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The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important strategic marketing practice that, when thought of correctly, never really ends. While many people think of this…

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The three step search engine optimization plan
You can find reams and reams of digital paper used up on the topic of search engine optimization (SEO). Unfortunately, much of it is either garbage, dubious in nature or overkill. The typical small business won’t benefit from the latest way to scam the search engines. The typical small business actually doesn’t have that much […]
Want to cut your ad budget?
Advertising is a very effective way to generate leads, but it remains one of those double edge swords type of things for budget crunched small businesses. On the surface, advertising can represent the single greatest marketing expense – on the other hand, it is how most businesses take it to the next level. So how […]
Coolness is optional, authenticity is not
A lot of marketing folks spend a great deal of time worrying if they’ve got the right look. For many this means mastering the look that is considered acceptable in their industry (AKA – like everyone else.) For others, this might unfold as a quest to look cool, trendy or expensive. In the end, the […]

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Small business answer database
Jim Blasingame is the creator and award-winning host of the Small Business Advocate® Show, a weekday radio talk show dedicated to small business. He is one of the pioneers in terms of experts dedicated to small business. A few months ago he created a unique search engine called AskJim. Now, AskJim isn’t so much a […]
I want my iStockphoto fix
I visited with Lesa King, editor of the Graphic Reporter, author the training series – Graphic Secrets for Business Professionals and chief evangelist for iStockphoto for a recent edition of the Duct Tape Marketing podcast. Lesa gave the Duct Tape Marketing Coach network a guided tour of iStockphoto at my annual gathering of coaches. […]

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Why would someone come to work for you?
Most small business marketers think in terms of marketing as a way to get a keep customers. While that is indeed correct, effective marketing is also a great way to attract and keep great talent to your business. No matter how hot your products and services are your growth will be tied very directly to […]
Content is a verb, content is a strategy?
If content is king, and it is, then what, really, is content these days? On the web, it’s simply not enough to write hard hitting sales copy and call it content. Content, content that educates and builds trust, has become much more active than that and requires a strategic view to be truly effective. To […]
Take the three song challenge
Each week for about eight years now I’ve recommended a music album in my newsletter. I’ve often received more comments about my music selections than my marketing advice, but I just know that I spend a great deal of time rockin out in my office while working away. Based on feedback from readers I know […]
Thinking of starting a business?
I hear from lots of folks kind of, sort of, maybe wishing, they could start their own business. To them I say, Just Start! There has never been a better time to start a business, period. In fact, the folks at Intuit just made it an even better time to start a new venture with […]

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