Social Media for Small BusinessYou know I’m a big fan of the use of social media for marketing a small business. Having said that, I’m really a fan of social media done right for small business. That means that some of the tools won’t be right for you, the ways others use some of the tools won’t be right for you, but the power contained in the new way people expect to communicate – and therefor you must learn to communicate – is something that every small business must come to understand.

Standing out and marketing a business takes work, but many of the social media tools make that work much easier and, for the small business that gets that, creates a tremendous competitive advantage. In my ongoing effort to help small businesses understand, prioritize and use social media tools, I teamed with Microsoft Office Live Small Business on a new very practical e-book called Let’s Talk: Social Media for Small Businesses. It is available for download for FREE.

Update: Microsoft has now made this download available without the need to register or login.

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John Jantsch

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker and author of Duct Tape Marketing, Duct Tape Selling, The Commitment Engine and The Referral Engine and the founder of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network.
  • I appreciate your download, but I had to go through three email verifications, three screens and sign up with Microsoft to get it. That, in itself, is a sign that it wasn’t easy. As a small business marketing pro you know that time is just as critical as money and free shouldn’t take more time. Next time – can we just download the eBook?

  • Just to echo the prior comment — I saw the free book offer because I am an RSS subscriber. I went to the link. I saw the registration requirements and decided it’s not worth my while to download the book.

    You’ve clearly decided the book should be free, so you’re not trying to make money on the book itself. That means (I think) that you see some publicity value to you by disseminating the book.

    If you’ve decided that the PR value of the book is important to you, don’t erect barriers between you and your information.

    I like the website and the thinking, though. I’ll keep subscribing and reading.



  • Like Jacqueline mentioned, this was another terrible experience trying to log in/create an account with Microsoft — I’m still trying to get another one resolved.

    On a positive (and more on-topic) note, this is a great resource that I’ll certainly pass on to beginners/non-users.

  • Thanks for the feedback. We’ve actually created and distributed a number of ebooks in this fashion, and found the majority of users already have a Windows Live ID and have no issues downloading the ebook. If you don’t have a Windows Live ID you can quickly register for one. It is a pretty simple and straightforward process, although it does require email verification.

    I do understand this additional step can be frustrating for those of you with limited time.

    However, I hope that the information and value you receive from the ebook will be well worth the additional step. Please feel free to contact me directly if you are still having issues at [email protected] – Many thanks

    David Alexander
    Senior Product Manager
    Microsoft Office Live

  • Yep, terrible. I think this book is a great book but I decided not to read it because of the registration. Wait for the direct link!

  • Oh goodness – I feel bad about complaining. I don’t usually (well at least not online). I was just frustrated. The good news is now I have a Live ID – if I remember it!

    On another note: I highlighted YOUR blog in my Top 10 Small Business Marketing Rock Stars Blogs! Thank you for what you do!

  • I don’t like the format for hotmail, but I keep a couple email addresses live over there for things like this!

    Thank you so much. Do you mind if I pass the information on?

  • It took more time to register than to read the “book”.
    There is nothing new inthe “book” except for those who have been living away from the Internet the last 5 years.
    It’s a “book” for CEO and VP Marketing Internet newcomers.

  • Kate Kaye

    “Majority of users have a Windows Live ID”? Majority of what users? It’s that kind if arrogance that turms me off from Microsoft big time. I can’t see registering my info for a memberhsip to get one item. Too bad–book looked potentially intersting.

  • John Jantsch

    @LeadsEX – Having spoken with tens of thousands of small business owners over the last 5 years I would argue with your conclusion, but more importantly, I would suggest you add something then from your apparent vast knowledgebase.

  • John Jantsch

    It’s funny to see all the whining on this post, it really points out how accustomed users of social media in particular have become to frictionless interactions. It is a reminder and valuable marketing lesson about pairing the marketing experience with the marketing expectation.

    It’s also a great reminder of some of the natural advantages of small business – care to chime in on that riff?

  • John,
    Congratulations. Another well-written and visually organized product with the Duct Tape Marketing brand. It’s timely and useful for all of our clients, no matter what size their enterprise. Terrific!

    I found the hassle of the sign up–multiple tries, new password assignments, etc. to be slighty irritating–not for my sake, but for my empathy for customers everywhere. I know you are just doing a publication for Microsoft and it’s them, not you, thinking up this gauntlet. That’s the difference between small business and big corporations–we understand our customers do not have to put up with such hoop jumping. And we get a lot of great customers by making it really easy for them to do business with us.

    Customer feedback is the breakfast of champions! Don’t think of it as whining. (The alternative–no whining and no customer voices is grim.) Realize people are trying to tell you, Mr. Small Business, that they believe you will remain their strong advocate and educate your big business partners on better behavior with small business.

  • Ryan Stephen

    I agree – while the content of the book was pretty good, some of the registration hassle may need to be cut down on.

    The social web is an under-utilized, under-valued tool for small businesses, and I appreciate your effort to expand its use in the business world.

    For the readers of these comments, you can implement some of these social strategies and find your where your customers live on the social web at the following site:

    Thanks, John. Best of luck.

  • Not just for CEO and VP-types but this primer is important for small business owners who are indeed clueless about leveraging on social media. I like the fact that it breaks it down into:

    1. Overview of social media and blogging.

    2. Case studies of how social media is being used by a small business owners (Brown Lures and Lincoln Sign Company).

    3. Easy to understand intro on RSS, social searching, social bookmarking, social networking and micro blogging platforms like Twitter.

    It was a quick and informative read. Thanks John.



  • The title of this e-book is properly labeled, as communication between people is what fuels social media usage. I would add that the short and commonly-used phrase placed as the title makes it appear as though the text used in it will be leisurely and entertaining. The designed image for it is also clean-looking.

  • Thanks John and Microsoft. I’ve actually shared this information with a couple of my clients; who think social media has something to do with public relations.

  • – John has produced an e-book which he is distributing for free.
    – It is pitched as a fairly easy to read primer for non experts.

    Well done John! and thanks for providing me with a few ideas that I can implement in my business easily and cheaply!

  • Phill Barufkin

    Thank you John! I agree with the content. Social media is generally under-utilized by businesses of all shapes and sizes as a social marketing tool. This is a great thought starter read that I have recommended to many of my clients. It illustrates the potential and ease of how social marketing can and is used to power business.

  • Link was broken.

    • Raven

      Link is still broken.

  • Ebooks are great, but isnt a Video Series about Social Media Marketing just as fun?

  • Is there another way to download this free? The microsoft site doesn't seem to be working! Thanks!

  • Belinda

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  • Belinda

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