor to 5 visitors a day makes me worry it’s almost statistically irrelevant. Then again, I suppose everything we do has to be baby steps 🙂

        With regards to email subject lines as an example. My mailing list currently sits at zero. So one of m first content objectives is to farm the list to begin with.

        Now that my main assets are setup however I will begin exploring paid traffic, which hopefully can accelerate some of the numbers I’m using for data.

        I’m also in the b2b world which makes things harder and easier since my target demographic is pretty focused.

        Great blog. Exceptionally helpful. Thanks again.

  • Hi Erik,

    I really like your advice to “Find a single problem BEHIND their general problem.” Even though that’s not necessarily an easy task, I can see how it will provide a big advantage once you do find it.

    • Thanks, Tyler.

      There are many different ways to get to the problem that is The Problem. And yes, it is hugely useful in Lead Gen. Vital, even!

  • Thanks Erik. Some really helpful insights here. And this is exactly what we are trying to do in our agency. Shall keep you posted on the results.