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The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important strategic marketing practice that, when thought of correctly, never really ends. While many people think of this…

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How the perfect marketing plan would work
Depending upon who you ask a marketing plan is either a necessary evil or tremendous waste of time. – That’s such a shame, but I think I’ve finally come to understand why this is. A well crafted marketing plan should be one of the most important strategic steps a business takes, but there’s a disconnect. […]
Portuguese Edition of Duct Tape Marketing
Thomas Nelson, my publisher, has translated Duct Tape Marketing into Portuguese under the Thomas Nelson Brasil imprint. While the cover features a UFO like floating roll of duct tape the title: Marketing de baixo custo e alto impacto – translates roughly to Marketing of low cost and high impact. (I’ve learned that Americans have a […]
The Fine future of media and advertising
I spent some time chatting with Jon Fine, Media columnist for Business Week, for the current episode of the Duct Tape Marketing podcast. If you are not familiar with Jon’s column you should really check it out, Jon is one of the funniest business writers you will encounter – I mean funny as in humor. […]

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Customer vs. Client
As I write about small business marketing strategies I’m often confronted the choice between the word client or customer when referring to those folks you exchange goods and services with for money. For the most part the words are interchangeable, but seem, culturally, to possess different meanings and uses. In the main, client is more […]
What's your big eyed eel?
Big companies thrive on big ideas – or at least they should. Small businesses, the ones that thrive, tap something else all together. I’ve hung out a bunch over the last few weeks with some really smart, passionate, vibrant and nutty small business owners and they are a different breed. Sometimes I don’t know how […]

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Two minutes with Scott Cook
I was able to grab a couple minutes with Scott Cook, founder of Intuit, at the Conversational Marketing Summit today. Cook is the very approachable and thoughtful leader of an organization cited by many as one of the better examples of how a company actually grows through word of mouth. The idea that marketing today […]
Make them a oneconditional guarantee
Guarantees have long served marketing organizations as a way to shift the risk from buyer to seller. By assuring that a prospect can get a 100%, no questions asked, no hassle full refund if not thrilled guarantee, the thinking is that the buyer has nothing to fear if the product doesn’t live up to expectations. […]
Graffiti all over Facebook
Graffiti, a simple Facebook application that allows users to add quick, or in some cases elaborate, drawings on Facebook profiles and walls has been an absolute overnight success as far as applications go. The tool gives people a fun way to communicate and offers a lesson for marketers. How can you find and create new […]
A photo speakes 78,283 words
I came across a photo that says more about my book, Duct Tape Marketing, than I could ever do on my own. The post and photo can be found at Prevail PR Ideas that you can use today – that’s the theme of my book and, well, this photo sure says that to me – […]

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