Me on the WebReputation management and listening in to what’s being said online in your industry are staple items for today’s marketer. I’ve been promoting tools like Google Alerts and Google Reader for years now and today Google added something called “Me on the Web” as an attempt to make it easier to monitor your identity on the web.

Nothing earthshaking here, as it appears to simply be a tighter integration of alerts with your Profile, but it might make setting up alerts easier for some. The best thing to come from it is that it may help people find their Google Dashboard, get a snapshot of everything Google is tracking and understand and edit a few privacy settings.

It also appears that this is another way for Google to place emphasis on creating and using Profile pages – something that likely plays heavily in their plans for a social network of some sort.

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John Jantsch

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker and author of Duct Tape Marketing, Duct Tape Selling, The Commitment Engine and The Referral Engine and the founder of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network.
  • Al Pittampalli

    This is great. Listening for yourself on the web is so important, I welcome any innovation in this area. Looking forward to seeing how this adds to value to Google Alerts. And I think you’re right, John, anything that brings people to understand better their Google Dashboard is a win.

  • Jon

    This is a handy little tool, just like most in this work space being able to tell a client “Google Me” and knowing the results beforehand is a great personal selling and marketing tool.

  • mattshawblog

    I’m rather liking the move by Google here. It seems like they’re turning away from the (somewhat antiquated) idea of creating a “social network” and turning instead to creating a native user community. Much safer play than, say, launching a proprietary social network in a space dominated by established and fiercely competitive social networks (coughBuzzcough). Now there’s no tool for users to get bored with. There’s just a community. The Big Hairy Question is this: how will Google sustain growth in (and leverage) this community?

  • Guest

    Well they said, you can’t actually remove content from Google. You can remove however sensitive information about you, such as your leaked social security number and so on.

    It’s very interesting to see how powerful will this tool be, since you can get the same services from online reputation management companies. Obviously, since it’s from Google directly, they’ll be in their backyard, so it might prove to be useful.

    • Jury still out on this, but interesting integration for sure

  • This was quite interesting info. I have just been playing with my profile. Previously I have never paid attention to what google accounts have. And there are lots of features. Also I have just set up google alerts to see whether there is anyone looking for me 🙂