I’ve been investing in better design lately and it’s making me money.

But, what is better design?

Better design

photo credit: jm3

For some that term might simply mean better visual appeal, more pleasing to the eye or stylish.

To me it means better communication.

The primary thing I have to offer is information and better design allows me to communicate that information more effectively and more profitably.

I’m not suggesting that aesthetics of better design aren’t important, but of equal importance to me is hierarchy of information, white space and information way finding that is delivered with the right fonts, spacing and appropriate use of size and color.

Good design costs money, but so does poor design, clutter and confusing information.

As you may have noted if you’re reading this on my site, ducttapemarketing.com has undergone a total redesign and now runs on a custom theme on the Genesis framework. The design was completed by Rafal Tomal and Josh Byers of Studio Press, part of the Copyblogger Media.

The redesign was badly needed as my site had sort of become like some of the Christmas trees I remember as child where my brothers and sisters would just keep putting more and more stuff on the tree because, well, we could.

The overarching goal of the redesign was to more effectively communicate and more effectively deliver information. Comments from readers suggest we made huge strides in that aim.

Statistics also reveal site traffic is up 22% over the previous six month trend, page views are up 104%, time on site and bounce rate have both made significant improvements and sales of our core product, with any change in promotion, are up 219% over a six month trend.

Invest in better communication through better design – it always pays when you get it right.

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John Jantsch

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker and author of Duct Tape Marketing, Duct Tape Selling, The Commitment Engine and The Referral Engine and the founder of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network.
  • John,

    I definitely like the new design…

    I’d love to read a post about why you decided to put specific features in specific places…

    I find the psychology of placements very interesting.

    Thanks and congrats on the new design.

    Ryan H.

    • Hey Ryan – I’m probably not as scientific about it as I should be, but I think the main goal was to spread things out and be very specific about less stuff.

  • Kevin McCoy

    John – I definitely appreciate the new design. I usually read through Google Reader, but will click over to comment from time to time. The new look is much cleaner. Good job.

    • Hey Kevin, stop by more often 🙂

  • John, one of the many reasons I’ve enjoyed reading your material over the years is that you are someone who understands the power of good design, and how it impacts our marketing efforts.

    It’s so great to see your site reflect your views more closely! It’s easier to navigate, read, and interact with. Congratulations on making the change — it’s beautiful.

    • Thanks Pamela – I’m loving it as well.

  • Love the new design – so much cleaner & less ‘fussy’ than before. Also, it loads much faster. The articles are as good as ever though …

    • Thanks for noticing – appreciate your consistent support!

  • Pilar Torres

    I think your website looks great now. Really nice and clean. I will check out studiopress. What would you say are the main advantages of using the genesis framework? All the best.

    • Pilar – page speed is one. The other is flexible design – site looks just good on mobile devices.

  • watkins products guy

    this is a must get on it for my site thanks john

  • Great upgrade John. Much cleaner. Good call on going w/StudioPress.

  • Kudos on the redesign. Much “cleaner” than the old site.

  • Nice sharing. The impact that a website creates depends mostly on its design.Your website design needs to look professional and trustworthy in order to create buyers confidence.The overall look of the website plus the information that it contains makes it a good website. A poorly designed website will cost you business.Thanks for sharing it.